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People learn differently so it is important that you become aware of how you prefer to learn. Your preferred style of learning may be different from the way your courses are taught but that doesn’t you don’t have the option to learn. You might have problems with paying attention or listening but there are ways to get around that and grow out of it. There are three different learning styles, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, The Vark Learning Styles Inventory, and Multiple Intelligence. As you continue to read you will see the results of my learning Styles and which method I find superior.

VARK Analysis Paper: A Guide to Learning Styles
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Pages • 5
Learning Style SummaryUpon using the VARK questionnaire, my scores indicated that I am a multimodal learner: Visual 13, Aural 11, Read/Write 15, Kinesthetic 12. This indicates that I do not have a specific learning style that stands out from the others. Multimodal learners tend to use a combination of modalities based on what is being taught. (VARK Multimodal Strategies, 2015) Preferred Learning Strategies Compared to the Identified Strategies of Preferred Learning Style Learning styles can be very different for each…...
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Discover Your Learning Style
Words • 927
Pages • 4
Have you ever thought about what your learning style is? Each person may have their own different learning style and it can be categorized into 3 kinds of styles which are visual, auditory and physical. Actually, before I was tested by the VAK Learning Style Indicators, I expected what kind of learning I am because I have clearly had a tendency toward the visual learning style since I was young. As I expected, the test result showed that I am…...
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Learning Style and Higher Education
Words • 1647
Pages • 7
The discussions and research about the term “learning style” at the higher education level are controversial and this has led to its use being elusive. Although many academics accept that it can be beneficial to the teaching/ learning process, they generally support its use in the lower levels of education such as in Primary and secondary schools. However, more recently, there has been a growing body of research on adult learners that suggests that increased learning gains can be achieved…...
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What Is My Learning Style?
Words • 581
Pages • 3
Introduction I will explain my methods of learning that I use in studying by providing advantages and disadvantages. The way one analyses and retains information that’s what makes one unique. That is why people prefer to learn in different modes. The learning methods affect understanding, how is problem begins solved, group interaction, and how one socialize with others. In this personal essay, I will discuss the results I got, how I learn to my best capability, and how I will…...
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Detecting Learning Style and Knowledge Level
Words • 1259
Pages • 6
Abstract In the past years building an adaptive e-learning environment was an attractive point to all research, and Nowadays this point has been tremendously developed to include not only adaptive e-learning environment but also it will be depending on the intellectual dexterity and learning style of the learner as the course presentation will no longer be static but it will be established on the LS (learning style) of the learner. Many types of research have presented solutions for building an…...
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Different Learning Styles and Managing Your Responsibilities
Words • 443
Pages • 2
Learning styles have a great impact on our life and research shows that different learning styles use different parts of our brain. Learning is a complex concept and as everyone has a different mindset, so the methods to learn also differ and every human being falls into one or more of these categories. There are several learning styles but mainly they are summarized into three which are visual, auditory, and tactile. Visual- In this learning method, people mostly use pictures…...
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Auditory Learning Style
Words • 607
Pages • 3
Individual differences establish the well-acknowledged concept of the variety of learning styles exhibited by learners. This means that learners are likely to learn differently according to their fortes and preferences. The ability to learn by using one’s auditory capabilities is one learning styles. Students who are more likely to learn through auditory learning styles focus on the things that they hear. Information that they obtain through auditory sounds is more likely to register within their minds, allowing the retention of…...
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The VARK Analysis
Words • 816
Pages • 4
The VARK (visual, aural, read/write, kinesthetic) survey is a guide to finding out designs, an evaluation of how one discovers finest. It was created by Neil Fleming in 1987. It is a sixteen question evaluation that supplies those who take it with a specific profile of their knowing design or styles consisting of a score. There are four scores that can provide a person approximately 5 study strategies: multimodal, visual, aural, read/write, and kinesthetic. (Fleming, 2011 FAQs (Frequently Asked Concerns)).…...
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Never Too Late To Learn
Words • 1701
Pages • 7
There’s an old saying: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Well, most of the time, whenever I’ve heard it, the one saying it has been an older person who’s trying to explain why they can’t, or rather, won’t learn something new. However, I learned a long time ago that you never stop learning, and it’s never too late to learn something new. You just have to want to learn. This lesson was taught to me by my great-grandmother,…...
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Differences between BICS and CALP
Words • 652
Pages • 3
BICS and CALP are unique in its particular style of learning, each one adaptable according to the availability of resources with a particular student. A view can be held that BICS are easily learnt via interaction with people in society, at home, and through media. The accuracy of learning is not accounted of unless an individual is passed through the channel of CALP. CALP brings out the best caliber among students and prepares efficient individuals as it is a whole…...
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Analysis of VARK
Words • 558
Pages • 3
In order for students to maximize their learning experience is important to be aware of their preferred learning style. A great tool that is used to determine the learning style preferences is the VARK (, audio, reading / writing, visual kinesthetic) questionnaire. Assessing VARK learning style was developed by Neil Fleming in 1987. The questionnaire consists of 16 questions with multiple response options. Respondents are allowed to skip a question or multiple choice response options if necessary (Barman, Jaafar, and…...
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How do I Learn Best?
Words • 871
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Simply defined, your learning style is the way you tend to learn best. Learning styles do not gauge a person's abilities or intelligence, but they can explain why some tasks may seem easier than others. According to the VARK system, five learning styles exist: visual learning style, auditory learning style, reading and writing learning style, kinesthetic learning style and multimodal learning style. Visual learners use graphic presentations like charts, diagrams, and graphs to understand information. Aural learners rely on discussions,…...
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Learning Styles Theory
Words • 2617
Pages • 11
Knowing designs theory came from the 1970's and is based around the concept that individuals have preferences about how they like to learn. Theorists believe that each individual has a specific learning design that is finest matched to them and allows them to gather and process info effectively in order to find out. The concept idea is that these discovering design vary from one person to the next and theorists argue that school instructors ought to incorporate these discovering styles…...
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The Reggio Emilia Approach
Words • 1180
Pages • 5
Started by parents in 1945, Reggio Emilia was as an alternative to the strait-laced, church-monopolized institutions that dominated Italian early education at the time. Amidst the rubble of post-World War II Italy, the community raised from almost nothing, preschools that would far exceed the custodial services appropriated by the Mussolini’s government. News of the experiment spread and Reggio schools were popping up in disadvantaged wards of the city. A young teacher, Loris Malaguzzi, was to provide leadership to the movement,…...
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Defining Psychological Type

Myers Briggs Type Indicator is a self-analyzing questionnaire with the purpose of specifying different inner biases in how people understand the world around them and make decisions. There are no good or bad or right or wrong answers. When you complete the MBTI the score represents your psychological type on four different scales. Extravert Versus Introvert – The first scale. It is how some people are expressive and comfortable with their surroundings versus someone who is more observed and comfortable alone. According to the MBTI I have no predisposition of extraversion over introversion. This means that my intake is 1%. The second scale is Sensing Versus Intuitive. This is what you would use to receive and process new information by using your five senses or your gut feeling. I have an average preference of intuition over sensing. A 38% preference. The third scale would be Thinking Versus Feeling, One who makes decisions based off data or facts versus one who uses personal values such as likes or dislikes. I have a minor preference of feeling over thinking(9%). I base my decisions based off of personal values. The fourth scale would be Judging Versus Perceiving. When you judge versus perceive you are a person who approaches the outside world by making decisions and judging whereas a perceiver would observe and perceive. I am said to be one who has an average of judging over perceiving(44%). I am a person who is quick to say what I feel about a situation without any factual data.

Vark Learning Styles Inventory

The Vark Learning Styles Inventory is a 16 item questionnaire that focuses on how learners prefer to use their senses to learn. The letters stand for. Visual, Aural, Read/Write, and kinesthetic. My Visual Score was 13, Aural 15, Read/Write 14, and kinesthetic 12. According to VARK I have a Multimodal Learning preference meaning that I am a person who needs to have the same material presented in several of my modes in order to really learn it . This makes me different because others can effectively learn using any single one of their multiple preferences.

The theory of Multiple Intelligence separates human intelligence into specific modalities, rather than seeing intelligence as being directed by a single general ability. The theory of Multiple Intelligence suggests that we excel with different types of intelligence. My top three Intelligence would be that I am Musical, Logical, and Kinesthetic. My musical intelligence is very strong. Music is my number one way of learning. I have songs going through my head so I can memorize things that are not easy to comprehend. I am an auditory learner. Logical/Mathematical is when you process information through logic and reason. These people are attracted to an investigation by scientific method. They are observers and reach a verifiable core. Their minds work like computers. And last but not least Kinesthetic, learn through movement and experimentation. These people are energetic. They enjoy artistic movements such as dance or any other creative movements. They also enjoy acting or performing in front of an audience. They like to build and figure out how things work. Hands-on type of people and well – coordinated individuals.

Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Style

My superior choice would be Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Learning style because I feel that this test was the only test that really spoke the truth about me and it was like it was reading me back to me. This test had a lot of accurate information pertaining to me based off my results whereas the others I felt like they were giving me false feedback.

FAQ about Different Learning Styles

What Is My Learning Style?
...In conclusion, I see all the students are different in gender, social status, and rivalry and mostly how they learn information and how they think about it. I need to concentrate on my concepts of learning and how I will build my education. The detai...
How do I Learn Best?
...Every individual learns differently. It is important to know which style suits you. It may take time and effort on the learner’s part to conclude which style aids in their learning best but once known, your strategy of learning will empower you wit...

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