Descriptive Writing: Favourite food ?

I would have to say that my favorite food so far would have to be my Auntie Bettina’s boiled potatoes. The texture of the boiled potatoes is so smooth and soft that it might be considered a new different state of matter by some scientists. Her potatoes are a sequence of many hours of trial and error. With so much excessive effort being put into these potatoes, the result has always been a bowl of heavenly delicious Carbohydrates. Of course there is a catch these potatoes are only made monthly.

That day happens to be the 21st of every month and within a few moments the bowl is filled with boiled potatoes and the bowl is scraped down to its last potato molecule. The chances of being able to get a second plateful of boiled potatoes are similar to the chances of a hippopotamus learning to speak three different languages.

I’m pretty sure my aunt could rule the world if she wanted to globalize her production of boiled potatoes.

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However I don’t think she would want too because that might cause an all-out global war in an attempt to capture the last portion of boiled potatoes before the ingredients are finished. The march for the last particle of boiled potatoes might in fact lead to the 3rd world war. In conclusion these boiled potatoes aren’t just a piece of slop that is slapped in a huge bowl. The boiled potatoes from my aunt are made with more care than that of the Egyptian pyramids.

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They are perfectly made to entice your taste buds and leaving you wondering how something could be so perfect, could be created on this planet. Many wonder what happened to their plate of boiled potatoes, often realizing moments later that they consumed it so fast. That it was nearly impossible for them to see what exactly they ate.

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