Cell Phones In Class: Should Be Allowed In School

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In this current generation, cell phones have made an impact on our lives. Cell phones a generally used more with the younger generation, which usually leads to the use of phones during school. Phones can be used to help with educational purposes and studying. They also create a good way to communicate with others in any type of situation. Cell phones will also help prepare students for the work force, which has been developed into technology use.

Cell phones are used in the majority of careers.

The world has developed around them to make the workload easier for every day life. Students can learn how to keep an organized calendar; check and use email learn how to make calls with clients and use software programs for documents and letters. Responsibility also has a roll on this reason. The use of the phone can help remind students of upcoming event, test, and when grades are due. Some teachers are concerned about students cheating or sharing answers with another classmate through text messaging.

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This issue can be solved by simply having the student set the phone to airplane mode or just have them turn their phone in during a test and get them back after everyone has completed the exam. This makes the student responsible for getting things done on time.

Phones really help students learn and provide different ways for them to understand the class material. Phones have software that offer learning and educational app for many different subjects like math, Science, Reading and History.

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There are other applications for different uses too. Students can pull up the calculator app when they don't have a hand held calculator on hand. They can use the notes app to take notes and write down ideas for classes and extracurricular activities at any time and/or place. Some kids learn from images. The cell phone can be used to check facts for when you are writing papers, essays, or letters. Typically when writing a research paper, the instructor may ask for a presentation, which can easily be created with a phone making it accessible for the students' convenience.

Studying is a major factor in getting an education. Studying can start to get boring with just plain reading but cell phones have helped improved that problem. There are different online studying app for kids and teachers to use such as Ka hoot and Quiz Let. Ka hoot can be used with the entire class as one big study group. All the teacher has to do is project the code on their smart board or TV and let the student connect with the phone. Quiz Let has different ways for you to study like flash cards, memory game, and matching, that can be played on a students phone. Quiz Let is similar to Ka hoot with their very own quiz let live. Quiz Let live can be used with the entire class while the students get the studying on.

Some kids might have a situation going on. This makes cells phones a good form of communication. Good communication is beneficial to students, parents, and teachers. Sometimes, a child might have a need to contact home about something personal, and the student can ask to be excused to make a call. It could also be vice versa where the parent needs to get in contact with their child without making a huge scene. If the child has to be picked up for a Dr. appointment. and the parent is running late; they can contact their child to be ready when they get there. Administration can also contact the child if they need to speak with them without other kids knowing where they are going.

If student can use their phones during school, it will improve their future. Responsibility, communication, and digital educational learning will benefit the younger generation.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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