Dream Diary Essay

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Dream Diary

One of the dreams that I frequently experience is the one that deals with snakes. At least once a week, I tend to dream of scenarios where I attack snakes and kill them one by one. This kind of dream really bothers me because I am actually diagnosed with ophidiophobia or the fear of snakes and the idea of just being close to these animals horrifies me. Another dream which I usually encounter is the one which centers on school-related problems.

I remember last week when I dreamed about the upcoming examinations where it was being illustrated that the tests will involve complex questions and I will achieve failing marks. Due to his dream, I committed myself to a more intense study habit in order to avoid the bad ending that I have dreamed of. Lastly, I also dreamed of random events where I travel from one place to another by riding a plane or train. These dreams are usually blurred but the theme, which is to transfer from one place to another, is consistent.

By applying the lessons that I learned from school, it can be said that my dream regarding snakes can be explained using Freudian concepts where it was mentioned that the act of killing snakes symbolizes desires which I wish to accomplish in real life but are prohibited by the norms of society. It means that I unconsciously want to kill snakes in order to win over ophidiophobia, an event that is fulfilled in my dreams. Cartwright’s theory, on the other hand, explains the nature of dreaming about school-related problems by saying that dreams are our mind’s way of offering possible solutions to our numerous concerns.

While the dream about random traveling can be explained using Hobson’s theory; it was explained that dreams are side-effects of the normal activations during the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of our sleep. It suggests that dreams do not have emotional factors as determinants but are mere by-products of the brain’s complex activity. Consequently, these lessons made me realize that there is a variety of theories that offer possible explanations to dreams. However, man should only use these dream interpretations as guides and not as sole determinant of his life.

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