The Significance Of Phones and Why Cell Phones Should Not Be Allowed In School

Imagine sitting at launch, all by yourself. No one to talk to, and nothing to do, and cell phones are not allowed. After all, phones would help with education. Phones are not allowed at Choctaw County High School (CCHS); if students are caught on their phone, or if a phone is seen, the phone gets taken. Also the student would be written up, which means a punishment of a paddling or go to In School Detention (ISD). Students at CCHS all agree that phones should be allowed during school.

Even if it is only during breaks, lunch, and while students are switching classes. Students could use cellular devices when all the work is done. So why cell phones should not be allowed in school ?

If cell phones were allowed in school, phones would not be a school expense. Students would use phones instead of computers. The school systems would not have to buy hundreds of computers and then pay for the power to charge them.

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If schools were to allow personal cellular devices into lessons, it would help the teachers teach. Students would also be more excited about class. If schools replaced paper and other materials with digital devices it would reduce school spending greatly. Schools would not have to spend as much money on paper and students would not have to buy school supplies. School supplies could be a problem for some families that do not have a big income.

Cell phones can be used as a research tool, students could just pull a phone out when needed.

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As stated by Oxford Learning, “Using social media can keep students interested in class and encourage them to participate in the discussion”. Phones provide access to more information, instead of using textbooks which could be outdated, students could use phones as a digital textbook. As stated byPhones offer access to video learning in class. Students could put on headphones and work at their own pace.

Many students at other schools already use cellphones to learn, take notes, and answer questions. Cell phones could learning if incorporated into class. Cell Phones could encourage students to do their work. said “Most students have invested a great deal of time learning about the features of the cell phone, how to navigate and the limitations of the phone”. Using digital devices in class can be an effective way of attracting students to the course.

The negative things about Cell Phones is it easier to cheat on assignments in class. Students could hide their phone and use it for answers. Cell Phones can also encourage cyberbullying. There are many social media apps on the internet that could make cyberbullying easier. Also cell phones disconnect people from face to face activities.

Phones would help students not dread coming to school as much. Students would be more enthusiastic about school. Could Phones help with education? They could enhance education. After all, phones have some negative aspects, but the positives aspects overcome them. Therefore, should phones be allowed in school?

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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