Reflective Statements of Competence: Competency Essay

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Reflective Statements of Competence: Competency

To maintain a commitment to professionalism.

To maintain a commitment to professionalism in preschool classroom you should set a goal for yourself. My goal in my classroom is to set a standard of excellence with in the room and to commit myself to the growth and development of each child in offering a positive, kind, loving, and safe atmosphere. I have respect, not only for myself but, for my class, each child, and their families. I keep all parental information shared with me confidential. I also uphold all health and safety regulations and make children’s well-being my top priority. I also respect family diversity. This includes but is not limited to cultural differences, orientation, or economic status. I encourage individuality in children. I treat each child with respect and help them to build a positive self- image. Being informed is being ready to assist any child with any need they may have. I feel it is important to always stay positive and keep a smile on your face.

Stay on top of new regulations for the school as well as updated laws and other developments within early childhood education. Always making sure to have information to help parents that have children with additional needs. I feel I am a kind and loving person and am genuinely concerned about the growth and development of each child entering in the class. I want to give them every opportunity to grow and learn in a safe environment. I love working and being around children not just in a group setting but also a one on one setting. I became an early childhood assistant teacher, because I enjoy working with preschool children. And looking forward to be a teacher. I enjoy guiding and watching them as they explore the world around them. Children are filled with curiosity. In class, I get the chance to say “It’s okay, you can do it!” all the time.

I will maintain a commitment to professionalism by pledging to be a live long learner and to take advantage of the many opportunities to further improve my competence in early childhood education and development, and better understand the needs of families and the children in my care. I will use what I have learned through the education I have received to make educated decisions while working with young children and their families. I pledge to practice what I preach and perform to the best of my ability every day to ensure that all children in my care will be receiving the appropriate educational foundation that all children need and deserve, and high quality care.

I can only hope that my passion and love for caring and educating young children encourages others to find out what they’re truly passionate about, gain an education, and pursue what they love to do. I don’t think there is an occupation more fulfilling or gratifying than this. My deepest desire is to make a difference in the lives of the families and children I care for and pray that they go on to live happy, healthy, successful lives; partly due to the early educational foundation I had a hand in building

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