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Punctual means showing up on time. Being punctual can have some great rewards and will help you in the future with a job interview or anything else. Many people suffer from being tardy most of the time. Being late can cause you to suffer in the future and your trustworthiness.

Punctuality in the Military
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Punctuality in a military environment is crucial as it enables tasks to be completed, and allows leaders to conduct accountability, PCCs and PCIs for particular operations. Also, depending on the severity or how often a soldier conducts the offense, being late can lead to UCMJ action. This essay will provide in some detail the benefits of being punctual as well as note possible consequences. On a small scale, being punctual for formations and general points of duty allows leaders to…...
MilitaryProfessional SoldierPunctuality
{Punctuality: Personal Nd Professional Image
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Paper Type:Personal essays
Punctuality: Personal and Professional Image A man of experience once said that there are four good habits-punctuality, accuracy, steadiness and efficiency. Without punctuality, time is wasted; without accuracy, mistakes are made: without steadiness, nothing can be done; and without efficiency, all is lost. To this we may add the habits of prudence, discipline and contentment as being most desirable. So what are the payoffs of punctuality? Two important ones are that it is an indicator of professionalism, and it’s respectful…...
Explain what is meant by Conformity and Obedience
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Conformity is a psychological need to be accepted by others and also a change in belief or behaviour in response to be respected and accepted by a selected group e. g. a change in there choice of clothing, change of attitude ect . . . Pressure plays a major part in the way people conform to each other and become known in a group e. g. dress in fashion ECT . . . People regard themselves as belonging to the…...
Human NatureIndividualityIntegrityLazinessObediencePunctuality
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Military Accountability
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Being late does not make one important. Tardiness is a very unattractive quality when it comes to most aspects of one’s life: family functions, meetings, interviews, and especially a job. While a family may forgive tardiness, a job will not. Being late once or twice in one’s life is unavoidable. Being consistently tardy makes one unreliable and shows a lack of respect for other people’s time and obligations. Being late tells others that one person can be waited on, while…...
AccountabilityAccountability In The MilitaryEmploymentIntegrityMilitaryPunctuality
Time Talk and Walk
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In his article “ Time Talk, with an Accent” Robert Levine discusses about culture shock when he lived in Brazil and understand Brazilian people’s habit about time. When he began his scientific journey in his early career as a professor of psychology at Federal University in Niteroi, Brazil and he found the hardest part of his life about punctual time rather than different language, his own privacy, and standards of cleanliness issues. As it described in article Robert Levine was…...
CommunicationPunctualityTimeWorld Wide Web
Time and Tardiness
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Tardiness means to be late, slow or sluggish and is a form of misconduct. Have you ever experienced being tardy to class? Does tardiness do any advantage to you? What do you get for being tardy? Does tardiness means that you are not smart? Why are there a lot of students who like being tardy? Some students suddenly decide to be tardy, is being tardy already their habit? What will be the consequence of that? What will be the effect…...
Punctuality and Time
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Punctuality is being on time or completing something on time. The main thing is time management. Time management is exercising control over the amount of time spent on activities or it is used to manage time when accomplishing specific tasks or goals. With this u can break time management it to categories like Time discipline adding a time limit and the Value of time. Time discipline is the act of planning out time to do something and then sticking to…...
Being On TimePunctualityTimeTime Management
Time and Punctuality
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Punctuality is considered to be the noblest of virtues. It is the mark of civilized and cultured people. It is the habit of doing things in correct time. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’, so says an English proverb. Doing things in time, thus, saves us from unnecessary troubles. That is exactly what punctuality is all about. One of the great values of punctuality is that it gives discipline to life. We have to get up in time. We have…...
Punctuality Speech
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Before I give out my speech, I want to ask all of you a question. How many of you have never been late? Odds are none of you! This is because in our nature we see punctuality as flexible. In my speech I’m going to talk about whether punctuality is an important matter in our daily lives or not. Firstly, what is punctuality? Well… punctuality is the act of being on time and being able to do a task in…...
Being On TimePunctualityTime Is Precious
High School and Lateness
Words • 2476
Pages • 10
INTRODUCTION Amongst other components of any organization, human beings are the most difficult to manage. Folks pose the most problems to administrators anywhere in the world, not excluding school organizations as learning factories in Delta State, Nigeria.  Thus, in the school system, the school head, which is usually the headmaster/headmistress or the principal, is confronted with numerous problems posed by staff and/or students. These problems include: sleeping on duty, negative attitude to tasks, lack of motivation to tasks, sexual harassment,…...
EducationHigh schoolHuman NaturePunctualityReligionTeacher
Human Resource Management in Business
Words • 448
Pages • 2
► Hand out date: 1st June ► Hand in date: 15th June P5 explain how employee performance is measured and managed M3 explain how the results from measuring and managing performance inform employee development D2 assess the importance of measuring and managing employee performance at work. For your final task in your new role as recruitment consultant of ‘Dave’s Management’ you have been asked to investigate and write a report on how different organisations measures and manages the performance of…...
Business ManagementHuman Resource ManagementPunctuality
Personal Strengths and Weaknesses
Words • 1009
Pages • 5
Paper Type:Personal essays
Strengths and weaknesses are important to us as individuals in order to make a difference in correlation to personal growth. Our individuality is further intensified by each of us having different goals, priorities and other special qualities. In writing this paper I plan to clearly define and identify each of my strengths and weaknesses. I believe this class is definitely giving me a greater understanding of the different techniques and methods that will allow me to improve my learning process.…...
AssertivenessPersonal StrengthsPunctualityStrengths And WeaknessesWeakness
Personal Strengths and Weaknesses: My Experienses
Words • 2719
Pages • 11
Paper Type:Personal essays
This paper concerns the personal strengths and weakness of my own life. The details I will be presenting are what I consider my best and worst strengths and weaknesses. The purpose of this paper is to clearly define each of these and figure out a way to learn how to solve my weaknesses and make my strengths even stronger. Identifying personal strengths and weaknesses are essential part of the overall learning processes. Just as we understand which methods and techniques…...
DisciplineFocusImproveLearningPersonal StrengthsProcrastination
Assignment Title Self-discipline
Words • 923
Pages • 4
Demonstrate self-discipline through relevant activities M2 - Perform relevant activities with a high standard of self-discipline D2 - Evaluate personal levels of self-discipline for entry to the uniformed public services I personally believe that I as an individual posses many skills and qualities that demonstrate my self-discipline. Self-discipline is another form of discipline and an essential quality for a member of any service. Self-discipline can be defined as the ability to apply yourself in the correct manner, including controlling yourself…...
DisciplinePunctualitySelf DisciplineTeamTime Management
Special purpose
Words • 331
Pages • 2
An appointment could be defined as an agreement between two or more parties to meet at an agreed time and at a specified place for a special purpose. Based on this definition it is observable that parties that have entered into an agreement have the obligation of ensuring that they keep their different sides of the bargain. This position is further strengthened when it is considered that the parties were fully aware of what the implications would be prior to…...
Importance on Being on Time
Words • 1691
Pages • 7
The Importance of Being On-Time The principal reason for this essay is since I did not follow out proper orders and was not at the right place of duty for PT/Accountability formation at the appropriate time. Though there was a miscommunication, granted on my half, there's nonetheless no excuse for me to miss a formation. I desire to be a great soldier and I desire to excel inside military. The first step I need to put into action is often…...
Being On TimeEssayLeadershipPunctuality
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Being punctual is important because it can help you to be a great worker and a great person I general. Being punctual can earn you trust in a household or a workplace. If someone is not punctual you can lose that trust to be on time and the time you have worked hard to be on time. In my case I was not punctual and woke up late for school and got my truck taken.

Someone can be punctual by being on time for a job or an event. Punctuality can be a great personality for a person. For many years, teachers have highlighted the importance of being punctual, not only for the meeting or the other person’s sake but for one’s self. Teachers need to be punctual to their job because they are responsible for the students they are teaching and want to show the students it is not okay to be tardy for a class. If a student is tardy for a class, there are some consequences that the school must punish that student for showing up tardy for that class such as: Saturday detention or detention after school. If a student is tardy for a class too many times the student is failed in that specific class and will have to retake that class, the next year of summer school.

Different jobs may forgive your lateness. Being a couple of seconds late will not be a big deal for a job, but a couple of minutes late you may suffer consequences that your boss/manager might use to make sure you’re not late again. If you show up late frequently you can be fired from that job. Another way you can be punished for your lateness is cutting your pay or cutting your hours. Some punishments can be severe or minor. It’s all based on how late you are, or it’s based on the job.

In business there is a saying called “Time Is Money”, this means that being punctual can give you the time to finish a job that you are assigned. Lateness shows unprofessionalism is a business. If you are late to an important interview you are more than likely to not get that job. In a business if you show up late to a meeting for a job, your actions will show that whatever made you late was more important than the meeting that was being held at work.

Waking up late for work or school can have you forget your personal hygiene and you will show up to work or school unclean. Your personal hygiene is important for a job because if you show up to work unprofessionally you will be sent home or you will have to go through the day looking filthy. Showing up to a job unprofessionally frequently you could be fired. A doctor must be clean before showing up to their office because they are working with sick and well people. If a doctor shows up to their office unclean they could make a patient sick. Doctors always wash their hand after seeing a patient, so they are always clean.

Punctuality on the other hand communicates discipline and reliability; every other factor considered no businessman will shun a person who is punctual, he/she is seen as serious and professional. Being punctual can earn you respect by your bosses and will give you more opportunities than some of your co-workers. Punctuality can give you more opportunities in the business world. Showing up to an interview on time or early can give the better benefit of the doubt that you will get that job.

Cancer patients must be on time to their appointments. If a patient is not on time for an appointment they are at a higher risk of suffering from the disease they have. A paramedic must be punctual to a scene for their job every day. If a paramedic is late the victim could die on the scene or die in the vehicle. Firemen are the same way they must show up to a fire on time to save the occupants of the building or to a car crash to check on the drivers or anyone involved in the accident.

The importance of being on time in the military is simply a symptom of discipline, which was instilled in new enlisted soldiers during basic training. Being on time shows reliability. Military men must show discipline, responsibility, show care through following military rules and regulations. Being on time not only pertains to accountability, but shows respect to our fellow soldiers, our unit, command and organization. Medics in the military must show up to a scene as fast as they can to save their fellow soldiers. These men are trained to help anyone injured or shot, while getting shot at from all directions. Another unit must be punctual for bringing backup to help another unit under fire.

Jury members must be on time to a trial in the court. If a jury member is late to a trial that member is fined. If the fine is not paid on time the member can be arrested and put in jail. If the jury member shows up to the trial they earn a reward (a check) that they get for participation. The defendant always must show up on time to their trial if they do not show up to their trial, they will be found guilty and arrested and will be forced to go to a trial.

Being tardy is disrespectful to other when you say you’ll be there at certain time then you show up later than expected. Those people will distrust you and know you are not reliable in the future. Being late can ruin your reputation as a person because you will be disrespectful for being tardy. In school you never want to be tardy walking into class because you will suffer consequences. There is a big difference between not showing up and showing up late. There is a higher price to pay when you deliberately don’t show up.

In high school there are different consequences for skipping, tardiness, and just not showing up to school. The consequence for skipping class is Saturday detention. The consequence for being tardy is very minor you are just marked tardy but if you show up late frequently you will have detention. The consequence for not showing up to school is very severe you can be arrested, or you will be expelled from that school.

Actors/actresses must be punctual because they must show up to their rehearsals on time to be on the show. If an actor/actress is tardy they will lose that act or contract and will lose money. In some cases, a character will be killed off for being late to a showing or a rehearsal. Singers can be late sometimes because there are some who have a small singer ahead of them to get the crowd pumped. This give the main artist a time to go over lyrics etc.

Americans suffer with not being on time; most of the time. This is accidental or purposely and this can hurt a reputation for some. Being tardy is like a sickness that won’t go away, and it just happens to the least fortunate. Waking up later than usual, flat tire, or being pulled over. These are some reasons why someone would be tardy. Not wanting to go, being lazy, or acting sick. These are some reasons why someone would purposely be tardy.


In conclusion punctuality is a great trait to have and can become a great habit for some to get into. Punctuality gives many the benefit of the doubt and give the ones around you respect and trust you deserve. On the other hand, if you are tardy most of the time you don’t deserve respect and trust. Always remember that time is money and you cannot earn money if you don’t show up or show up late. Tardiness needs to end because some suffer with their own work and are given extra work if someone else is not there at that moment in time and that person will lose their money because they were late.

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Explain what is meant by Conformity and Obedience
...Conformity is influenced by compliance with common practices. A example of Common practice within a group could be the fact that everyone wears Hoodies and to feel and conform aka belonging to that particular group means you must do the same. Self-es...

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