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Countryside Hotel Assessment Report

The purpose of this report is to assess the suitability of Countryside Hotel as a possible future accommodation for employees, so that top management can organize a team building weekend. Report contains things such as accessibility, facilities, room service and so on.

Location and access Countryside Hotel is located in nice quite area suitable for relaxed weekends or in our case for team building weekends. Place is surrounded with nature and small village which is well known in this area because of best view of the city.

However, It is just 8 km from city center and brand new road is in between so there is no problem with access. It is easy accessible with public transport as well. In contrast, some of employees with private car might complain because of missing parking spaces so they will be forced to find other solution.

Facilities The Countryside hotel offers a satisfying range of facilities. There are 3 different saunas such as infra-red, dry and wet.

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Swimming pool is middle size but it should be more than enough for our team building relaxing and sports time. Employees can use huge gym included in the price of accommodation. Furthermore, if we pay special price, which is not that different form normal, about 5% more, gym users can eat as much as they can at every time they want.

Room service Although, hotel offers just rooms with 3 beds, they are comfortable and have nice and big bathrooms. If you pay special price you can order food to your room at whatever time excluding night form 12 utill 6 in the morning.

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In addition, people can order massages in the room and price is reduced for big groups such as ours.

Conclusion To sum up, there are couple of things which are missing in this hotel but it seems to be satisfying for our company’s needs. I would recommend choosing this hotel because of very nice and polite staff and all other activities which can be useful after strenuous team building trainings and generally to, let’s say, reward our hard-working employees.

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Countryside Hotel Assessment Report

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