The Vital Importance of Fire Safety Measures.

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Fire safety has become the simplest way to save us from fire. Also, fire safety belongs to the precautions which are taken to prevent or reduce the probability of a fire which may result in damage, injury, and death. Fire safety is the most important component of building safety. Not only is fire safety the most important component of building safety, but it is also the most important component of ships, and airplanes safety. Fire safety keeps people safe. If fire safety had not come, people would have faced a lot of problems.

If fire safety does not protect us from fire, it will at least reduce the likelihood of a fire. Fire safety is a big help, everyone has to have fire safety. Fire safety might stop fire from starting. Actually, there are a lot of types of fire safety.

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Moreover, there are a lot of differences ways to use fire safety. Fire safety keeps people safe of getting injury, death, and crashing.

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Indeed, fire safety creates complete life safety solution for each buildings, ships, and airplanes. Fire safety has been protecting life and property for long time.

It is still the easiest way to protect life. If building does not have a fire safety , it will be done by the fire. The fire will just take less than three minutes for a small flame to turn into a full blown fire , so people should have a fire safety in their houses. There were a lot of fires were about to get started , but they did not start because of fire safety. In this paper I am going to write about; definition, history, how to use fire safety, how fire safety works, how important fire safety is, factors which increase the cost of fire safety, and fire safety equipment development.

Dorm Fire Safety

How can students prevent dorm fires? The answer to that question may seem simple but that doesn’t change the fact that residence hall fires are a growing problem in colleges across the nation. Students use of basic electronic cooking utensils such as microwaves, smoking products, candles or incense are all different entities that can start fires in dorms. Dorm room fires can lead to serious injury or possibly even death, but there are ways to prevent fires. Studies show that arson, cooking, smoking, open flame, electrical distribution, and appliances are the top causes of dorm fires in that order. When discussing residence hall fire safety one should consider how fires start, how they can be prevented, and possible physical injury (or property damage) to ensure a safe way of living. Since I’ve always considered a lit candle unimportant in the general scheme of things, I never truly realized (until I watched the fire safety video) how dangerous even a small flame can be. For me it was tough to realize that no matter how good it smells or how calming it may be, a lit candle still an open flame and even though it is not probable, something unexpected may happen and something could easily light on fire. I found the video off of one of the blogs that was posted on the website you sent. The video really opened my eyes on how fast a fire can spread, especially in a 8’x19’ room filled with papers, wood desks, and many other, extremely flammable things.

Our rooms are full of things that would immediately fuel the flames. Also, if the fire alarm were to go off, the sprinklers would begin to spray not only my room, but also the entire building drenching everything. Then the fire department would be sent and in moments things could go completely wrong. Knowing that I could have been the person behind all of that, I would never be able to forgive myself. Through watching this video and reading various articles and blogs on I found a lot about college dorm fires. I think I always thought that college dorm fires would be due to someone smoking or burning popcorn. You never really think about something as contained seeming as a candle, especially when I was there whenever it was burning. It is one of those things where you never think that it would happen to you. But that is why they call it an accident. Now that I have learned first-handedly all the dangers that a fire can do, I will be sure to never bring anything hazardous into the dorms again, especially candles. I have learned how selfish me and my roommates actions were and I can guarantee that it will never happen again.

Updated: Apr 29, 2023
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