Importance of Being On Time Essay

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Importance of Being On Time

Scheduling the work day is one of the most important duties any leader in the Marine Corps or the Armed forces in general, tackles each and every day. Being at the right place at the right time for any member of the Armed forces is extremely essential to the defense of the entire United States of America. It’s because of this that being on time is remarkably important. Dependability, accountability, consistency and discipline are all crucially important for all members of the armed forces. Being on time shows that a Marine is dependable and has his or her priorities straight. Being at the appointed place of duty means to be there on time and has always been one of the most important aspects of being a Marine. Failure to be on time not only hinders mission ready capability and readiness, but also can without a doubt cost unnecessary loss of life.

It is important to realize that it is necessary for those in the Armed Forces are held to a high standard. Punctuality remains and always will be an extremely vital aspect of military bearing and discipline. It has a direct correlation to a Marine appearance, combat readiness, mission effectiveness, and essentially every aspect of military life and responsibility. I cannot place enough emphasis on how important being on time constantly is. For instance; a Marine who is late or does not report at all to a place at the time ordered effectively compromises and diminishes the efficiency of which the task or mission at hand can be completed.

In an extreme case a Marine who is not on time to relieve the current guard’s post would cause the combat effectiveness and readiness of the unrelieved guard to be greatly reduced. This would be caused by fatigue, or lack of supplies, etc. Consequently the guard on post could be compromised and the security of the area could be breached. These things do occur, however, they can undoubtedly be avoided by merely, once again, being on time. The importance of being on time is so you will be early to where ever you need to be and accomplish whatever you need to do. If you are early you will always have time to make sure everything that you need to do is straight and there aren’t any errors in what you need to do.

It is important to be on time for work because it shows that you are dedicated in the things that you do and it can help you in moving up in your field of expertise. It is important to be on time in the military because you will be at the right place at the right time, you will be accountable for and if anything was to happen no one can accuse you of anything because you were where you were suppose to be at the right time.

Whenever you show up late to something it shows that you have no discipline or respect for anyone else because now everyone has to wait for you to arrive instead of starting on time or possibly earlier. It is important to be on time because it shows leadership, commitment, loyalty and that you are responsible enough to be trusted without supervision. It is very important to be on time because it is crucial to the mission, my leadership, and me as a Marine.

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