Explain an in-Basket Exercise

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An in-basket exercise is a training method used for developing analytical & situational skills, a decision-making attitude and knowledge on the organizational processes. This method can be used for a variety of situations and is also an extremely practical way of learning. The participant can directly take home benefits from this activity without too much interpretation or analysis.

The expected learning outcomes of an in-basket exercise are: 1.Give an in depth understanding of organizational processes. 2.Gain an experience to take spot decisions across various functional roles.

3.Understand various managerial qualities required at different situations. 4.To train the participant to take on higher responsibility and higher roles in management. 5.Give an understanding of different functions in an organization and also the dynamics of interpersonal and inter departmental equations.

The modus operandi of conducting this exercise is:

1.Place two paper trays on an table. They could of two different colours labeled in & out. The In Tray must contain sheets of paper with different activities and questions requiring the action of the trainee.

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2.The trainee must go through each of the sheets giving his answer/solution to the mentioned problem. He must dispose sheets from the in tray to the out tray as quickly as possible taking strong managerial decisions. 3.He must write his comments and sign on each sheet and drop it in the out tray for the next appropriate action to be taken. 4.Time must be allotted before the activity begins to ensure that a real life situation is created. 5.Upon completion, the decisions must be evaluated and discussed to evaluate the understanding of the trainees.

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Explain an in-Basket Exercise

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