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Industrial Design Department of Cheng Kung University


As a professional who graduated from the Industrial Design Department of Cheng Kung University, I would like to state my strong motivation and apply for a MBA program at your esteemed university. Through this program, I expect to improve myself into an ideal brand of professional with interdisciplinary knowledge in both management and in product design.

This determination is the result of my academic experience during the past years. I should accredit my outstanding achievements to my specialty, industrial and graphic design.

Cheng Kung University, one of the most prestigious universities in Taiwan, enabled me to lay a solid foundation in professional knowledge. My main interest was in product design, and I self-studied most of the compulsory courses for students majored in industrial design by every possible means. My overall undergraduate GPA is respectable, my excellent software skills reinforce this and contributed a lot to my later work performance.

During my internship at TRONNOVATE I came to realize a fascination towards the marketing of products.

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Learning how to design a product that the consumer will enjoy is only half of the work, the branding and selling of the product is the other half that every product designer must possess in order to become a well-rounded professional. To be able to manage and engage in this area business management has become my next professional objective. As far as I am concerned, this challenging profession is the next step for me, one which can allow me to apply my knowledge and expertise to face challenges.

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An important factor is that in Honduras we lack true entrepreneurs and effective ideas of modern strategic marketing and management, especially in the industrial design area. This situation calls for well-trained business administrators with international perspectives. An important purpose of your MBA education is to promote students’ creativity, which prepares them for future career pursuit in public organizations or academic studies and to provide them with the proper methodical knowledge for solving various business problems while training future business administrators with all the necessary decision-making skills. Furthermore, I am particularly interested by your MBA program’s competitive and international character. In my proposed program, I will continue to focus on marketing, with special emphasis on studying the consumer behavior, new product development and qualitative research. It is my belief that in order to keep up with this economic globalization, an international education can give me far more than the mere knowledge and skills of business administration.

Throughout my opportunity in Cheng Kung University I had the chance to experience Cheng Kung?s academic setting and I am assured that I want to pursue a graduate education in such a stimulating environment. I am particularly interested in the works of Prof. Lai, Meng kuan, Prof. Wang, Yu Lin, and Prof. Tsai, Huei Ting on Internationalization Strategies. The extensive knowledge and experience of several other notable professors such as Prof. Chou, Hsin Hu, and Prof. Shiu, Jing Ming would also be very valuable to guide me throughout my master research.

As one of the best universities in Taiwan, Cheng Kung University enjoys a very high prestige for its education. What this University really attracts me is that your university attaches great importance to group research and small-class education whereby students are allowed to collaborate with amongst each other under the guidance of their professors to undertake various interesting and challenging projects. I believe that this highly interactive and competitive educational model will be very appropriate for me in that it can fully draw out my potential in business management and lay a firm foundation for me to become a business management elite in Honduras. In my proposed study, I will stick to my usual way of self-development constantly pushing myself to be better in order to pursuit a life of sustained personal development.

I expect that this Master program will provide me an opportunity to strengthen my theoretical and practical knowledge base to apply it in researches that you are working on and in country development.

Thus I am determined to devote myself to studies and practice there, and keep myself up-to-date with the latest developments in my chosen field. Upon completing my degree program, I will return to Honduras to serve my country. Though the road to my academic pursuit in a foreign country is not so smooth and not without challenges, I am fully convinced that I have already been well prepared and qualified for meeting these challenges with great valor and poise. Life is always opening doors to new opportunities, so in my mind, its true meaning dwells in to take the challenges head on, never giving up until you eventually come out as a winner.

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