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Girl by Jamaica Kincaid essay samples

The Similarities and Differences between Stay Sweet As You Are by Doug Lantry and Girl by Jamaica Kincaid
Words • 1136
Pages • 5
The readings “Stay Sweet As You Are,” by Doug Lantry and “Girl,” by Jamaica Kincaid have many similarities and differences. Both target women but, have differences in time period and behavior. These stories both have interesting backgrounds. In "Stay As Sweet As You Are" Lantry analyzes a few different articles in different decades to prove Women's behavior to be unique in each case. While the background in “Girl” Jamaica Kincaid from New York tells also is about the women's behavior,…...
Girl By Jamaica Kincaid
Analysis of Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl”
Words • 818
Pages • 3
The short story 'Girl' as written by Jamaica Kincaid, is an exciting and captivating piece that depicts several elements from literature and a reflection of various aspects of society. Most of the story is told in the second person containing a conversation between a mother and daughter; the conversation is about how the daughter should behave, how to go about doing her daily tasks, and her life. The dialogue as it flows depicts several items perceived as a how-to-do list…...
Girl By Jamaica KincaidLiterature
Feminist Criticism on Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl” and “Two Kinds”
Words • 757
Pages • 3
Women’s Rights is an extremely ethical topic that is surrounded by ethical theories and has a lot of history. While some of the theoretical systems in ethics have helped to gain women their rights, others have assisted in preventing women's rights. Women in America have seen much improvement in our modern-day society regarding Women’s Rights, but what about the women in less economically stable countries? Women continue to fight against abuse, hatred, and discrimination worldwide. I will be discussing not…...
CriticismGirl By Jamaica Kincaid
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Performing Gender in Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl”
Words • 2270
Pages • 9
Conversations around gender and gender roles have been existent since time immemorial. Gender roles refer to social characters that define actions, approaches, and conceptions that are considered tolerable, desirable, and suitable for people based on their alleged sex. Gender stereotyping roots from such definitions and has taken over the day to day cultures of individuals. It has become a tradition passed from generation to the next, even in the wake of liberal individuals. Girls and boys are taught how society…...
GenderGirl By Jamaica KincaidMarriage
The Influence of Gender in “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid
Words • 913
Pages • 4
Jamaica Kincaid wrote a short story in 1978 called “Girl,” which was based on the advice of a mother to her daughter at a tender age. If the story was changed to “Boy,” the excerpt would completely take another turn. In “Girl,” the mother's advice the girl on how to acquire a man, dressing appropriately, cleaning, gardening, cooking, and other life skills that she needs to learn in the male-dominated community. The mother’s advice is both negative and positive, which…...
GenderGirl By Jamaica KincaidInfluenceWifeWomen
Annotated bibliography on “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid
Words • 883
Pages • 4
Jamaica Kincaid’s story “Girl” provides a brief glimpse on the demanding and strict parenting style, used by Caribbean people only twenty years ago. The short story is composed of a series of instructions and prescriptions and obviously it lacks encouragement and empowerment and points to the considerable distance between the daughter and the mother. Structurally, the story consists of one long sentence, from which one can derive a conclusion that the list of expectations the mother has concerning her child…...
Girl By Jamaica Kincaid
A Mother Daughter Relationship
Words • 1439
Pages • 6
Most parents expect many things from their children but most importantly wish their children to be successful and happy, but parents hold different expectations based on their child’s gender. The expectations that both mothers have are common because both of them have daughters. These differences in expectations of gender can be seen in literature such as Girl by Jamaica Kincaid where she will list everything a women is expected of doing in the house and in Where Are You Going,…...
DaughterGirl By Jamaica KincaidJoyce Carol OatesRelationship
“Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid
Words • 514
Pages • 2
In the short story “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid the author gives a perspective of the relationship between a strict mother and her young daughter. Jamaica Kincaid wrote series of sentences that sets the tone of the story to be uptight, oppressive, and informative. The author described her daughter into becoming a ‘slut’ which tells the readers that the mother is worried and is disapproving of her daughters actions. Others might think that the story is only about the daughter repeating…...
Girl By Jamaica KincaidJamaica
“Girl” Jamaica Kincaid
Words • 1455
Pages • 6
The short story of “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid is about a mother and her relationship with her daughter. It is a harsh one sided conversation between the narrator and her mother, with the mother doing all the talking. The story gives a rich description of what her mother expects from her in all aspects of her life, from chores, to how she plays, to what she sings in church. From each line you see the viewpoint of how her mother…...
Girl By Jamaica Kincaid
Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl”
Words • 464
Pages • 2
In Jamaica Kincaid’s short story “Girl,” the mother is very disapproving of her daughter’s attitude towards life. She wants to educate her daughter about developing into a respectable woman, domesticating herself and proper etiquette in the presence of men. The relationship between mother and daughter depicts a traditional Caribbean “dictatorship” in which the mother shows her love in a controlling manner and the daughter’s only option is to follow her mother’s instructions. It appears that the mother is very old…...
Girl By Jamaica Kincaid
Jamaica Kincaid “Girl”
Words • 393
Pages • 2
The story of Jamaica Kincaid “Girl” is about a mother giving the instructions to her daughter. The mother uses strict, demanding tone while parenting her daughter. She gives the orders, and expects listening and obedience, regardless what the girl says. Through mother’s words to her daughter, through the directions she wants her to follow, the mother reveals strictness, egocentricity, and exactingness that are her most conspicuous traits. The mother believes that numerous instructions will make her daughter become a proper…...
Girl By Jamaica Kincaid
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