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Before I give out my speech, I want to ask all of you a question. How many of you have never been late? Odds are none of you! This is because in our nature we see punctuality as flexible. In my speech I’m going to talk about whether punctuality is an important matter in our daily lives or not.

Firstly, what is punctuality? Well… punctuality is the act of being on time and being able to do a task in the required time.

Picture the situation: imagine yourself sitting in a court waiting for your lawyer to arrive. He arrives late and due to their lack of punctuality you are left without a lawyer. The court session begins and you are being grilled by the opposing attorney and in the end you lose the case and the judge gives you a harsh sentence. And to think, all of this is because of your lawyer’s lack of punctuality. A punctual person is appreciated because he is aware that time is precious.

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“Time and tide wait for no man”, how true is it!? If a person is unpunctual, it shows that either the person is unprofessional or that he has no value for the other person’s time. This spreads to his reputation also. A punctual person is valued and respected. Remember, it is the difference of only a few seconds in catching a train or missing it! Therefore to catch the train of life always be on time.

Punctuality is not strictly a matter of one’s busyness; the busiest people are often the most punctual, while those with the least to do sometimes struggle the most with being on time.

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For instance, when you are set to go to a meeting and you know that you have quite some time ahead of you before the meeting, you end up taking more time to get ready and inadvertently end up arriving late. Being punctual strengthens and reveals your integrity. If you tell someone that you will meet them at a certain time, you have essentially made them a promise. And if you say you’ll be there at 8:00, and yet arrive at 8:15, you have essentially broken that promise. Being on time shows others that you are a man of your word. Being punctual shows you are dependable. If a man is punctual know they can rely on such a man – if he says he will be there, he’ll be there.

But if a man is not punctual, others cannot depend on him- they don’t know where he will be when they need him. His associates will begin to feel he cannot organize his own time and will raise the question “if he is careless about time, what else is he careless about?” Being late is a form of steeling. That’s a tough truth, but it’s a truth nonetheless. When you make others wait for you, you rob minutes from them that they’ll never get back.

Time they could’ve turned into money, or simply used for something else. In coming to meet you at the agreed time, they may have made sacrifices- woken up early, cut short their workout – and your lateness negates those sacrifices. If you wouldn’t think of taking ten dollars from another man’s wallet, you shouldn’t think of stealing ten minutes from him either. Last but not least, being punctual builds your self-confidence. Showing up on time not only tell other people you are dependable, it teaches you that you can depend on yourself.

In my opinion, Punctuality should be a priority and should not be lessened. When you are always on time, you keep the promises you make and in this way the more your self-confidence will grow, and the more in control of your life you will be.

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Punctuality Speech

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