Consumerism: Want and New Pair Shoes Essay

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Consumerism: Want and New Pair Shoes

In today’s society consumerism has taken a big role in everyone’s lives because people seem to buy materialistic objects that they don’t need, but buy for pleasure. People don’t see that this is becoming an issue in our society because they are to focused on wanting more for their satisfaction than they need. I seen all these advertisements on TV that show Nemours athletes wearing the new so called “gear,’ making every one want what they see such as shoes, Jordan’s, Nike, and Vans. I myself I like shoes, but not to the extent were I have boxes and boxes piled up in my closet like some people.

For example, I have friends who buy $300 dollar shoes or camp the night at foot locker just to get the latest Jordan’s, I find this shocking to believe what people are willing to do just to get a new pair of shoes. Some of my friends have a collection of Jordan’s stacked up against their wall of a value roughly around 3 to 4,000 dollars shocking I know. I sit back and laugh at my friends for wasting so much money on so many pairs of shoes that’s they don’t need and only wear them like once.

Advertisements’ takes a big role in shoes by making athletes wear certain footwear that magically makes them better at what they do weather it has to do with running faster or jumping higher, tricking young minds into thinking they can be the same if they go out and buy the product. “What image does the athlete project about the product” (Levine.302). These types of advertisements focus more on younger minds because they don’t know better and are willing to spend an outrages amount of money. Statistics show that every woman in the United States own at least 17 pairs of shoes or more. More and more people are consuming more than they need either to fit in with today’s society or want the latest shoe brand.

Shoes have become a world-wide thing were people don’t know what’s enough or how much it too much. For instants’, Jordan’s are nice and comfortable but to pricey, were you have a pair of And 1 also a pair of basketball shoes were they cost about $50 dollars’. What people are doing is basically buying the brand not the shoe. Horning states” We are institutionally trapped in the prison- house of design” (Horning.316). Some people feel guilty when they go out the so called “Mall” and feel the need to buy new shoes all the time.

This is where consumerism comes in and plays a big role; society is blinded to see that their wants have gone up drastically and dramatically. “That’s what we like and that’s what we buy” (Horning.316). Anything people see they buy without thinking twice and knowing that they already have brand new pair shoes they have not worn because there to focused on buying and buying till they see they no longer have space in their closet to put new shoes in.

In Conclusion, Today’s society has a big problem when it comes to consumerism because our younger generation doesn’t know when to stop or what’s too much. Many people should take into consideration that buying to many things doesn’t make you fit in or make you any better than the next person who only has 3 pairs of shoes, society should take a little bit of more responsibility and take into count that our wants are not as important as our needs.

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