Essay About Should Phones Be Allowed in School

Should cellular devices be allowed in classrooms? Phones aren’t allowed in many schools/classrooms because of the schools misunderstandings and immediate assumptions. They are thought by many to just be a device in the way of classwork, in fact phones can be helpful in many different ways. Phones are able to be used to research important facts on what’s being researched. Cell phones can also be used to get extra practice. About 41% of students have used google to answer classroom questions.

Phones can be used so parents are able to keep in touch just in case something were to happen. Parents can user tracking apps. These apps could be able to know the exact location of where they last were or where they currently are. Let’s say their child was kidnapped and they needed their location. Phones are able to be located. It would help a lot because they know where to look.

Cellular devices can be used in many beneficial ways, 75% more students feel that digital devices help them learn more effectively.

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Phones can be used to download educational learning apps. Students spent 20% of their time in class emailing on their class“` time. 94% of students want to use cellphones in school for academic purposes. Most student already use phones to take notes and answer questions.

Phones aren’t perfect devices, they can also be used as distractions like there assumed to be. They can cause bullying which can go very far. There is no extent to how far people can go to bullying or using a fake ID.

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People can use fake accounts and fake their age in order to trick younger aged children. Doing this, there are multiple ways as to tricking them, they can set up a fake picture of a younger child boy or girl, they can have no profile picture but claim to be a younger age, which could work considering the common sense and mind set kids possess during this phase of mentality.

On the other hand some people say, cellphones can increase the amount of bullying. This point of view makes sense because, people can cyberbully which is bullying someone on the internet. However, this can be easily blocked, so that cyber bullies are are no longer able to comment, message, or threaten you with negativity and make you feel uneasy about yourself. Therefor you the cyberbullies are no longer to able to harass you, cyber bullying can lead to depression and self harm, there are many ways to take out your anger, i can’t go into very descriptive detail due to it being very explicit. Many people/kids/teens end their lives because of this which is something we need to change, for example imagine being a cyber bully and the other person ended their life, you’d have to live with that for the rest of your life.

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Essay About Should Phones Be Allowed in School

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