Should Teachers Be Allowed to Carry Guns in School

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After the incident Oregon Community College, there were 994 shootings in President Barack Obama's second term (1004 days), almost every day in a public shooting. The numbers make people wonder why makes the founders believed that the right to private weapons is human rights, maybe it could be an interesting feature of the United States compared to most of the rest of the world. Especially with the gun issues in school, where suppose to be a safe place for students. There are a lot of disadvantages and advantages to gun rights as w ell as many opposite viewpoints toward this issue.

As the advantage, with the armed and well-trained teachers, they can protect their students safely if there is an emergency. Moreover, with its disadvantage, it will be dangerous for the students if the armed teachers have some mental problem and he may shoot the students when there’s a conflict. However, there’s still more disadvantages than advantages about it.

Primarily, as the solution was suggested, which is arming and training some of the teachers, have some advantages.

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First, the solution that allows teachers to be armed will give the whole school a reputation to 'stay away'. If there is a lunatic or a psycho man out there, it is unlikely for him to go to the schools with teachers that are armed strongly. So it somehow helps to prevent more emergencies, massacre, or shootings. Moreover, if teachers are trained and allowed to have firearms, they will likely prepare more carefully if an emergency occurs.

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In lockdowns, all the students hide under the table or in closet or in a corner that makes them become an easier target to the shooter. However, if the teachers are equipped, it won't be fundamental for the children to shroud that way. Next, after what occurred at Sandy Hook, several kids may feel dangerous to return back to school. If the students realize that the teachers are armed, they will more secure because they have a solution to fight back in an emergency. And that make a safe feeling for students. A teacher or administrator with a firearm can simply defend the campus and their students. Presently, in the event that the shooter , the only method the school system would respond is by shelter in place drills that students and school staffs, teachers lock their entry ways, classrooms doors and remain out of anyone’s ability to see from the hallway . In the event that the intruder bring a firearm, the main thing to block them is locked the classroom door , it can be a strong resistance to maximize the time while waiting to the police. The only way to stop a firearm is a firearm. Several guardians and directors contend that by permitting firearm n schools, students can access the guns and abuse them for many different motivations. Similarly, as teachers and students have approached to weapons, the trespasser also have access to allow them to use weapons of their choice. But the hidden firearm in the school will be put in a safe places. Moreover, teachers and school system will have to apply the strict security of using guns in the school area. Plus, the teachers and school staffs will be more responsible for that, but to defend their students and themselves, they will welcome to the new adjustment.

Secondly, many of victims’ parents and teachers shared their thoughts about the disadvantages of armed teachers in school. The shooting in Florida has aroused the heated discussions around the United States on gun issues, gun laws, and how to keep communities safe, especially ally school. Students at Stoneman Douglas High School are catalysts for the protest movement. On February 21, US President Donald Trump said that armed teachers could prevent gunshots like the tragedy of 17 people died in Florida on 14.2. He said that armed teachers can finish the attack very quickly and they do not need to wait for the police. Aaron Feis, a football coach who used his body as a shield to protect a student during the shootings at Marjory Stone Douglas. The president said that if this coach can be armed and has the firearms when he ran to the gunman, the coach was brave enough to save a lot of lives, did not doubt about it, but if he had a gun, he would not have to run, just shoot, and so is done '. US leaders are reviewing some of the laws that will increase the age of possession of certain weapons. On top of that, President Donald Trump emphasized about training and armed for about 20% of teachers or school officials - a longstanding proposal from the American Rifle Association (NRA) - despite admitting This proposal is controversial that an average attack takes about 3 minutes. Meanwhile, it took five to eight minutes for the police to arrive, and then the attack was over. If the schools have good teachers in arms, they can quickly end the attack. Some dozen states in the US have allowed guns to be brought to school campuses, but Florida is not. And after a young nineteen-year-old murderer killed seventeen people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February fourteenth, many of the students were reluctant to keep that painful torment, so they had made specific responses. Their pressing voices resounded everywhere, in television interviews, on social networks and parades on the street. After the incident, many politicians are still struggling to address the mental health and safety of students and teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas School, but some students in the school are frank and fiercely concerned about gun control rights problem. At other high schools across the country, many students participate in demonstrations of solidarity with Marjory Stoneman Douglas School. There are also many lockups to protest what they say Washington is doing nothing to protect students and teachers. However, the parents of the students who were killed in the shootings, do not think that equipping teachers with weapons is the solution. Mrs. Nicole Hockley, whose son was killed by the school shooting, told Trump that armed teachers did not end violence at school. She said that instead of equipping them with weapons, she wants the government to equip teachers with the knowledge how to prevent these behaviors from the beginning. According to her, it includes prevention and help for those with mental illness. 'The teacher has too much responsibility and does not have to take on the responsibility of shooting others,' said Mark Barden, who also had a son who died in the massacre at school. One teacher shared with Teach Plus that they are not well-trained policemen. They are not soldiers. They are the teachers who are responsible for caring for, teaching and instructing students. The majority of shootings in schools are caused by students. Please do not ask a teacher to open fire to kill a student. Nicole Hockley, the mother of a six-year-old boy who died at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, said that she personally does not do not support this. Instead of equipped weapons for teacher, they can equip teachers with the knowledge how to prevent these potentials from the beginning. The problem is not the gun, but the person behind the gun.

Finally, the armed teachers issue is still having many opposite viewpoint and discussion toward it. However, for the most part, allowing teachers to carry guns is not a good idea. It’s still a concern that American gun violence is not a war, so why is the president wanting to 'militarize school' with armed teachers. To prevent bloodthirsty man, gunshot killing simultaneously. If so, be praiseworthy. But teachers have the duty to teach and apply knowledge to students, not to shoot or kill anyone or any students. Forcing them to undertake both teaching and shooting is not a good idea and it is also hard to accomplish. Teaching quality will be reduced and their protection toward the students cannot go further. Imagine that the teacher that are teaching and keeping an eye on all the uncertainties in the same time, then, how can they focus on teaching the students? After a shooting in a Florida school on February 14, killing 17 students, parents and most Americans denounced the NRA. They argue that the law in the United States do not allow young people under the age of 21 to buy alcohol but rather allows people 18 and older to buy and own guns, which is ridiculous. And the debate that the US government have to raise the age to buy and own a gun from 21 years old or above. Touching the rights, the NRA opposes this claim. If the teacher is armed, where do they put their guns in class? There are two cases:

First, the teachers are going to carry guns on their body while teaching, and if there is a gun shooting that occurred in the classroom, the teacher promptly shot back, students may be more dangerous. During the 'fighting', in addition to the bullets of the perpetrators, students can get shot by the teacher's guns because the shooter may hide behind the students to shoot. If this happens, American schools will turn into a battleground, the most tragic scene on the planet.

Second, if the teachers do not carry a gun on his body but hide somewhere in the classroom, how do they react when the shooter appears suddenly, he can be one of the students in the classroom? School assaults happen very suddenly and in just a few minutes. It can happen in the classroom, in the library, in the dining room, in the middle of the school grounds, or in front of the school where the objective is the students. When the teachers are able to get the gun to intervene, the shooting may have ended, the students still have been harmed. A well-trained teacher can only shoot after the shooter has done. Thus, despite the shots that teachers shoot, but they could not protect the students, and could not stop the shooting. And so the safety of the school has not improved. Madman, psycho... when they get mad, they are not afraid of death, guns of teachers can not stop them. So the suggestion that arming and training or teachers to protect students of President Donald Trump is a waste of work, and lack of practical vision, just demagogues. Earlier on March 9, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed a law restricting the possession of firearms and allowing some staff in schools in the state to be armed. The new law allows for an increase in the minimum age allowed to purchase handguns from eighteen to at least twenty-one, prohibiting all homemade self-propelled weapons from being sold automatically and raising funds for mental health care. The new law also includes a clause on the school 'self-defense' program, whereby some employees working in schools will be equipped with guns to intervene and prevent in the emergency event that discharges guns.

In conclude, after a lot of school shootings constantly happened in the US, it aroused debates about the “ Arming teacher” solution that President Donald Trump suggested. There are a lot of disadvantages and advantages to this gun rights as well as many opposite viewpoints toward this issue. However, there are more disadvantages than advantages, more dangerous as well as reducing the teaching quality, and more other problems.

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