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How to stop pollution?

There are many problems taking place in the society today. Some of these problems can be solved easily, or can be extremely difficult to solve depending on how bad it is. Many people are ignorant and unaware of how they affect the community, both positively and negatively. They think that these problems are for the government to deal with, since they are in charge.

One main problem that is affecting the community today is pollution. Although many people are working to stop pollution, there are others who don’t even realize how harmful it is to the environment, themselves and other people and what it can do to them.

Pollution is slowly damaging our planet and is slowly killing the living things on it.

Pollution is one way of harming the earth. The harmful ways that pollution affects the community is by burning up the ozone layer, contaminates our fresh air, and shortens the life of plants, animals and humans. The ozone layer that is being burned step by step from the pollution occurring on Earth will soon get damaged and will eventually disappear.

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People now do not realize this or even think about the outcome of this problem, as they do about other unimportant things such as appearance.

A large amount of people believe that pollution is a small world problem because we do not feel the affect of it in our daily lives. They might say that pollution won’t affect them because it has been going on for so long and that there has been no turning point that caused tragedy or a major difference in peoples’ lives.

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The ignorance of people causes them to keep on doing what they are doing because they do not feel their impact in harming and damaging the Earth in any way.

Pollution is affecting the Earth and our community in many ways that might not be noticed. First, the layer that surrounds the earth and protects the living organisms from the sun’s dangerous rays will disappear more rapidly overtime. This will cause living things to be burned from all the heat that will enter the Earth. Second, pollution can kill or hurt animals because objects such as plastic wraps can be eaten by animals like birds that choke on it and may die. When air pollutants mix with the water droplets from rain, it forms acid rain. When acid rain falls down on the plants, the plants’ surfaces become toxic and acidic. Humans and animals eat these plants, and if they are toxic then it will cause illnesses and sicknesses which will eventually lead to death. When acid rain soaks into the ground, it can make the soil an unhealthy environment for many living things.

Pollution not only affects humans, but also plants, animals and other living creatures on Earth. All plants need carbon dioxide in order to strengthen and grow. Humans, animals and other living things need the plants for oxygen and food. If the air is contaminated by pollution, then the plants cannot receive fresh carbon dioxide and will as a result not be able to produce the clean oxygen for humans to breathe or food to eat. If no food is produced for the humans and animals, then this will lead to a shortage in population because of hunger. Also, if humans cannot breathe clean oxygen, then they will eventually die.

According to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s studies, pollution affects our physical health. It causes respiratory infections like pneumonia, bronchitis, lung cancer, heart disease and damages to other organs in the body like the brain, nerves, liver, and kidneys. Pollution also affects the lungs of growing children and may worsen medical conditions of the elderly and of individuals with asthma and emphysema. Therefore, pollution doesn’t directly kill us. However, it creates long-term sicknesses which will eventually lead to the death of humans.

In conclusion, pollution affects the community negatively by burning up the ozone layer, contaminates our fresh air, and shortens the life of plants, animals and humans. People and the government in this community should work together and try to solve this problem and other community problems in order to make this society and planet a safe and good place to live. We must first try to solve this problem as a community then reinforce it in other societies all around the world. If this problem is not solved, there might not even be an Earth in the future to live on.

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