Descriptive Writing on Theme of Lonely Place

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Here I am in the car on the way to my cousin’s house. I am all alone as I drive along a narrow country road. It is my first visit because she has just recently moved there. The journey is really freaky and petrifying because it is nighttime and the only thing that gives out light is my headlights. As I am driving I can only see straight in front of me. I am surrounded by huge trees, which look like zombies that are about to grab me.

Thankfully I am nearly there. I only have a few miles to go before this journey of horror ends.

As I approach the house, I become frantic with uncertainty because I hope I am in the right place as I have followed the directions my cousin has given me. I am now also unsure as to whether I have the right date and that my cousin is expecting me. I am thinking of using my mobile phone to call my cousin, but then I change my mind.

The house is in complete darkness and I am wishing I had not made this trip. On ringing the doorbell I feel so relieved when someone comes to open the door. My cousin greets me inside. I am so delighted to see her after such a long time. Her presence alone seems to take away the scariness of the house, but it does not last for very long.

My cousin and I have supper together.

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After the meal my cousin and I hear a really eerie sound so we decide to take a tour of the house to discover where the noise is coming from. It seems creepy to me because it is really grand, each of the countless rooms in this house has high ceilings, and the rooms are large and look as if they are deserted. I also notice that the house has long, empty corridors. We pause when we get to the bathroom I pay attention to the howling sound, which echoes and booms across the corridor. I am panicking with fear. The lights are so badly lit it makes the house seem secluded. The stairs creak so loudly that it is like an old bridge over a muddy swamp with smoke rising from it.

We return to the lounge after a complete exploration of the house. It took a long time to tour the whole house. My cousin and I are in the lounge and then she suggests that she takes me straight up to my bedroom because I am so exhausted. I hear so many ghostly sounds that sleep escapes me because I fear that there is a ghostly presence nearby. I get up to take a look outside the window. I see a lake. I notice that it is as still as a cold winter’s night in a graveyard. I go to the front of the house, to open the front door and go outside because I want to take a closer look at the lake. I smell the clean fresh air.

There is no other house in sight; just this one so the place seems so haunted that it reminds me of an old house in a horror film. I see a huge solitary tree in front of the house; near the lake. It looks as old as time itself. There is an owl perched on one of its old branches, which seems to be staring directly at me and I am feeling quite fearful now. I turn my head to look at the lake; Ii reminds me of another lake that looked as still and calm as the one when my sister drowned a long time ago.

That all started when I was playing outside with my sister one evening and I was chasing her near the lake. At that time she was not looking where she was running because she kept turning back to see if I was still there, she ran onto the frozen lake. The frozen ice cracked and formed a spider’s web around her. The ice started breaking up into large fragments and she was sucked into the icy depths of the lake. I panicked. I realised I could not do anything to help her. She had disappeared, as I could no longer see her. I was calling for help and I was calling her name at the same time but she was not responding. I knew it was too late to save her.

It occurred to me that this was such a tragic moment and the memory of that awful night still made me shiver. I was crying my eyes out because every time I close my eyes I see the happy, smiley face, I used to know. I am missing her and I wish I were not playing with her outside that night. The image of the innocent little girl whom I am thinking of right now was one that I would never forget.

The following evening after dinner I go to my room hoping to have an early night. As I walk along the corridor, it seems totally empty because the walls are bare and there are plain, wooden floors. I hear a strange noise coming from a room at the top of the stairs. I go to investigate where the noise is coming from. I discover that the noise is coming from the room next door. The door is creaking

In my room, there is a king size bed, the furniture and the portraits which are hanging up on the wall. There is nothing else in the room to add to the feeling of loneliness that I get every time I am in my room. This is the gloomiest room in the whole house. I get ready for bed. I try to sleep but the noises disturb me. Eventually I fall asleep but I am still very restless. In between my restlessness I doze off to sleep but my dreams are surreal. It feels as if my body belongs to someone else. It feels as if I’m running through the forest. I can feel my bare feet touching the earth. I feel afraid, but I realise that my imagination is running wild.

Later that evening I find that the room started to light up to a dim area with catacombs surrounding me. I wake up panting, for a split second. I wonder if someone is there. I suddenly realise it is my cousin. She has come to see why I am so restless, as she could hear me from her room because her door was open and my door was open too.

My cousin and I are walking in the corridor as she is taking me downstairs. I become aware of the ghostly shadows, which are being cast on the wall by my candle. Moments later I find myself in the basement of the house. This is the only place I have not seen in this house yet. It is so gloomy and it is cold that I am shaking. There are so many things in the basement and it is so dull I start imagining things again. The atmosphere is making me shiver. I am told that nobody likes to come inside this cellar, not even my cousin. I think I just want to run away and escape this nightmare.

My cousin and I go back upstairs; on our way we see more of our eerie shadows. The coats, which are hanging up on the coat hanger, look like there people standing in front of us. They look as if they are ready to attack us. My cousins favourite chest drawer was left open and I think it is opening wider and something is coming out of it, I think it is something spectacular.

My cousin and I are so scared we run out, there is a mirror in the corridor, and we see our reflections. My cousin let out a blood- curdling scream at the sight of her own reflection. I scream with fright, not knowing the reason why. Maybe she saw a ghost; I look around to see if there is anything. I am so terrified. I do not know what to do and where to go. I see a door of one of the innumerable rooms I think of going in there, to try and escape my fear, but even though I want to go in there I am scared because I might just frighten myself more than I already have.

My cousin and I decide to go back downstairs. We are still shocked by then event that has just occurred. We walk downstairs slowly as if we are zombies. I want to go to my bedroom and get a good nights rest, but I wonder if I will be able to sleep, as I am so scared after tonight’s happening. Now, I realise that there is nothing in this house to be scared it is only my imagination that is playing havoc with my mind. I sit down and enjoy a relaxing cup of tea. I am so glad I will be going home tomorrow, as it will be the end of a nightmare.

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