Effects of ancient civilization’s achievments Essay

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Effects of ancient civilization’s achievments

Many civilization’s achievements have had a lasting effect on both the world and the future world. Some very good examples of this are the early civilizations of Egypt Mesopotamia and the people of the Indus river valley. Through the building of pyramids by the Egyptians, the invention of the plow by the Mesopotamians and the installation of pluming systems by the people from the Indus river valley. Ancient river valley civilizations have left their mark on modern times. Society today benefits because of the achievements of those ancient river valley civilizations.

There were many civilizations that made lasting effects on the world, one of them was Egypt. The pharoses of Egypt had great pyramids built to keep them safe after they had died. These pyramids were huge triangular things that always were made out of limestone and met at point at the top. They would impact Egypt in away that were as big as them. Pyramids housed dead pharoses, there imitate family and there worldly possessions. Also in the present time the Pyramids attract tourists which mean a better economy. Over all the pyramids have had a positive impact on Egypt.

Another civilization whose achievement has impacted the world was that of Ancient Mesopotamia. Witch was where the people invented the farming plow. The plow was a great invention it could plow fields deeper and quicker than ever before. So in turn this gave Mesopotamia a food surplus. Also more food equals more trade so Mesopotamia hade more trade too. Before the industrial revolution farming was the main industry and Mesopotamia help get more food out of that industry. So Mesopotamia’s farming plow had a big impact on both the ancient past and middle past.

One more ancient civilization that had a big impact on the world because of the achievement was the people of the Indus river valley. Those great people installed a pluming system in there city. Pluming was good for the people in the Indus river valley because it helped prevent disease. Also in the future it gave way for a better system and there Ancient pluming helped it along the way. So another helpful invention was pluming systems.

So you can see how the Achievements of Ancient civilizations impact the¬†present. The Egyptians built pyramids, Mesopotamians invented the plow and people in the Indus river valley installed pluming systems. Those Ancient people might have known that these things would effect there civilization, but they probably didn’t know that they would impact future societies. Society benefits today because of yesterdays achievements

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