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Have you ever thought about what your learning style is? Each person may have their own different learning style and it can be categorized into 3 kinds of styles which are visual, auditory and physical. Actually, before I was tested by the VAK Learning Style Indicators, I expected what kind of learning I am because I have clearly had a tendency toward the visual learning style since I was young. As I expected, the test result showed that I am a totally visual learner.

I think it is very important for students to know what kind of learner they are. We need to know about it so I am going to talk about how I learned at school and home, what the hardest and easiest tasks are for me and how I can succeed at university.

When I learn something from school and home, I usually focus on visible things that I can watch or read. For example, in school, I always prefer to sit in front of a teacher and try to keen eye contact because it is easy to pay attention to the teacher’s lecture or visual things such as a PPT or a video.

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Another key of my learning style is taking notes. It is a very important thing for me. When I watch a lecture, I always take notes with highlighters, circling words and underlining. Even if subjects are hard to understand or confusing, once I make notes in my own style I can easily comprehend and remember.

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It is very effective for me.

In my home, I have learned a lot of things by watching my family. For example, last year, my older sister delivered a daughter and I learned how to take care of a baby. Before I had a niece, I did not know how to make powdered milk and change diapers but now I can do those things without anyone’s help. I learned those things just by watching my sister.

As a visual learner, there are some hardest and easiest tasks for me. Seeking directions without a map is a difficult task for me. I was lost on some unfamiliar street so I asked someone how to find a subway station and then he just explained with only spoken directions but I found not find it. I asked to him again if he could draw a rough map and he gave that to me. Finally, I could easily get there. Another hard task for me is listening. When some people explain to me something academic without visual things, sometimes, it is hard to understand what they say. If they use a textbook or materials, it is the best way to understand them. On the other hand, there are some easiest tasks for me. I am good a test. When I receive a test paper, I always carefully read and look at it to understand what the questions are. In addition, most test questions are from a textbook and I always focus on a textbook so I can get high marks from most tests as a visual learner. Another thing is memorizing peoples’ faces. Even if I do not remember their names, I never forget their faces. I think it is a great help to work at Seoul restaurant. When I recognize some customers who have come to our restaurant at least once they also feel satisfied. I hope it will be helpful to my job in the future.

After I graduate from CLLC, I am planning to go to Saint Mary’s University. Of course, if I enter university, I will experience some difficulties which can involve the problem of study or friendship. As an international student, it may require more effort than other national students but I will not give up anything. I exactly know what my learning style is and how to use it very well and I will keep my own learning style including sitting in front of a teacher, tang my own notes, focusing on textbooks, and keeping high marks. In addition, I will make up for my poor listening skills and try to intently listen to other people. I think it is a very important thing between me and my peers. Even though I am a kind of shy person, if I cannot understand what other people say, I will ask them if they can explain to me again in a polite way and I will try to remember other peoples’ names as well. It may be good for my friendships. I believe if I use my learning style very well at university, there will be no difficulty and problem.

In conclusion, I wondered why there are some honor students and slow students in the same classes. We learn the same things from the same subjects and lectures. I think this is because most slow students do not know what kind of learner they are and how to use their learning styles. This problem is not about how smart we are. Most students may have some difficulties when they learn something because they do not know how to study and make their own learning style. We need to know what kind of learning style is suitable for ourselves. I would not say what kind of learner is the best because each person has their own different personality and style so all kinds of learning styles can be the best way to learn something. I think the most important point is finding our own learning style and using that very well in our lives.

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