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What Is My Learning Style

Categories Different Learning Styles, Learning, My Learning Style

Essay, Pages 3 (584 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (584 words)


I will explain my methods of learning that I use in studying by providing advantages and disadvantages. The way one analyses and retains information that’s what makes one unique. That is why people prefer to learn in different modes. The learning methods affect understanding, how is problem begins solved, group interaction, and how one socialize with others. In this personal essay, I will discuss the results I got, how I learn to my best capability, and how I will modify my study techniques to fit my learning styles.

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I scored a strong 11 in active learning by retaining and understanding the information on mostly involving myself in group work to discuss and explain to others about particular details. I am best at involving myself in group work for one gains new ideas and solving problems together. I will modify my active learning by studying in a group that the members take turns explaining different topics to each other. Active learning also boosts problem-solving skills and improves critical thinking.

Also learning through trying new things. I scored a strong 9 in sensing learning by liking to memorize facts. I like to have a piece of information with facts, more careful and practical. Often I like solving problems with better methods and hate complications and surprises. I tend to be patient with the information and also memorize the facts. I hate to do a course which has no association with the real world. I will modify by understanding and remembering details that may connect with real-life if it has no connection I will ask teachers and friends or even find examples of concepts so that I may find out how the idea may apply in practice.

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I scored a strong 9 in visual learning by remembering what I see with my eyes either real or hard copy. I have an easy time when I see pictures, films, charts, diagrams, and timelines to get the information or to learn. I will modify by trying to find more sketches, photographs, flow charts, or other visual resources available. I may also highlight the main points by enclosing them with the circles, line drawing or bullets, and even color code with a highlighter in the same color. I scored a mild 5 in sequential learning by gaining understanding in successive steps and follow it step by step and looking at the previous, but I grip all the information without choosing or analyzing. Sometimes I do not understand the data entirely, but I can do something with the little pieces I captivated and are associated with. I also may know a bit of specific information but hard to relate them to different situations of another subject. I will modify by having an instructor who skips around from topic to topic, and if I do not understand, I fill in the skipped steps by consulting other references. I will also take time when I read to gasp materials in a reasoning order and try to relate to new topics.

In conclusion, I see all the students are different in gender, social status, and rivalry and mostly how they learn information and how they think about it. I need to concentrate on my concepts of learning and how I will build my education. The detail begins taught should be made interesting so that the students may remember it. The learning process promotes progressive knowledge and skill development. How one perceives and processes information may be affected by one’s genetic makeup and personality.

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