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Being healthy is not just the absence of disease/illness. It is the complete well-being of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. Our health is greatly affected by our environment and surroundings. Incarceration affects the health of an individual who was in prison as well as other family members. The outcomes of incarceration are unfortunate and devastating. In this time period, we can say that incarceration is definitely not disrupted across different races. There are more people behind the bars from minority groups than the majority group. There is a huge racial imbalance when it comes to incarceration. The majority of prisoners are either black or Latino. When we look deeper at this correlation there are many sociological factors that influence this racial imbalance. 

Importance of Ethics in Healthcare
Words • 825
Pages • 4
As a person who has decided to dedicate his life to health care, I studied the model that the Cleveland Clinic has put forward in the health care field. Cleveland Clinic is a medical care company based in Cleveland, Ohio. They also have hospitals and clinics all over the world. Their mission, according to their website, is to provide better care of the sick, investigate into solutions for their problems and further education of those who serve. This truly means…...
Compare and Contrast Codes of Ethics
Words • 837
Pages • 4
Behavioral health professions are governed by codes of ethics, and these are similar in many ways. There are also some differences between each code. This essay is going to cover some similarities and differences between the National Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADC), National Association of Social Workers (NASW), and Code of Professional Conduct for Case Managers (CCM) codes of ethics. I will also be discussing areas of the codes of ethics that were challenging for me, that I viewed as…...
Introduction of Diabetic Foot Infection
Words • 492
Pages • 2
Diabetes mellitus (DM) is one of the most common metabolic disorders, considered as a major health problem increasing globally at an alarming rate. Approximately 425 million people are suffering from DM worldwide (2016). The DM patients are more prone to have associated complications hindering the quality of life, financial burden, comorbidities and even mortality. The cost of diabetic foot complications is much higher than the management of many cancers (Armstrong, Boulton et al. 2017). It is assumed that 148 million…...
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Prevention of Diabetic Foot Injury
Words • 1219
Pages • 5
Introduction Diabetes is a chronic condition that affects body’s organic way of utilizing sugar. With about 29 million people living with this condition, the government has allocated a significant amount of money towards diabetic health management. Because of lifestyle changes and poor health choices, diabetic complications have been increased in the recent past. “In the Unites States, diabetes mellitus is a leading cause of blindness, end-stage kidney disease and foot or leg amputation” (Ignatavicius & Workman, 2006). Nurses, as part…...
The Effect of Drugs and Amphetamines
Words • 1197
Pages • 5
First off, how do drugs work in the first place? Our brain has a particular section called the nucleus accumbens, or “reward center” that plays a chief role in controlling two very important neurotransmitters: dopamine, which promotes desire, and serotonin. A neurotransmitter is a chemical that is released from a nerve cell which thereby transmits an impulse from a nerve cell to another nerve, muscle, organ, or tissue; basically they are a way for our body to communicate. The nucleus…...
DrugsSubstance Abuse
Impact of Drugs on Communities 
Words • 2008
Pages • 9
Abstract This paper focuses on research that was gathered from 11 different sources that provide information about the negative impacts that derives from drugs. Drugs have been around for an extended amount of time, and even though there are various laws against drugs it is still a problem that has not decreased but rather stayed continuous. Salinas, California is a place where drugs are extremely common, additionally it has negatively impacted the community by increasing crime. The gathered research provides…...
DrugsSubstance Abuse
Chemical and Physical Properties of Soaps and Detergents
Words • 2315
Pages • 10
“My signature indicates that this document represents my own work. Outside of shared data, the information, thoughts and ideas are my own except as indicated in the references. I have submitted an electronic copy through CANVAS to be scanned by In addition, I have not given aid to another student on this assignment.” Discussion of Results and Scientific Explanation The goal of producing four soaps of different sources and two types of detergents was met in that all soaps…...
Lifestyle In 21st CenturySoap
Sulfur Face Wash for Rosacea
Words • 1502
Pages • 7
Introduction I first heard about rosacea years ago when Sarah my friend visited me with her face all red and her nose swollen like she’d been in a fight. She was looking worried and in a bad shape. I couldn’t be of much help then because I hadn’t discovered sulfur face wash for rosacea (I was just hearing about the condition). So, I did a little bit of research into possible causes and remedies to the condition. The redness as…...
Lifestyle In 21st CenturySoap
The Drug Problem and Society
Words • 1783
Pages • 8
The issue of the war on drugs has been a big problem, especially after Nixon was elected in 1968. The drug control policies that were put in place and still are has done unfathomable damage to our society. There are so many things to consider when thinking about drug prohibition, legalization, and decriminalization policies. In addition to this, the drug treatment programs that are out there receive much criticism, but they could be better. This paper will further examine each…...
DrugsSubstance Abuse
The Consumption of Illegal Narcotics
Words • 1357
Pages • 6
Introduction It is incredibly hard to define illegal narcotics, and what we classify as an illegal substance has perpetually changed and is continuing to change all through human history. Humans have been taking mind-altering substances since the beginning of time and below the facade of every society, there is some person selling, buying and taking drugs. Drugs can be religious and transcendental experience, they make us feel good, they can offer a getaway, they can take us into the unknown,…...
DrugsSubstance Abuse
The Facts About HIV/AIDS Within the African American Community
Words • 1599
Pages • 7
According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, "African Americans account for more than half of the 40,000 new HIV infections estimated to occur in the United States per year. Moreover, AIDS is the number one killer among Blacks between the ages of 25 and 44." This frightens me because my Uncle is HIV positive. Nevertheless, I believe that the reason why political figures, such as President Bush are not taking the HIV/AIDS epidemic seriously is because the disease is not prominent…...
AidsHivHiv Virus
A Description of the Science of Dreams
Words • 1563
Pages • 7
A dream is a display, usually visual, that occurs during the night while we sleep in order to deal with and asses the things that we have dealt with during the day. A dream is a remembered residue in the form of creatively assembled visual metaphors(Guiley). In 1900 Sigmund Freud wrote in the The Interpretation of Dreams that dreams are disguised wishes arising from ones unconscious mind. Having been suppressed by the conscious mind, the wishes sneak into the sleeping…...
The Causes, Risks, Effects, Symptoms, and Treatment of Graves’ Disease, or Toxic Diffuse Goiter
Words • 1645
Pages • 7
Graves' disease, or toxic diffuse goiter, is an autoimmune disease where too much activity of the thyroid gland causes an overproduction of thyroid hormones such as T3 and T4. The disease is known for resulting in hyperthyroidism (an over active thyroid) which causes an enlarged thyroid and eye problems among other things. A large amount of different conditions and effectors can cause hyperthyroidism, but Graves' disease has shown to be one of the two most common, along with Hashimoto's disease.…...
Teenagers Should Be Strongly Guided When Using Antidepressants
Words • 2184
Pages • 9
As technology advances many children have access to the mass media, literally, at their fingertips. One of the main causes of depression in children and young adults is social media and nowadays websites allow for criticism to take place anonymously 24/7. Depression negatively impacts youths lives because it can affect their self esteem, ruin relationships with loved ones and even impede their learning process. There is a lot of pressure that is put on students from their parents and families…...
Mental Health
A Discussion on the Causes and the Complex Nature of Dyslexia
Words • 4313
Pages • 18
Any discussion of the causes of dyslexia must, as we shall see, be a complex and controversial undertaking; even the title may raise controversy: what is 'dyslexia'? Is it the same as 'specific learning difficulties'? Can it be defined as a single problem? Is there a continuum of dyslexic-type difficulties? Should we be using a label at all? The questions are many, and with very few satisfactory answers. For this reason, it is necessary to begin with a working definition…...
How the Canadian Law Deals with Psychopaths and Sociopaths
Words • 2706
Pages • 11
When society thinks of a psychopath or a sociopath, the first thought that comes to mind is a crazy person who is a serial killer or a sadistic violent individual. Some experts say that there is hardly a difference between psychopaths and sociopaths. However as researchers learn more about the two types of psychological thinking processes, experts have come to realize that psychopathy and sociopath are two different mental disorders. Many people think that they have a working knowledge of…...
Personality DisorderPsychologySocial Psychology
A Discussion on the Reasons for the Elimination of Sugar from Our Daily Diets
Words • 1713
Pages • 7
Sugar has become a very important part of our routine diet. It is so entwined with our diets that one cannot easily eliminate sugar directly from their food. This increased intake of sugar has become reason of various diseases and health risks like diabetes, obesity, overloading the liver and many more. This paper will discuss some solid reasons why it is necessary to eliminate sugar from our daily diets to prevent health risks. It will also give a brief idea…...
Medical Marijuana Pros and Cons
Words • 1526
Pages • 7
The role of a healthcare professional is to not only to care for those that are sick, but to also promote healthy lifestyles and choices to those in our community. In order to accomplish this task, healthcare professionals must be willing to research and understand the benefits and risks of certain healthcare practices. One such controversy in our society today is the use of medical marijuana. There is a great variety of opinions on its medical use and its effectiveness…...
Medical Marijuana
Medical Marijuana Research
Words • 2269
Pages • 10
Research ethics is specifically interested in the analysis of ethical issues that are raised when people are involved as participants in research. It is research that involves human subjects or participants raises unique and complex ethical, legal, social, and political issues. The primarily important part of ethics is to protect their participants. The second objective is to ensure that research is conducted in a way that serves interests of individuals. The researcher may come across many ethical issues surrounding their…...
Medical Marijuana
The Influence of Media on Body Image and Eating Disorders
Words • 1616
Pages • 7
Mass media has a tremendous effect on children and adolescent’s lives, whether it includes, new fashion trends, premiering movies or social media. One of the powers is how women perceive their bodies. Movie stars and models feel pressured to catch attention and consistently appear attractive in order to maintain their career. Many individuals judge how someone looks based on their body composition. The outcome of this judgement is that Hollywood is “getting skinny”. Considering several models and actresses serve as…...
Healthy Eating HabitsOsteoporosis
Eating Habits in Thailand
Words • 598
Pages • 3
Taking a thrilling trip into the food habits of Thailand is both an eye-opening and an enchanting experience. In Thailand, like many countries have three main meals breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Thai individuals snack often in-between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. ‘Gin len’ is the term for snacking in Thailand, some popular snacks are grilled meatballs, spring rolls, beef satay, fresh fruits, and frittered bananas (Mykura, 2018). Mealtime in Thailand, especially dinner is more than just getting food in someone's belly.…...
Healthy Eating HabitsOsteoporosis
Role and Importance of Mental Health in Life
Words • 1358
Pages • 6
A major concern in the nursing profession is the high occurrence of burnout resulting in mental health issues. Stress is another concern which has enormous effects on psychosocial and family aspects, (Cleary, Jackson, & Hungerford (2014). Common pressures are work overload, performance rivalry, lack of time, staffing issues, shift work, lack of personal care, job-related relationships, family concerns, struggling with competing demands, conflict with colleagues, supervisors and insufficient emotional planning, (Cleary et al (2014). Nursing as a profession is an…...
NursingSubstance Abuse
Health Promotion Model and Obesity
Words • 3088
Pages • 13
Abstract Using Nola Pender’s Health Promotion Model, a program was developed to help prevent or manage obesity. This program can be enrolled in by any patient, but it is directed at patients who have a BMI over 25.0 and especially a BMI over 30.0 (CDC, 2018-b). The program is a one year program which allows the patient to use the information they are given in the beginning of the program about healthy diet and exercise to make their own plan…...
NursingSubstance Abuse
A Proposal for Classroom Integration Approach for Children With ADHD
Words • 2009
Pages • 9
Introduction The aim of this proposal is to demonstrate through an activity in Year 3 (age 7 to 8) based on learning fractions with Legos, how teaching and learning techniques in an identified mainstream classroom setting need to be adapted for a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This paper will also approach what possible effects of integration may be on the individual learner with ADHD and the classroom environment as a whole. The National Curriculum has developed national…...
An Overview of the Signs and Symptoms Neurocognitive Disorders
Words • 1703
Pages • 7
Abstract Neurocognitive disorders is an acquired cognitive decline in one or more cognitive domains. The decline of the cognitive aspect must not just be a sense of loss of the cognitive abilities but must be observed by others through cognitive assessment. These disorders have adverse effects in the human body with some of its effects ranging from memory, attention, perception language and social cognition. Thus, an individual is having neurocognitive disorder have a significant influence on their general independence and…...
Universal Healthcare
Social Problem of Teens Smoking
Words • 1267
Pages • 6
Adolescent smoking probably won't be paid attention to at the outset however it can get risky for the teenagers in the later years. Youngsters may begin smoking guiltlessly however they have no clue that it can turn into a long haul issue for them. Truth be told, numerous reports have proposed that grown-up smokers for the most part start smoking during their high schooler years. Things being what they are, the reason precisely teenagers begin smoking? What triggers high schooler…...
Impact of Smoking with Types 2 Diabetes
Words • 1038
Pages • 5
Smoking in men and women with type 2 diabetes: A qualitative gender-sensitive exploration of barriers to smoking cessation among people with type 2 diabetes. This article discusses the dangers to those with type 2 diabetes that come from smoking and factors that cause a hindrance or fully prohibit type 2 diabetes patients from quitting. Regardless of the information proving these dangers, there are still many people with type 2 diabetes who continue to smoke. The information in this study is…...
Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorders
Words • 579
Pages • 3
Murray and Pichionni, professor and clinical lecturer in and of psychiatry addresses schizophrenia as one of the most serious and frightening mental disorders. The claim of the availability of effective treatment but lay fatalities blame on misinformation. They define schizophrenia as the severing or splitting of the psychic function and not disconnection of personality which it has always been misunderstood as. Their researches shows that people with schizophrenia show symptom of lack of insight, hallucination and delusions. They also show…...
The Concept of Schizophrenia Disorder
Words • 1560
Pages • 7
Disease Pathology Compare/Contrast Schizophrenia cannot be deferred as a single illness, it is thought of a syndrome or a disease process with many different varieties and symptoms. It causes bizarre thoughts, perceptions, emotions, movements and behavior. (Videbeck, 2013 pg. 266) While talking to some of the patients at Harris County Psychiatric Center some of these symptoms were present in most of them. One patient was admitted to the hospital by law enforcement. They found him on the street talking to…...
E-Cigarettes Should Not Be Considered as Better Alternatives to Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes
Words • 1635
Pages • 7
Most people like to claim that they "go with the flow”, meaning they follow what everyone is doing or going. In today's society, everyone is flowing towards electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes, more commonly referred to as e-cigarettes, are battery-powered device filled with liquid nicotine that is dissolved in a solution of water and propylene glycol. The battery is responsible for heating up the nicotine solution into a vapor that is then inhaled into the lungs when the user takes a…...
Cigarette SmokingTobacco
The Parasites Tryanosomes
Words • 2723
Pages • 11
Trypanosomes are unicellular parasites. They come from the genus Trypanosoma, the family Trypanosomatidae, and the order Kinetoplastida. They cause diseases in animals and humans in Africa. They are blood parasites that go into the vertebrate, the tissue fluid, and the blood. Trypanosomes use their flagellum and the undulating membrane to move through the blood and tissue fluid. The way the trypanosome moves can determine what species the parasite is. Trypanosomes reproduce through binary fission to create two daughter cells. First…...
A Report on the Outbreak of Measles in Wales, England Between November 2012 and July 2013
Words • 2892
Pages • 12
An outbreak of a disease is a significant health challenge that requires implementation of measures to curb similar future epidemic. The report deliberates outbreak of measles that happened in Wales, England between November 2012 and July 2013. It is purposed to discuss the evaluation of Wales’ measles outbreak from a public health perspective. Moreover, this report will provide an insight into the implementation of immediate intervention measures to control the risk of transmitting the infection. The report will also highlight…...
An Analysis of the Main Active Ingredients of Cannabis
Words • 2505
Pages • 11
Marijuana is a drug obtained from dried and crumpled parts of the ever-present hemp plant cannabis sativa. It can be smoked by rolling it in tobacco paper or placing it in a pipe. It is consumed worldwide by an estimated two hundred million people for pleasure. It is seen as an escape from reality, or relaxation. Marijuana is known by a variety of names such as kif (Morocco), dagga (South Africa), and bhang (India). Common names in the United States…...
An Essay on Drug Abuse in the Family
Words • 1285
Pages • 6
The purpose of this piece of writing is not to compare the different methods of approaching drug prevention, or say what methods are not working. It is to simply state that the more the family takes action or gets involved with each others live, problems such as drug abuse will become obsolete. Many different attempts to lower the drug rate have been in placed by society. But despite years of anti drug campaigns within the school and media, drug abuse…...
Drug Abuse
The Positive Aspects of Neuroenhancing Drugs According to Margaret Talbot
Words • 1427
Pages • 6
The story that is being referencedis called “Brain Gain: The Underground World of ‘Neuroenhancing’Drugs,” by Margaret Talbot. Talbot writes this article to show the many positive aspects of Neuroenhancing drugs. She does this by interviewing two users of this drug and attempts to show the readers a new viewpoint on the topic. However, the evidence against Talbot's viewpoint will become clear during this essay. Neuroenhancing drugs are shown to be minor fixes for not having enough time in the day,…...
A Research on Sleeping Patterns and Triggers
Words • 1236
Pages • 5
Sleep is a very important part of life. You need to sleep in order to have energy. One of the key things about sleep is that it allows you to process information. Sleep serves two main biological processes. These two processes are to conserve and to restore. Sleeping patterns vary with personality. Speaking from my own personal sleeping habits, think I sleep too much. Personally I go into a very deep sleep and do not wake up to anything or…...
Free EssaysSleep
A Letter to a Congressman About the Legalization of Marijuana
Words • 2361
Pages • 10
Dear Congressman, I am honored to be writing to you on such a significant topic of national concern. Average citizens are annoyed and just plain fatigued with the drugs and crime problems in America. These upright citizens, that contribute to the growth of American society, are being told that legalization is a reasonable alternative to dealing with these problems in their communities. Legalization of any drug is not a positive way to fight crime. In fact, there is no legitimate…...
Legalizing MarijuanaMarijuana
An Examination of the Concepts of Mental Illnesses in Literature and Film
Words • 3834
Pages • 16
It always surprises me how societal ideas and norms seem to remain the same, even after periods of rapid change. Over the course of my research, I have noticed that the concepts of mental illnesses in literature and film have remained the same, regardless of advances in psychological findings. Throughout my essays, I have explored the nature of mental illness stigmas in literature and film. I wanted to understand the effects these portrayals have, especially when the portrayals are in…...
FilmLiteratureMental Illness
Understanding the Concept of Dementia and Its Effects on Patients
Words • 3166
Pages • 13
The concept of dementia is one that has divergent understandings. Dementia is understood as a chronic or persistent disorder of at leasttwo mental functions caused by brain disease or injury and marked by memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning, resulting in the inability to perform daily activities.[1] Dementia is most heavily associated with Alzheimer’s disease, which is currently the most common occurrence of progressive dementia. Named after Dr. Alois Alzheimer, the disease was first identified in a female patient…...
A Solution for Decreasing Malnourishment and Hunger in Bangladesh
Words • 1106
Pages • 5
The latest UN report on hunger says that approximately 870 million people in the world suffer from chronic malnutrition, which means that in spite of the rapid development of food's technology, such a vital issue as hunger is not completely solved. According to International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research (n.d.), the most suffering regions are Asia and Africa, and there is a reduction of undernourishment in South Asia on the whole, but the rate of undernourished children is still high…...
Hunger In The Third WorldMalnutrition
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Poverty, Crime and Race Issues

Poverty, crime, and race are major factors of sociological aspects that help us understand this correlation better. In my opinion, the overall health of the public should not be affected based on their race or their past history. The rising rate of incarceration in the United States does create racial disparities in the United States. People from minority groups are more likely to suffer from health issues due to the impartiality that exists in health care. Inmates are exposed to diseases such as HIV. Chronic pain is also an outcome of the torture that inmates face in the prison.

Factors Leading to Poor Health

All these problems need to be solved so the inmates can live better lives however, inmates from minorities groups have limited access to health care. One of the factors that lead to poor health among minorities groups is housing. Coming from a minority group I understand how greatly it impacts one’s health based on where they live. For example, the hospitals available in poor neighborhoods are not advanced enough to provide adequate care a patient needs. Some people can’t afford insurance therefore, they are not able to get medical help when they need it. They tend to ignore common symptoms of fatal diseases because of financial problems. In healthcare patients from minority groups are racially discriminated against compared to whites. Incarceration affects larger family units in many ways. When a parent of minor children is in prison, the children tend to struggle with social and health issues.

Imprisonment Affecting Family Health

For example, if a parent of children under eighteen is in prison, the children may face challenges academically. They will not be able to concentrate on their education knowing their beloved parent is in prison. When a parent of children is released from prison he/she may have difficulty finding employment because of incarceration history. It can be more difficult if they are from a minority group. Unemployment leads to limited access to food and other basic needs which can be difficult for children to have the resources that they need in order to succeed in life. In conclusion, life can be very challenging for incarcerated individuals as well as other family members, especially for the minorities groups. Problems in the healthcare system can be solved when we treat everyone equally and fairly.

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Teenagers Should Be Strongly Guided When Using Antidepressants
...“In youngest suicide victims, ADD is more common than depression." Reuters. Issues & Controversies. Infobase Learning, 19 Sept. 2016. Web. 7 Dec. 2016 Aubusson, Kate "Mood drugs 'harmful' for children." Age (Melbourne, Australia), 10 June...
How the Canadian Law Deals with Psychopaths and Sociopaths
...National Post. "Deadly Dysfunction: Scathing undisclosed details from inside the Pickton investigation." National Post.

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