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THE DISHONEST FACE OF CONSUMERISM A statistic illustrates that in 1950, there is one car for every fifty people but in 2009, there are more than one car for every twelve people in America. This example demonstrates the increasing effect of consumerism by the end of the 20th century. According to Cambridge Dictionary, consumerism is the situation in which too much attention is given to buying andowning things. In the light of this definition, it can be concluded that consumerism…...

Advertising aimed at children

Nowadays, in the developed countries, the need for regulation of advertising aimed at children is generally acknowledged. And that happens because children are a very specific target group with special features due to young age. Children do not have the skills to critique advertisements and are very fooled by them. They cannot recognize if all these things advertised are useful or not. Advertisements influence children in a negative way most of the times. For example, junk food advertisements lead to…...

Assess the View That Cults and Sects Are Only Fringe Organisations That Are Inevitably Short Lived and of Little Influence in Contemporary Society

It can be argued that cults and sects are only fringe organisations that are inevitably short lived and of little influence in contemporary society, however some may have views to contrast this idea. A sect is an organization, which usually breaks off from an established religion, which finds itself in disagreement with beliefs and values of wider society and refuses to tolerate the beliefs of others. Although the desire to be a member is voluntary, as oppose to being born…...

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Dystopian Society in the Cyberpunk Novel Feed

The cyberpunk novel, Feed, is a book which explores the dangers of overpowering consumerism. Author MT Anderson uses language to develop the theme of a failing futuristic society as an outcome of constant consumerist influence. Anderson uses character dialogue, descriptions of environmental degradation and internally received ‘banners’ or advertising inside the characters’ heads to explore the problems encountered when a society fails to protect their most valuable resource – nature. The characters in Feed are all implanted with a chip…...

Bruce Dawes poems

Bruce Dawes poems explore the impacts of consumer culture and are an indictment of the growing materialism in modern society. In Enter Without So Much As Knocking (1962), Dawe portrays a world dominated by consumerism, which has lead to `conformity, and eroded the individuality of many people. The idea that our view of the world can only be seen through television and that our experience of life is restricted and controlled by it is highlighted in the satirical poem, Tele…...

Knarles and Barkley

There are several things that have gone wrong in the case we were given to examine. Knarles had left his 17-year-old son Barkley to look after the Maryland based facilities maintenance business while Knarles attended a convention in Hawaii. The exact scope of the duties to be performed in Knarles’ absence was not given to the reader. Knarles and Barkley’s company had a roster of satisfied clients who they maintained a working relationship without the benefit of a signed renewal…...

A way to increase awareness of excessive consumerism

Buy Nothing Day is an day of protest that was founded in Canada in 1992 where people are asked to purchase no goods as a way to attempt to increase awareness of excessive consumerism and its environmental and ethical consequences. Over the last 22 years it has been held annually in many nations and activist groups are continuing to try to convince more and more countries to pledge their participate. A Buy Nothing Day, although based in good motives, is…...

Analysis of Market and Customers of Pampers Diapers

Introduction The product I chose is Pampers brand diapers, the largest brand of Procter & Gamble Company. It is an American global and diverse company that provides consumer packaged goods in the areas of beauty and grooming, health and well-being, and household care. According to Rehtmeyer (2010), P & G’s products are sold in more than 180 countries and its goal is to provide products of superior quality and value to improve the lives of world’s customers (p. 5). P…...

Consumerism: Want and New Pair Shoes

In today’s society consumerism has taken a big role in everyone’s lives because people seem to buy materialistic objects that they don’t need, but buy for pleasure. People don’t see that this is becoming an issue in our society because they are to focused on wanting more for their satisfaction than they need. I seen all these advertisements on TV that show Nemours athletes wearing the new so called “gear,’ making every one want what they see such as shoes,…...

The diseases of Hunger

Diseases that affect humans are many times categorized into either a male disease or a female disease. In other words, the public views the disease as being usually carried by males or by females. Anorexia and bulimia are almost always classified as a disease that affects mostly females. These diseases may also be classified into different categories depending on what their cause is thought to be. Maggie Helwig, author of the short story "Hunger," believes that "anorexia and bulimia are…...

Mercantilism vs. Laissez-faire

Mercantilism suggested that a country's goverment should play an active role in the economy by urging more exports than imports, especially through the use of tariffs. A nations wealth, when it comes to mercantilism lays in its gold and silver amounts. Many physiocrats of the time opposed mercantilism because they saw it as exploition of business. The government collected substantial fees from guilds, and other groups. Therefore using them for their own profit. The government also restricted economic innovation, and…...

AirAsia Consumer Behaviour

Introduction AIRASIA: AirAsia is a Malaysian company, that introduced the Low Cost Carrier service to the domestic market and eventually the asian region. Currently AirAsia is the leader in this market segment. Before it becomes the AirAsia that we all know today, AirAsia was a poorly performed company owned by a government-link company (GLC) in Malaysia, DRB-HICOM. In 2001, it was sold to the current owner, Tony Fernandes and its TuneAir company, for a sum of only RM1.00 or approximately US$0.30,…...

The Culture of Consumption

When consumption has become a culture, it can be assumed that consumption has gained a significant place in the society. Edwards (2000) enumerated the many aspects that may lead one to reconsider consumption in terms of its meaning; in the context of the consumer, consumerism has included rights, it has evolved into a culture and at some point in history, consumerism has become a revolution. Consumerism, as Gabriel and Lang (1995, as cited in Edwards, 2000, 10) mentioned, “is neither…...

Explore the Claim That a Consumer Society Is Always a Throw Away Society

Consumer society is one that creates desire and encouragement for greater amount of goods, services and peoples identification with brands. A throwaway society is one that constantly creates waste for desire for new products. Nowadays, people self define in other ways leaning towards personal likes or dislikes such as music tastes, cars we drive or latest fashion accessories allowing people to feel a sense of belonging to particular groups in society As opposed to an Industrial society where people were…...

Semiotic Analysis

In modern western society, advertisements dominate our culture and consumer affairs. We are bombarded with thousands of advertisements everyday, which become a part of our everyday lives. Culture determines the taste of consumers, advertisements is a tool to sell products to the general public that were influenced by our cultural trends. This could be telling us how to feel, what to like and what to buy and fulfilling those cravings by presenting us a product. Everyone knows the saying ‘Sex…...

Experiences Over Materialism in “The Technology of Simplicity” and “A Bedtime Story”

People should savor the experience at hand rather then consume material things. In Mark A. Burch’s story “The Technology of Simplicity” and Gilles Pinette’s poem “A Bedtime Story”, both of the protagonists of the passages, Mark and George Longarrow, are represented as examples of the individuals who would rather savor the experience then consume material things. In “The Technology of Simplicity”, the writer is conscious of the materialistic world. While spending his time with his children during Christmas, the speaker…...

Consumerism And Consumer Awareness

THE PROCESS of development along with the expanding globalisation and liberalisation process has increased the number of consumer related issues. Consumer protection has earned an important place in the political, economic and social agendas of many nations. In India, the Government has taken many steps including legislative, to protect consumers. Education is a life long process of constantly acquiring relevant information, knowledge and skills. Consumer education is an important part of this process and is a basic consumer right that…...

Effect of Recycling on Ecology And Environment

The best place to start going Green is to practice the 3R’s (Reuse, Reduce and Recycle) at home. 3R’s is most effective when practiced at the one place where we spend the most time be it at home or in the office or school. Reuse Plastic bags are not bio-degradable. Reuse until cannot be used any longer - Glass bottles can be washed and used for drinking water or storing other liquids. (Ensure the previous liquids stored are not hazardous…...

Exchange Possessions

Assignment Around the world, so many people always like buy new things, if the things can not using. However, nowadays, some places still have many poor people, they do not have enough money to buy any new things. In my opinion, I agree that instead of always buying new things, people should mend or exchange their possessions. I will explain the reasons and real examples in the following paragraphs. People always buying new things, especially, some luxury, because they buy…...

Consumerism and Consumer Protection

In recent years, consumerism and consumer protection activities, as well as consumer complaint handling issues, have gained a renewed interest in the marketing literature. But, most of the studies in the current marketing literature treat consumerism activity as a phenomenon of developed advanced Western economies. Unfortunately, consumerism and consumer complaint handling issues in developing environments have not been examined adequately in the marketing literature (Thorelli, 1981). What is needed is for the international business community to become actively involved in…...

Target Audience

The target audiences will be divided into three segmentations which is geographic segmentation, demographic segmentation, and psychographic segmentation. First of all, we will set mother and father who are in age range between 25-30 years old as our target audiences. This is because most of the time, the parents will usually to purchase diapers for their babies. The reason why we choose mother and father who are in between age 25 to 30 is because, according to a survey by…...

Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior

We speak about Value of Customer Behavior, Customer Behavior-- Intro, CRM as a part of leadorganizer and lead management with recommendation to crm. In last 2 post, we speak about Kinds of Consumers and Buyer Vs User. Today, I m going to talk different factors affecting consumer habits. Consumer behavior is affected y a lost of variables, varying from personal inspirations, needs, attitudes and values, character attributes, socio-economic and cultural background, age, sex, professional status to social influences of various…...

Child Consumerism

The essay “Kid Kustomers” by Eric Schlosser talks about how children got sucked into the idea of consumerism. It all started in the 1980’s with parents wasting more money on their kids. Now companies such as Kid2Kid, the Gepetoo Group, and Just Kids and other big corporations specialize in finding ways to get kids to buy their products. The author mentions the different ways children nag to get what they want, such as the pleading, persistent, forceful, demonstrative, sugar-coated, threatening…...

Post Purchase Evaluation Process

The buying process does not end when a customer purchases a product; there are many different categories of behaviors that results from a purchase. Normally, the consumer is unsure of his/her decision on completing a sale; this type of behavior is called post purchase evaluation stage. First there are three different outcomes of these evaluations when product performance matches “expectations, leading into a neutral feeling. Secondly performance exceeds expectations causing what is known as positive disconfirmation of expectations which leads…...

Different Aspects of Consumerism

The word “consumerism” means a social and economic order that encourages the purchase of goods and services in ever-greater amounts. Also, it is the consumerists movement, consumer protection or consumer activism, which seeks to protect and inform consumers by requiring such practices as honest packaging and advertising, product guarantees, and improved safety standards. In fact, the word “consumerism” related to many different aspects: -Self-identity Nowadays, many teenagers seek respect from others by following others’ taste like purchasing similar brands to…...

Consumerism vs Locavore Movement

In American society, the environmental movement has gained the attention of many people. One of those movements is the “locavores”. Although some benefits are gained within this movements, there are also several less-examined effects of this movement that should be noted as well. People might think they do less harm to the environment, but they are misguided. They might help out their community but they end up hurting the other nations, they don’t really reduce the gas emitted by transportation…...

Consumerism Is Killing Us

The world fails to realize that the human race is what will lead the Earth to destruction. The population is only doing what every other creature does to survive; however humans are doing it better. Therefore, all the expanding going on is going to eventually lead to an end to the population, because there will be no more room so the race will go down in its own waste. The reason for all this consumption is because humans have made…...

Consumer Culture Is Central to Understanding Contemporary Identities

As the title suggests, this essay is going to discuss, to what extent does consumer culture affect contemporary identities. In today’s society consumer culture is everywhere and we would probably not be able to survive without it. It became such an important part of our lives that some people even build their carrier around it. Most businesses in modern societies, all around the world work as successfully as they do, simply because people became consumers and they buy their products.…...

Product Description

For consumers, reliability and running expenses of a product are the determining factors of choice among many options available. According to Blischke and Prabhakar, “High reliability is achieved through design efforts, choice of materials and other inputs, production, quality assurance efforts, proper maintenance, and many related decisions and activities, all of which add to the costs of production, purchase, and product ownership” (xxv). Toyota Prius V, the 2011 best rated vehicle by consumers, is being evaluated to ascertain its reliability…...

Consumerism of Teens and Their Magazines

There is not a day that goes by where I don’t witness a teenage girl in the mall dressed very provocatively, wearing short skirts, tight shirts, and covered in make-up. The group of girls she associates herself with is also dressed very sexy and in my opinion inappropriate for their age. As they walk they giggle and hold conversations about fashion and what they did with their boyfriends last night. Checking out stores for the latest trends, they also take…...

Obesity and Consumerism in American Culture

America's obesity and weight management issues have pestered health professionals for years. More recently, however, these same issues have been the topic of much interest amongst social researchers who were compelled to take a look at weight problems as a social and cultural phenomenon. Apparently, obesity amongst Americans is not just an illness but a "growing" social and cultural issue too, affecting roughly 30 percent of the population. (Seiders & & Petty, 2004) Indeed, larger waists are ending up being…...

Cold Drinks

Soft drinks are non-alcoholic water-based flavoured drinks that are optionally sweetened, acidulated and carbonated. Some carbonated soft drinks also contain caffeine; mainly the brown-coloured cola drinks. PROBLEM STATEMENT To find out consumers buying behaviour and to identify gaps in the industry if any. RESEARCH OBJECTIVE To find out the factors affecting soft drinks buying pattern. To find out the consumers buying habits. Seasonal changes in the buying habits. To find out the consumer's future requirements and conceptualize an innovative product.…...

Consumerism and the media

In this essay, by answering these 12 questions I intend to offer a brief, but critical & evaluative assessment, of the impact of advertising, consumerism and the media. * What according to Diamond creates communication technologies, & what is the impact of the telephone, as one example? The creation of communication technologies, such as the telephone systems or hand-held mobile phones, can be understood as both a commercial business driven by & distributed for the purpose of profit maximisation, and…...

Green Washing and Its Effects on Consumerism

The term green washing denotes the use of false or misleading information concerning green marketing by companies to compel consumers to buy their products on the perception that the company is environmentally friendly. It involves the misleading use of green marketing to endorse a false perception that the company products or policies are environmentally friendly. Green washing has been growing in the recent years mainly due to the increasing demand for green products. Due to increasing concerns about global warming,…...

Elasticity of Demand

Elasticity of demand is the measure of consumer response to a change whether an increase or decrease in price. There are three categories that the response of the consumer can be grouped into: elastic, inelastic and unit elasticity. The calculation is relatively simple and the answer or the coefficient will be compared to the number 1. This number will always be positive and if our calculation gives us a negative number we take the absolute value. We divide the percent…...

Be Happier by Consuming Less

Consumerist is a social and economic order that encourages the purchase of goods and services in ever greater amounts. In the American consumption, people do not know how much is enough, do we really need all we buy? Or we just buy it because everyone else has it? Does it make us any happier? In the article “The New Politics of Consumption: Why Americans Want So Much More That They Need” Juliet Schor shares with us her point of view…...

Advertisement and freedom of choice of consumers

In contemporary world, the relationship between freedom of choice, identity and general lifestyle of modern consumers are quite complicated and questioned by a number of scholars like Bauman, Smart, Bourdie and Featherstone. An actual description of 'lifestyle' as a term is very broad. If refer to a sociological explanation lifestyle explained as 'distinctive style of life of specific status groups, within contemporary consumer culture it connotes individuality, self-expression and a stylistic self-consciousness. (Featherstone, 1991 :92) Contemporary consumers are rifted from…...

Market Basket Analysis and Customer Behavior

Abstract Diagnostic services plays an important role in medical decision-making. Based on estimation, 70% of all decisions related to patient's diagnosis and treatment including hospital admission and discharge are based on laboratory test results. No diagnosis is set by a single laboratory test result and each test result is interpreted and judged together with other (previous) test results. This project is focused on understanding what type of laboratory tests are referred by physician based on their specialization and which type…...

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