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Experience God’s Magnificent Artistry through the Beauty and Sustainability of Nature

We usually marvel at the beauty of landscape arts and admire artists’ artworks, but we forget who the real master is and where artists’ inspiration comes from. Although there are great portraits that have been produced over the years, nature still remains at the pinnacle of artistry and God, the Master Artist and Architect. While human arts can only visually appease us, God designed nature not just for its beauty, but also for its ability to support life. Now, let’s take a walk through nature and witness God’s powerful hand through His magnificent creations.

Sustainability of Nature

The design of nature reveals that God is truly the Grand Architect. It is a perfect system that is designed to run smoothly with or without God’s supervision. Every creature, being, element or condition has an important role to play towards the advancement of this system. Nature sustains every living and nonliving thing. It gives rise to life and takes it away to the land beyond the living.

There are no wastes in this system, just evolved forms of previous compounds.

Nature is in an equilibrium state that keeps everything in balance. It is due to this property that nature has withstood the destructive nature of humans for millennia. People come and go. Civilizations, dynasties and cultures roam the earth for a period of time and then disappear, but nature remains adamant. The only thing that is consistent is change; however nature is still impervious to change. We are dependent on nature, but nature is independent.

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It sustains itself. It does not need us, we need it.

Nature has proven beyond doubt that we cannot survive without it. Earth is the only habitable region for living things in the whole universe. The hellish conditions in other planets have rendered humans isolated in this tiny planet. However, nature has ensured that we do not miss anything. We take for granted the beauty that is in our vicinity, not knowing that nature shields us from a lot of perils that surround us.

God is Nature and Nature is God

Art and the artist can never be separated. Art is an expression of an artist’s inner being that manifests itself into something tangible. Therefore, the art and the artist are one and the same thing. In the same way, God and nature can never be separated. Nature is a reflection of God’s beauty. Look at the magnificent waterfalls or the vast water bodies or the silhouette of the night sky dotted with millions of stars or the birds in the air singing in harmony with the swaying trees.

It is hard to look at nature without feeling the presence of God. Nature connects us to God. We can learn a lot about God by just studying nature. Look at the tsunamis, hurricanes and thunder and you know He is powerful. Look at how nature never deviates from the tenets of its foundation and you realize that God is very orderly. Observe a caterpillar transform to a butterfly and you notice that with Him everything is possible. Nature is probably the easiest link to our creator. Over the years however humans have neglected this fact and have unsuccessfully searched for answers that are in their midst.

Nature is Peace

Nature offers the perfect haven for meditation. Looking for some “me-time”? Look no further than that quiet place under the tree. With that umbrella shade, cool breeze and the smooth rattling sound of leaves, you are bound to discover yourself in that serene setting. When we are one with nature, we find inner peace. We are free from bondages of urban life. Imagine being free from fears and worries. Imagine having freedom to be what you want to be and do whatever you want to be. Living your life without worrying about what people perceive of you. That is what nature offers- a peace of mind.

Accompanying peace is happiness and contentment. When the mind is blocked from earthly worries, it is open to unlimited potential. This state is only possible if we become one with nature and this is only achieved if we spend solitary time with nature. And it is through this bond with nature that God reveals Himself to us. Although He occasionally talks to us, He is always blocked by the stressful nature of our lives.

Out of Chaos Comes Order

Although nature shows its ugly face from time to time, it is only for the greater good. It is a way of preserving its purity. Nature’s disastrous overreactions come as a result of humans’ callous nature. We act only to satisfy our selfish desires, without considering the long term repercussions of our actions. It is true that those who look for trouble often find it. Nature acts harshly to punish us and keep us in line.

Nature has proved time and again that it can survive without us, but we cannot survive without it. We take for granted its hospitality, abuse its generosity by our greedy nature and even destroy it. Some places have been rendered inhabitable due to human interference. And even in this dangerous state of affairs, nature still remains beautiful.

Look at the remote lands that have not be stripped of their beauty by human civilization. Look at the tall trees, the green foliage, feel the cold breeze, smell the fresh air, listen to the birds joyfully rejoice of God’s magnificence and marvel at the large beautiful waterfalls. Ponder at the peaceful coexistence that man has with nature, the oneness and the fact that the two creations are part of a greater purpose. However, being confined in concrete jungles we call cities takes away our inner peace.

What we view as civilization is nothing, but confinement of the body, mind and soul. True freedom and peace of mind are found in the most remote areas of this earth. We have watched in national geographic the ‘uncontacted people’ in Africa, Amazon and some parts of Asia, living peacefully away from the stress of urban life. There is no greed in these societies, concept of money and business does not exist, crime is unheard of and there is communal sharing of almost everything. They rely on nature’s protection and God’s providence. And it is through this interaction of man, nature and God that has made the ‘uncontacted people’ arguably the most peaceful people on earth.


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