Academic achievements

Experience is the best teacher, as the saying goes. There is no better way to learn and be equipped with life skills and unfathomable wisdom than from our experiences. These experiences maybe bad, like an accident from drunk driving, or good, like winning the spelling bee competition. Either way, the consequences to these actions will always be valuable and it will serve a purpose in our lives.

Academic achievements, as shown by those glistening medals that hung in our dressers, the framed certificates that hung on our walls, the trophies that are placed in the living areas of our houses, and the recognition given to us by our school, family, and friends, are always on top of our list in accomplishing.

Although they play a very big part in the molding of a child to be motivated to study and graduate with honors, it may not always be a priority for others.

Nowadays, the four corners of the classroom are not enough to give a student the learning that he needs in order to be fully prepared to go to college.

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Colleges do just not want their student applicants to be academic achievers, but well rounded too. Extra-curricular activities, like athletic achievements, musical involvements, writing for the school newspaper, joining various school clubs, the student council, summer camps, leadership trainings, among many others are just a few of the many activities that a student can get involved in to harbor more life experiences and to know where he excels at the most.

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Activities like those mentioned above do not only hone a student in one direction, but it improves the student’s social skills, especially in dealing with other people as these organizations exist because of its members, in thinking outside the box and letting their creative juices flow, in having passion for something that they believe in and in wanting to make a difference. These things are as important as being scholarly, because in college, you are not only being tested academically; you are being prepared for your encounter with real life in your chosen path – the life after college.

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Academic achievements

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