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Essay Conflict

While developing the teams, the management group finds that there is currently some internal conflict among two of the employees chosen for this project. David Unguent has spoken to his current manager twice regarding his feelings that James Deal Is Intentionally creating problems on the production line, which Is causing David to miss his quality checks. James Insists that he has no idea what David Is referring to and does not understand why David is trying to cause problem.

James now goes to is own superintendent because he feels David is spreading rumors that he is looking for other work.

David advises his own manager that he is not sure why James thinks this because he has never said anything like that. Before the new teams are formed, the management group knows they must resolve this Issue so that the new production teams can operate smoothly. Both James and David are good employees with positive performance reviews, and they were chosen for the new project because of this reason.

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Resources: Ordain Manufacturing Virtual Organization, and university of Phoenix Material: Conflict Management Plan Create a Conflict Management Plan for the conflict between David and James. In this plan, include the following: The various conflict management strategies The strengths and weaknesses of each Considerations for selecting a strategy Alternate strategies Possible challenges 1. Identify the available conflict management strategies and their strengths and weaknesses. Strategy strengths Weaknesses Competing The strength Is that this strategy could be used to quickly come to an answer In an emergency situation.

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The weakness is that while one side wins, the other side loses which could create ill-will Collaborating can arrive at a solution that is acceptable to everyone. The weakness of this strategy is it takes requires a significant time commitment. Avoiding The strength is this strategy could be economical because no effort or resources are put toward resolving the conflict at hand, with the hope that it will resolve itself. The weakness of this strategy is that they problem may not resolve itself. The problem may grow into something much larger, complex and costly.

It also shows the weakness or low self-esteem of the management staff when this strategy is used. Accommodating The strength is when one party involve is willing to be the bigger person and let the other party involve win the situation, in order to keep the peace. The weakness to this strategy is the side giving the accommodations may keep track of their accommodations and develop resentment sometime later in future conflicts Compromising The strength is that both sides are willing to give up some positioning to order to establish an acceptable or agreeable solution.

This normally happens when both parties have a stake in losing something valuable. The weakness here is that both parties hold equal power. Both parties have to give up something in order that the issues come to an agreeable solution. If an agreement is not made, both parties have a stake in losing some sort of value. 2. Which of the available conflict management strategies is most appropriate for the current situation with David and James? Provide your rationale, including what factors you considered in making your selection.

Your response should be at least 100 words. James and David seem to have an issue with communication as there is nothing to indicate that these employees have actually had a personal conversation about their rent conflict. In this situation the conflict strategy applied would be the compromise. Both the Superintendent and the Manager would act as peacekeepers, while displaying their unification in the matter. Strategy. The factors to consider are the options offered by management, the employee’s position and what a reasonable compromise entails.

Management will have to consider the options, as all options will have to be evaluated fairly. Management will also need to consider both employees position as their presumption of need may be based on their experience. As in most compromises, ACH side goes into the negotiation with the expectation they will have to give something away. Management will have to clearly define the compromises as a team effort where both players are giving up and gaining influence. 3. If the selected strategy is not successful, what is your alternate strategy?

Provide your rationale for this selection. Your response should be at least 100 words. If the compromise is not successful, the next strategy implemented will be the collaboration. In the collaboration strategy the ideas and options identified during the compromise will be integrated in order to reach an acceptable if not agreeable elution between the two parties. 4. What potential road blocks might be encountered in resolving the conflict? How would you address these? Your response should be at least 100 words.

Potential barriers to both strategies include unproductive communication, negative attitudes, and unclear instructions. At the beginning of all meetings the team should appoint a mediator. The Mediator will be responsible for providing clear instructions and guidance. The Mediator will also be responsible for deferring unproductive rhetoric by imposing strict guidelines as it relates to time and respect. If a member of he team is exhibiting any negativity the mediator should address the issue, and give that participant a warning.

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