The Effect of Stress on University Students Essay

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The Effect of Stress on University Students

What is the stress? Stress is very common in everyone’s life is one thing, because the stress of life changes challenging. but also be able to struggle and contradictions from the people’s inner world. In addition, the stress also plays a very important role in the lives of students. Good stress on students’ self to a higher level. Stress can also lead to the physical health of students affected, academic, and dealing with people has also been seriously affected, especially university students.

The five main causes of stress among university students are the new university environment, the new relationship, the competitive circumstances and exams, a lack of proper time-management techniques and parental pressure. The above five factors leading to university students’ emotional, behavioural and physiological be severely affected. The changes of emotional is one of effect of these stress. The emotion will change anytime. For example , the student felt emotionally and the emotion will stop he or she from studying, because of this, examination results will be disastrous, .

If they felt very stress on their study , they will yelled at family or friends. This factor will lead to the relations of family and friends misunderstanding. They felt that their work suddenly built up so much so that they felt like crying, and this will caused cannot hand in homework on time. They also felt emotionally drained by university and let them feel that their future is a confusion. Furthermore, the behavioural of the student also affected.

They felt they were lazy when it came to university work and they procrastinated on assignments. After that , they were distracted in class and unable to study. They had trouble concentrating in the class and tried to avoid the class The attendance rate of less than cause unable to attend the year-end examination and . They also have trouble to remember the notes given by lecturer and always failed in the exam. They started to use alcohol or drugs to reduce the stress they faced and it will also damage the health of the body. In addition, they couldn’t breathe when they felt stress. They had difficulty eating when the examination is coming.

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