Competency Statement III Complete

To support social and emotional development and to provide positive guidance.


I will support each child’s social and emotional development and provide positive guidance to teach them to learn their own self-worth and self-value:

By using positive reinforcement to build up each child’s self-esteem By giving pats on the back and hugs to comfort and help each child feel emotionally secure By making sure I am always pleasant and smiling at the children during times of play or teaching, making them feel of value By loving each child and never allowing partiality, I will teach them their value as individuals

I believe that every person/child deserves the right to have self-esteem; I believe that this leads us to become much more stable emotionally and socially.

I will achieve this by treating each child with respect; listening to each as an individual, taking their feelings seriously, and including each child as a valuable person during group times. My goal is to have a positive attitude at all times, so that I can be an example by my actions.

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I will support the social and emotional development and provide positive guidance to each child, by giving them the tools they need to develop their social psyche to become productive citizens:

By using self-control at all times, I will teach each child appropriate behavior By listening to and respecting all of the children and adults in our environment, I will teach each child to listen to others By modeling appropriate emotional skills in showing genuine concern for the well-being of others, I will teach each child empathy and forgiveness

As teachers of young children, we must help each child in their social development.

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Part of achieving this goal is to make sure the children interact with each of the other throughout the day; I will achieve this by planning activities where the children can mingle and have different friends at each station. I will also make sure that everyone participates in whole class games and other fun activities that promote teamwork. I will make sure that I am a good example by communicating and being friendly with each child’s parent/care-giver.


I will support the social and emotional development and provide positive guidance by educating children in learning how to make decisions that lead to self-control and self-discipline: By giving positive encouragement for each endeavor, I will encourage them to succeed By demonstrating how to perform a skill with slow and simple directions, I will teach them that they can do anything By being alert to the needs of each child, I can ensure that each child learns to be independent I will use kind body language to direct a child towards the desired behavior

I will provide assistance geared towards helping each child reach their full potential. I will work with other staff and parents to set goals for each child. I believe that persistent positive guidance will help each child reach their desired outcomes. Training up children in learning how to navigate life.


I support the development of a child’s positive self-concept and growing social/emotional skills by making sure they feel safe and loved. In giving value to each child’s opinion and by listening to their concerns, they will feel self-worth and be better equipped to value someone else’s opinion; then I gently guide them to understand why a rule must be followed, teaching compliance. I use consistency in my requirements, which provides them with specific boundaries and teaches them self-control because they understand the consequence of self-actions. Knowing that they are valued helps their self-concept to bloom, and leads to self-confidence and self-worth. A child who feels accepted and loved can slowly learn the social and emotional skills they need.


My philosophy in guiding a young child’s positive behavior is to be a friendly positive influence, giving them lots of love and understanding. I believe that positive reinforcement leads to better behavior in a child; they desire to please the care-giver who makes them feel wanted and valued. My mother guided me this way as a child, and I have used it in my work with children with great success. In several cases where a child, in my care, has repeated challenging behavior, I learned to ignore that behavior, but give attention for good behavior; these children respond to the positive reinforcement and become my helper and learn to improve their social skills.

Competency Statement

Competency Statement A

I did not design the lunch menu for my center; however, I serve it to my children on a daily basis. We use the CRMC food service, which has many benefits. One positive aspect is that there is no extra cost to the center, and enough food is delivered daily so that each child is served the appropriate proportions. My center works with the hospital to create a “short cycle menu,” a menu that is different everyday and repeats itself after a certain number of days, specifically a one-week cycle menu that is chosen by our director with faculty input. This cycle menu shows strengths because the children seem to enjoy a shorter cycle of fewer foods, and our director is able to control the menu to ensure that quality foods are served.

The food served each day includes the food groups required for a balanced diet with whole milk. None of the meals contain potential choking hazards and all food is cut with food scissors for my age group. Each month, our center updates our allergy alert sheet, which is posted in every classroom. The staff complies to each child’s needs everyday at lunch and snack. I would not change my centers lunch menu because it promotes a healthy diet, meets their nutritional needs, and the children like it.

Competency Statement B:

I believe children learn best through discovery and play. I arranged my room knowing that when children feel comfortable in their physical surroundings, they will venture to explore materials or events around them. My room allows for the children to be engaged and feel secure, and facilitates predictable, consistent and intimate care for each child. My room design guides and encourages children to learn through play while shaping their beliefs about themselves and life. My room design enables me to create learning environments by introducing new and exciting activities and spaces such as object bottles for infants, a shallow ball pit for mobile infants and a dramatic play area for toddlers.

As my children and their curiosity grow, I adapt my room by putting out new toys in the centers or rearranging centers to allow for exploration, challenges, and practice of new skills. Quiet areas are separated from noisy play areas to ensure that the children can become fully engaged in their activities without disruption. I believe that children love to explore and discover, but they also rely on a certain level of predictability, which my room environment provides through routines and a consistent daily schedule that allows time for transitions.

Competency Statement C:

I provide an environment that promotes optimal learning by using my weekly lesson plan, which provides a variety of experiences and focuses on seven developmental domains while incorporating my centers curriculum. My lesson plan shows that all areas of development and learning are important. I adjust my lesson plans based on the fact that learning proceeds at varying rates. My lesson plan is developed based on the belief that children learn in a variety of ways, and their experiences shape their motivation and approaches to learning. Infants have many individual opportunities each day to interact with me through eye-to-eye contact and nurturing touches. Activities within the weekly plan are adjusted for each age group so that they are age appropriate.

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Competency Statement III Complete
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