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Ethics in "Unbroken"

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (335 words)
Categories: Ethics
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The book ‘unbroken’ is about a man named Louis Zamperini and the hardships he faced throughout World War II. His transition into civilian life was tough and started with alcoholism and the abuse of his wife. Louis turned himself around and even tried to formally forgive the man who tortured him for two years. His hardships did not break him and he persevered through the pain, becoming a better man from the experience. Louis Zamperini is a man who faced many hardships throughout his life.

The war left him battered and broken, his transition into civilian life was one of his biggest struggles throughout the book. His alcoholism and abuse of his wife showed that war had left a permanent negative impact on him. In ‘Unbroken’ the message left behind for readers to think about is never giving up and to keep fighting even when you’re pushed to the edge.

Eventually Louis Zamperini’s life becomes happy, but before this there was a point where he and his wife were headed towards divorce and Louis’ life was headed off the deep end.

Wantanabe also known as Bird crushed Louis’ spirit and stripped him of all happiness and tortured him terribly for two years. Even through all the torture, Louis never gave away American secrets that could put the US in danger. After all of this, Louis threw away his bad habits, ditched the alcohol and followed through on the promise he made to himself that if he survived he would become a man of god.

Louis Zamperini faced many obstacles on his transition into normal life and the war left him battered and scarred. Yet his spirit and self awareness led him to living an eventual happy life with his wife. He faced the brutal torture of the Japanese and afterwards found a way to turn the page and move on with his life after.


Unbroken: A World War II Story Of Survival, Resilience, And Redemption. New York : Random House, 2010. Print. Hillenbrand, Laura.

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