Importance of Fire Prevention in the Fire Service

Over the years, there have been thousands of lives lost due to fires. Fire Departments determined that something needed to happen to bring the number of fire related deaths down. They came up with a way to do so by creating a division within the fire department itself, fire departments called it, fire prevention bureau. The division’s job is a very important one should have high priority in the fire departments.

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The bureau is a division easily overlooked by citizens, city council, township trustees, and others.

The division plays a large role in the community by providing fire safety education to all of the citizens that live and or work within the community that has a fire prevention bureau.

Dr. David Auchler suggested this project for the research project paper for English Composition II 1020. Once this paper is completed and approved, I hope that it shall reach the goal that I intend it to do. I have choose to write about the importance of the Fire Prevention Bureau to reach out to other fire departments, citizens in areas that don’t have a bureau, or places that are losing their bureau.

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I hope that it will show how important the role is in the bureau and how extremely importance of the bureau.

I can speak a lot about this research first hand. I have completed numerous courses related to fire prevention, including having my associates’ degree in fire science, along with having my FSI (fire safety inspector) certification. A FSI is usually the one who runs the fire prevention bureau that is within the fire departments. Since being in the fire service for over 6 years, I have come to realize how important the role of the FSI and the prevention bureau really is to everyone, including firefighter. Choosing this subject allows me to have a lot of personal interest in it. Having seen first-hand fire departments without a bureau and seeing ones with a bureau, allowed me to see how much of a role it plays in the communities.

With the economy the way it is today a lot of cities, townships, and counties are making cuts. When having to save money within in cities, and areas shouldn’t have to come from public safety, let alone the division that already doesn’t get the money that should be spent on it. The prevention bureau only receives about 5% of the whole department’s budget, yet it plays probably the second largest role in the fire service. Areas are looking at doing away with the prevention bureau all together or having it sub contracted out to private companies. Having the bureau within the fire department has many benefits over having a private company do all of the duties of the prevention bureau. The bureau within the department provides education to firefighters that a private company couldn’t provide to the fire department. The citizens also receive fire safety education from the bureau that is within the fire department.

It all comes down to does the city, townships, and counties want to save money in the short end or the long run. Having the bureau cut or having a private company do the inspections and all of the life safety things that are involved in the bureau could cause them to lose money in the long run. With all of the resources that are out there about fire prevention bureau on how they work and my experience I will be able to provide a very good argument in how important it is to have the fire prevention bureau with in the fire department.

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Importance of Fire Prevention in the Fire Service

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