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Countryside Essay Examples

Essay on Countryside

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Bohol Countryside Package tour

The night before Aluya's wedding, Agoro kidnapped Aluya. Seeing a giant, Aluya screamed, kicked and cried, but to no avail. Arogo was successful in abducting Aluya. In the giant's cave, Arogo tried to give Aluya food and water but the girl kept on crying. Her sadness reached her heart that she died with tears in her eyes. Arogo buried her and kept his vigil. He cried for days and months. Giant tea...

Living in Rural Area is better than living in Urban Area

Life in the countryside is also fun and enjoyable. Fishing enthusiasts can go fishing in the river and spend their entire day there. Besides, people in the village may have picnics by a waterfall or just relax themselves beneath a shady tree. They can enjoy leisure in life and do not need to spend a lot of money because life is simple and the cost of living is low. Some village folks only spend ve...

Living in cities or in countryside

Thirdly, the cost of living in the countryside is lower than that in cities. People in the countryside can produce their own food, e.g. vegetables, fruits, fishes, meat and so on. I understand that working in the countryside does not earn as much money as working in large cities. However, people in the countryside do not have to waste money on unnecessary things. Finally, country life is easier th...

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Advantages of Living in a Village

Another point is ‎that high cost of living in cities compels the people to face too much stress.‎ Last but not least, villages offer a relaxed and joyful atmosphere which most urban people are ‎deprived of. Rural lifestyle is a reflection of living in nature. The beauty of the nature Is ‎completely visible in villages. In addition, the people who live in villages participate in local ‎fe...

Living in the Countryside is better than the City

On top of that, there is apparently less mega shopping malls, cinemas and high-class restaurants or café in the countryside as you will find plenty of these in the urban cities. When there is no enjoyment of luxury lifestyle in the countryside, your cost of living will be absolutely much lower than living in the city. Everyone has different preferences to choose where they want to live based on t...

Countryside Hotel Assessment Report

Facilities The Countryside hotel offers a satisfying range of facilities. There are 3 different saunas such as infra-red, dry and wet. Swimming pool is middle size but it should be more than enough for our team building relaxing and sports time. Employees can use huge gym included in the price of accommodation. Furthermore, if we pay special price, which is not that different form normal, about 5%...

Countryside v.sCity Life

Entertainment of the nightlife including casinos, clubs, hotels, recreation and shopping centers, gyms, fashion centers, contributes to the liveliness of a city, which we are hardly find in the countryside. In conclusion, both countryside and city has their own values. Therefore, people can choose living in the countryside or in the city depending on their most needs. For me, each person only has ...

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