Health Essay Topics

Scope of Work/Rationale

Yee Man-Siu (2002:185) In today’s consumer market, it has been identified that one of the most significant niche is the safety-conscious consumer. This segment is willing to pay more as long as the safety and benefits of the product is not short-changed. This group of individuals views a defective product as one that does not… View Article

What makes smoking and computers similar?

According to Christopher Nickson, a correspondent for Digital Trends, home computers are dangerous to our health. The argument was based on several research studies that explored the impact of home computers on the health and well-being of individuals. In fact, one of these research studies that were drawn from the American Journal of Preventive Medicine… View Article

Antiretroviral Therapy

There is no other field of medicine that has been through such dramatic developments as that of antiretroviral therapy. In September 1995, the results of Eurpean-Australian DELTA study, and the American ACTG pointed out that two nucleoside analogues were more effective than monotherapy. This led to the belief, thatlonger survival was possible in HIV. Protease… View Article

Thyroid Glands

A&P If the thyroid gland were removed from a cancer patient, would you expect the level of TSH to rise or fall? Why?             Malignancies of the head and neck include those of the oral cavity, oropharynx, hypopharynx, nasopharynx, nasal cavity, paranasal sinus and larynx. These cancers account for fewer than 5% of all cancers…. View Article

Health care

Chapter 1 Scarcely a news report goes by that does not address the number one health concern in the United States, obesity. Obesity has long been a concern of the healthcare industry, and the focus on children is increasing. Obesity is considered the number one health risk for children in the United States today. Research… View Article

Health Promotion in Realtion to a Midwife

In 1946 the World Health Organisation (WHO) defined health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. This definition integrates the main concepts of health and identifies that health can be viewed differently by individuals and groups (Bowden, 2006). Health and well-being are the… View Article

Treatment of Folk Illnesses

The world offers every people a chance to be sick due to some of the outside factors that can harm someone else’s health. There are hazards for the lungs like pollution and for the stomach which are the bacteria and microorganisms that are prevalent everywhere. Even with the body parts of a human being, one… View Article

Organizational Changes within the National Health Service

1. Discuss and debate the organizational changes within the National Health Service and examine how these have influenced care delivery. At the start of the NHS, a mediation model of management subsisted where the role of the manager facilitated health care professionals to care for the patient. Medical staffs were extremely influential and controlling in… View Article

Tuberculosis Undergraduate

Abstract Tuberculosis is a good example of the importance of the ecological balance between host and parasite in infectious disease. Hosts are not usually aware of pathogens that invade the body and are defeated. If defenses fail, however, hosts become very much aware of the resulting disease. Several factors may affect host resistance levels—the presence… View Article

What is Public health and Community health

Public Health is an aspect of Health Services concerned with threats to the health of the population of a community based on population health analysis. It generally includes surveillance and control of infectious disease and promotion of healthy behaviors (health promotion) among members of the community. Both vaccination programs and free distribution of condoms are… View Article

On Site Wellness Programs in Corporate America

On site wellness programs are now focal points in major corporate organizations in America, as company managers attempt to improve the health and well being of their employees, in order to control health care costs. Some health conditions can be diagnosed early by building health awareness among employees, and carrying out screening campaigns. Early diagnosis… View Article

Poisons and their effects

What are poisons and what are their effects? Biologically a poison is any substance that is capable of causing damages, illness and sometimes can lead to death of plants and animals. Poisons affect things when they chemically react with the substance. When poison is introduced in the body it harms the cell metabolism thus rendering… View Article

Ethical Issue in Public Health

1. Ethical Leadership in the Hospital Business Due to the critical relevance of the healthcare service for the society, it is important for the organizations and institutions involved in this field to develop their operational system, administrative approaches, and patient care strategies to address effectively and efficiently the healthcare service needs of the community. Important… View Article

Heart Disease

Our body is composed of many organs and all of those organs are important. One of them is our heart. Heart played a great role in our body because it pumps the blood coming from our vessels throughout the parts of our body. Though there are still some people who are over using their hearts… View Article

Healthy Lifestyle

Regular exercise is essential for good health. It tones the muscles, strengthens the bones and makes the heart and lungs work better. Exercise also helps to relieve stress. The most beneficial type of exercise is aerobics. Aerobic exercises, in the form of jogging, cycling and lap swimming, strengthens the heart. It is important to choose… View Article

The condition of public health

Abstract The condition of public health in the United States has been a long time concern. Nurses make up the largest population of health care providers. Therefore, we are well positioned to provide leadership under health care reform. We are the front liners in health care and we see the condition of people in a… View Article

Factors Affecting Employment Of Health Care Professionals In Long Term Care

Health is wealth. A nation or any organization that is keenly interested in maximal individual and collective output, improved working skills and commitment to service of her citizens or members take the issue of health with utmost integrity and assiduity. In accomplishing this important objective, institutions consider a number of factors during recruitment of health… View Article

Mental Health

Within this essay, I will examine the definition of mental health, as well as it’s connection in our daily lives. I will be discussing a particular mental health problem which is depression under mood disorder. By examining a scenario of a patient who I have looked after who is suffering from this mental problem, and… View Article

Alejandro Flores

Write a 2 – 3 page paper that addresses the following: 1. How do Senor Flores, Senora Flores and Dr. Jean view this situation from totally different perspectives? 2. Why might Senora Flores have chosen to consult an espiritista rather than call the clinic when Alejandro was not getting better? 3. Which of the normative… View Article

Senior Citizen Reflection

I found myself almost without anyone to interview as most the people I know are 55 or younger, so it was very hard but my husband and I remember Mr. Danny Smith, the really nice and respectful man that was hired on at my husbands work five months ago. I was really excited to go… View Article

City and Farm Life

Comparing and contrasting city and farm life has been a common theme of situation comedies, movies as well as novels for decades. Many people find themselves, at some point, questioning the advantages of living on a farm life to living in the city. While a case can be made for both locations as to which… View Article

Benefits of Leisure

‘All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy’ – something we were taught in kindergarten, but something we forgot along the way. Although we are all aware of the need and benefits of leisure, it’s not until something seriously goes wrong with our health or relationships that we start thinking about it. The… View Article

Tuition Class: Pro and Cons

Nowadays, many students too depend on the tuition classes to achieve good results in examination. However, not all of them can pass their examination with flying colours. Several reasons why going to tuition classes are not too important to achieve good result in examination because it is too tiring after long hours in school, less… View Article

Therapeutic Recreation

If your like I was about a year ago, you really are not sure what exactly Therapeutic Recreation is. You have heard the name and maybe pretended like you knew, but really you just did not want to sound ignorant. Well no worries anymore after you read this paper. I am going to tell you… View Article

Education on health promotion

The dissertation topic of this paper is “education on health promotion” and problem statement of this dissertation is “During an 18 month period, the researcher will design, implement and evaluate an HIV/AIDS health promotion program for inpatients in a non- profit hospital located in Los Angeles California. ” The literature that has been used in… View Article

Education on Health Promotion

“During an 18 month period, the researcher will design, implement and evaluate an HIV/AIDS health promotion program for inpatients in a non-profit hospital located in Los Angeles California. ” The appropriateness of the applied research methodology is essential for the success of the research itself. In this section, we are going to review the characteristics… View Article

Workplace safety Study: Women versus Men

Leaders in business and industry in modern society have recognized their responsibility in maintaining the health and safety of their employees. They know that a healthy employee works more efficiently, is more productive, and possesses a better work attitude than a sickly employee. There are several factors that may affect the health of employees. Among… View Article

Health Campaign

Part I of this paper examined childhood obesity as a public health issues that faces the state of Texas. Further, the paper dwelt on the importance of addressing this public health issues because it has an impact on the lives of the children at the community, state, and national levels. Moreover, the paper also identified… View Article

The Impact Of Social Policies On Wellness

The continual interdependence of states in global economic relations has necessitated debates on environmental, health and social related issues, making adoption and executions of policies the remedy for the various shortcomings in various sectors. Since policies are at the core of addressing major issues, the efficiency of health policies are affected by poverty, level of… View Article

Health as a human right

The observed recent advancement in preventive, primary health care, early intervention programs, coordinated health care trials in Australia as well a the population health developments have tried to explore the possibility of changing the current emphasis of health care from the responsive acute care to the more integrated system where the entire whole population is… View Article