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Descriptive Analysis of Housing Critical Incidents
Words • 3007
Pages • 11
Universities face a variety of crisis management problems by virtue of the fact that many of them function much like their own little city, from having meeting spaces and residential areas to community leadership and a police force. With on campus populations often in the thousands and total enrollments even higher, it is inevitable that student will be involved in one of these crisis situations. When that happens, the university carries a duty to ensure that the student is healthy,…...
Descriptive WritingHousing
Tips for Descriptive Writing
Words • 771
Pages • 3
Description is one of many fundamental tool for the development of an essay; therefore, writers as well as students gain the ability to expand their analysis to articulate how the author writes, rather than what they actually wrote. Technique to evoke an emotion on the reader or audience. Also, students would be able to analyze the strategies the author uses to achieve his or her goal or and purpose of their writing piece. For example, identifying the author's thesis, main…...
Descriptive Writing
Descriptive Writing Task
Words • 888
Pages • 4
Abandoned, dusty and ancient are my only words to describe the house. As I stood by the very rusty gate covered in withered leaves. There it was by my grandmother's house very old and fragile. Just like her. It went up for sale so quickly; I barely got a chance for a last look around. The rocking chair was immaculate, just how Grandma Betty liked it, as the strong wind blew the dead, dry brown leaves, across the cracked pathway…...
Descriptive Writing
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Descriptive writing- in a graveyard 
Words • 481
Pages • 2
Paper Type:Descriptive essays
At first they had been glad to find shelter in an old church, but now, as they walked slowly down the aisle they began to feel afraid. As it was spooky, dark and gloomy, old-fashioned and plain, unlike other churches they knew of it did not have colorful stained glass windows, a happy, bright atmosphere just an empty, sad sort of place with an overall feeling of being deserted with not a single person in sight for miles. which gave…...
Descriptive Writing
Descriptive Writing on Theme of Lonely Place
Words • 1540
Pages • 6
Paper Type:Descriptive essays
Here I am in the car on the way to my cousin's house. I am all alone as I drive along a narrow country road. It is my first visit because she has just recently moved there. The journey is really freaky and petrifying because it is nighttime and the only thing that gives out light is my headlights. As I am driving I can only see straight in front of me. I am surrounded by huge trees, which look…...
Descriptive Writing
They Say, I Say
Words • 385
Pages • 2
In the preface and introduction of the book: “They Say, I Say”, Graff and Birkenstein contend that well written argumentative writing should emphasize on hearing and responding rather than making claims. Based on the suggestions given by students, the revised 2nd edition of the book includes more chapters and features to give students a better understanding of academic writing. It is a general argument among the experienced instructors that good writing requires reaction with another’s arguments. The objective of the…...
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The happy couple – descriptive writing
Words • 406
Pages • 2
Paper Type:Descriptive essays
The lights were dimmed that the room gave off a vibe of relaxation and compassion. Burgundy silk curtains draped around the tall glass windows at the restaurant wall with a certain pattern to each. The young couple sat at the round table closets to closed window curtain. The table cloth was silk and the chairs was an old Victorian theme, swirls and designs engraved in its ivory wood. The couple stared into each other's emerald eyes and gave each other…...
Descriptive WritingOctopus
How to Write Descriptions?
Words • 384
Pages • 2
Paper Type:Descriptive essays
Writers in the workplace frequently have to describe things--objects, mechanisms, and spaces. Descriptions of things have several purposes: to enable readers to understand how something works, how it is made or what materials it contains, or to understand how to put something together, take it apart, repair it, etc. Choosing a subject Choose an object, mechanical device, or space with at least four distinct parts. The thing you describe can be any manufactured product, preferably one that you use often…...
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Descriptive Writing: Favourite food ?
Words • 316
Pages • 2
I would have to say that my favorite food so far would have to be my Auntie Bettina’s boiled potatoes. The texture of the boiled potatoes is so smooth and soft that it might be considered a new different state of matter by some scientists. Her potatoes are a sequence of many hours of trial and error. With so much excessive effort being put into these potatoes, the result has always been a bowl of heavenly delicious Carbohydrates. Of course…...
Descriptive WritingFood
The Chase-An Example of Descriptive Writing
Words • 1629
Pages • 6
Paper Type:Descriptive essays
My wrists started to ache terribly as I trudged along the hard concrete road. Usually, when I took this route home, I passed all sorts of strange looking people. Where we lived, was an odd place, the people there were very friendly, but sometimes too friendly, getting in the way of your private life, asking personal questions that you didn’t really know how to answer. But on this particular night, a humid night at that, there was absolutely no sound…...
Descriptive Writing
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How to Write Descriptions?
...* punctuate correctly As always, work diligently to choose the most specific, precise word to stated exactly what you mean. Submitting the assignment Include a cover memo, a sample of your model text, your paper, and a double-spaced copy. See Assignm...

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