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Copy of Impact of teaching Professionalism on students achivements
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Effect of Teachers professional development on students' achievements IntroductionTeachers assume a fundamental job in country building. Students are like seeds; teachers turn seeds into strong trees. Teachers help the students to come forward, move ahead confidently and boldly. So the teacher is a backbone of any nation. Without their presence no one can make progress and become a civilized member of a nation (Khan,2016). If the teacher is having professional attitude, loyal with his/her profession it means he/she is loyal…...
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How to Develop Positive Teacher-Student Relationships?
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What type of teacher-student relationship did you have with your teachers through your educational years? Hopefully, you are one of the lucky people that had a teacher or teachers, that took the time to build a relationship with you. Research shows that building a positive teacher-student relationship in the classroom is important because students’ academics improve, it reduces behavior issues and it can help reduce chronic absenteeism. After the parents, a child’s teacher is on the front lines for his/her…...
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The Importance of Students’ Motivation for Their Academic Achievement
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Over the last 3 decades management consulting has been the primary career phase for many business graduates. But while they may be familiar with top firms’ impressive names, only few comprehend what the job is all about. A management consultant takes a unique skill set that balances communication and analytical skills by analyzing data and pulling together a story, and ultimately recommendations, for the client. To achieve an assigned project will involve interviewing instructors or target audience (students), presenting information…...
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Self-Concept and Academic Achievement among Pre-University Students
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Introduction Self-concept is a dominant element in personality pattern; therefore, the measurement of self-concept becomes essential. Saraswat and Gaur (1981) described self-concept a “The self-concept is the individual’s way of looking at oneself. It also signifies his/her way of thinking, feeling and behaving”. The term self-concept is a general term used to refer to how someone thinks about, evaluates or perceives themselves. To be aware of oneself is to have a concept of oneself. According to Baumeister (1999), self-concept is…...
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Academic Achievement
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1 Text 1-1 1. 1 1. 2 Academic Achievement This unit will help you: use your prior knowledge to help you understand what you are reading; practice reading for a specific purpose; make decisions about the relevance of a text in terms of reading purpose; read selectively in order to use appropriate information from the text. • • • • The topic of this unit concerns factors that may lead to improvement in academic performance among students. It is based…...
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Academic achievement or academic performance is the extent to which a student
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Academic achievement or (academic) performance is the extent to which a student, teacher or institution has achieved their short or long-term educational goals. Cumulative and completion GPA of educational benchmarks such as secondary school diplomas and bachelor's degrees represent academic achievement. Academic achievement is commonly measured through examinations or continuous assessments but there is no general agreement on how it is best evaluated or which aspects are most important procedural knowledge such as skills or declarative knowledge such as facts.]…...
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Academic achievements
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Experience is the best teacher, as the saying goes. There is no better way to learn and be equipped with life skills and unfathomable wisdom than from our experiences. These experiences maybe bad, like an accident from drunk driving, or good, like winning the spelling bee competition. Either way, the consequences to these actions will always be valuable and it will serve a purpose in our lives. Academic achievements, as shown by those glistening medals that hung in our dressers,…...
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The Impact Of Sports On Academic Achievement
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Introduction Participating in sports and maintaining a good academic performance is a difficult task for many student athletes. Most parents believe that active involvement in sports and games may affect the studies and hinder the professional career of their children. Parental pressure to prioritize education and concentrate more on academics rather than in athletic activities are common among youngster with exceptional skills in sports. Only a few number of parents may be aware of the positive effects of sports in…...
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Educational Attainment
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Educational attainment is primarily due to individual’s goal in life. Attitude likewise has life-transforming power (Harrel, 2003) which must be in equilibrium with aptitude. Though, motivations often are the challenges to excel and achieve one’s goal. The individual’s goal in life has been set with the consistent support and management of its parents. This subsequently bore fruition with the development of the attitude necessary towards self-motivation for greater achievements. The figure shows that over all, the Asian race marked an…...
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Sports and Academic Achievement
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Many studies have been done regarding the positive impact that athletics has on a student’s life. Studies have looked at the physical impact that athletics has on a student’s life like sportsmanship, healthy lifestyle, discipline, strategy, and time management. We will be looking at studies that have explored the impact that athletics has on students’ academic abilities. Academic success can be measured in many ways but we will explore grade point averages, math and English test scores, and graduation success…...
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My academic achievements
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Having learnt from the past, I live in the present with an eye on the future. My foremost dream in life is to be acknowledged and congratulated for my academic achievements. This desire is the main motivation in me wanting to pursue my masters at your esteemed university. I want to reach the zenith in Computing and Information Technology space. In this Ever-changing world of Computer Technology, where each new day sees a spate of new concepts and trends emerging,…...
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Weak Curriculum vs. Inadequate Instruction
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Curriculum and inadequate direction both have their advantages and disadvantages when it pertains to the decision-making procedure of what works best to achieve greater level learning amongst students. Curriculum primarily focuses on the understanding and abilities that are necessary to find out where as direction is what learning will be accomplished to meet the requirements of students, standardized screening, and outcomes. Teachers in the 21st century need to use instructional techniques that are ingenious, research-proven techniques/strategies, technologies, and real world…...
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The Factors Affecting The Students Performance in Pakistan
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ABSTRACT The performance of the students in academics is not only influenced by their own characteristics gifted by the nature but also various factors are involved in these achievements. For the economic and social development of the society, it is necessary to provide our children with the quality education. In recent years, most of the efforts have been made to search out the factors that can affect the student performance (academic). The purpose of this study is to examine and…...
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English Proficiency and Academic Achievement
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Introduction For many years now, linguists and researchers have examined the impact of English language proficiency on various fields like academic success and employability. While early researches suggested that English proficiency does not dictate high academic rating and employment aptitude, evidences are now showing that proficiency of the English language is a cutting-edge asset in areas of academic success and employment in a highly-competitive and demanding industries in Medicine and Fitness, Information Technology, and the Business Process Outsourcing. In the…...
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How to Develop Positive Teacher-Student Relationships?
...Having a positive teacher-student relationship means creating a comfortable, trusting, and encouraging learning environment. When a student is comfortable and trusts you, they will achieve academically, act appropriately, and attend school as they sh...
Academic achievement or academic performance is the extent to which a student
...Academic achievement or (academic) performance is the extent to which a student, teacher or institution has achieved their short or long-term educational goals. Cumulative and completion GPA of educational benchmarks such as secondary school diplomas...

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