Taste of My Favourite Food Burger

Why are cheese burgers delicious? I’m pretty sure many people have also asked themselves this question. Might the melted cheese be the reason why? Might it be because of our taste buds? Some people might argue that cheese burgers are bad for us because they are known as unhealthy food. “Life is too short to miss out on the beautiful things like a cheeseburger. ”- Channing Tatum I personally believe cheese burgers are the best because they taste so delicious, making other food such as a burrito taste like nothing.

Eating cheese burgers every day isn’t anything bad, you’ll be surprised why. Cheese burger tastes good whenever someone feels hungry. When I was fourteen I remembered that my friends used to say, “The most popular food on the menu would always be the cheeseburger, hands down. ” As soon as I go in McDonalds or any restaurant where they have cheese burgers, I could already smell it and taste it in my mouth.

The buns are so soft, followed by the cheese and the meat. Since I was a little kid, I had a passion for cheese burgers.

It was the best food any kid out there would love to taste. As soon as I take a big bite of it, I forget about every problem or issues that are happening outside the real world and focus my full attention only on my cheese burger. I also forget and exclude everyone around me and imagine myself in cheese burger land.

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Whenever I’m sad or feel down for some reason, the best thing to do would be to eat a yummy and delicious cheese burger. I guarantee it’ll make you happy and feel much better. It always makes me happy, that’s for sure.

Cheese burgers taste better than burritos because it doesn’t make you go to the bathroom half an hour later. I ate a burrito once and it tasted nasty. The tortilla around it had no taste what-so-ever and the ingredients inside it were disgusting. My taste buds were sending disgusting messages to my brain. The smell was just so weird. Unlike cheese burgers, burritos made me sick the next day, causing a lot of vomiting. So therefore, it made me dislike burritos a lot. I decided to just stick myself to cheese burgers, making it the best food with the best taste.

Burritos will never taste better than cheeseburger that’s for sure. The fries that come along with the burger makes it even tastier and yummy than it already is. Cheese burgers should be eaten every day because if you’re angry or feel frustrated with anything in life and it happens every day, having a cheeseburger will make your stomach happy; making you happy. Also, if someone barely has money to buy food and make at home, going for a cheese burger would be the best decision someone could ever make because you won’t have to worry about washing dishes nor preparing food.

You would save a certain amount of money if you decide to eat cheese burgers every day. They cost like four dollars, saving you tons of money in grocery. It would probably make me a little sick eating it every day but, I’ll always remember to drink something healthy along with it. According to McDonalds, it is stated that “Cheese burgers carry 40% carbs, 40% fats, and 20% protein. ” It doesn’t sound that bad if you have a healthy drink in the side. I believe cheeseburgers would always be a kid’s favorite meal.

I agree, even though I’m an adult already, I still believe that cheese burgers have that delicious taste and flavor that would make anyone’s stomach happy after a long day of work. I know this by seeing the expressions that people make when I’m ordering my cheese burger. Overall, I don’t think there will be any other fast food that would taste as great as a cheese burger. It’s just hard to believe that something in the future will overcome it. Therefore, I believe my favorite food is the best food ever made.

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Taste of My Favourite Food Burger
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