Humans and the exploitation of the nature Essay

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Humans and the exploitation of the nature

This paper has been written to debate on the topic whether the humans should be allowed to exploit the nature for their betterment or not. It is indeed true that the humans are the most intelligent beings in the world; however it is not a good idea to exploit the nature for the betterment of the humans. We just have one Earth and nature is very precious to us in every way, it is therefore the duty of each and every individual living on the Earth to take care of the Earth and save the nature around us.

Nature basically consists of a wide array of things in life such as greenery i. e. the plants and the trees; the wild life consists of all the precious animal species, the mountains, etc. However, the natural resources all around the world are depleting day by day because of the mishaps that are occurring due to the negligence of the humans.

As it is mentioned in the paper above that the humans are the most intelligent creatures existing in the world but they do not have any right to exploit the natural resources that are God-gifted to them, firstly because it is very unethical to do so and secondly, the humans will themselves loose the opportunity to avail the benefits that they are getting from the existence of nature on Earth. Moreover, in case the humans exploit the nature today, the future generations will have no resources left to survive and to avail their benefits.

There are various benefits that humans are getting from nature such as the trees provide us shade; they make the environment clean, they provide us with fruits, etc. and if people start exploiting them, a day will come when there will not be a single tree on the Earth as the removal of plants can damage the ecosystem. It is thus our responsibility to take care of the nature instead of exploiting it. (Scott, 1998). Reference Scott, G. G. (1998). Making Ethical Choices, Resolving Ethical Dilemmas. Paragon House Publishers.

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