Application of a Communicative Competence Skill Essay

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Application of a Communicative Competence Skill


I will first describe the components of Communicative Competence then the four spheres of Multiliteracies Pedagogy then conclude by applying a skill.

Communicative Competence

Communicative Competence has five components:

1. Discourse Competence: The selection, sequencing, and arrangement of words, structures and utterances to achieve a unified spoken or written text. Examples of Discourse Competence skills:

A. Cohesion
B. Deixis
C. Coherence

2. Linguistic Competence: The basic elements of language:
A. Syntax
B. Morphology
C. Lexicon
D. Phonology
E. Orthography

3. Actional Competence: Conveying and understanding speech acts.

Examples of Actional Competence skills:
A. Interpersonal Exchange
B. Suasion
C. Problems

4. Sociocultural Competence: The knowledge of how to communicate appropriately within the social and cultural context of communication. Examples of Sociocultural Competence skills:
A. Social Contextual Factors
B. Stylistic Appropriateness Factors
C. Cultural Factors

5. Strategic Competence: The knowledge of communication strategies and how to use them. Examples of Strategic Competence skills:
A. Avoidance or reduction strategies.
B. Achievement or compensatory strategies.
C. Interactional strategies.

The Multiletracies Pedagogy model:

1. Situated Practice: It provides immersion for students to develop familiarity for the activities and learn by doing.

2. Overt Instruction: It provides direct information from the teacher to let the students learn the important features of the learning activities and focus on the structure (grammar) of the activities.

3. Discourse Analysis: It helps students analyze their activities and know how to benefit best from the materials.

4. Transformed Practice: it give an opportunity for students to use what they learned in new situations.

Applying the model

I chose service encounters to apply to the multileteracies pedagogy model: 1. Situated Practice: show the students a service encounter on how to order in a restaurant or book a room in a hotel via video or a role play.

2. Discourse Analysis: Let the students have a discussion on how to do service encounters well and what kind of language they should use.

3. Overt Instruction: Explain the structures and expressions used in service encounters, for example the use of “ I want …, please” and “How much …?”

4. Transformed practice: Have the students do a role play as employee at a travel agency and a client, or a waiter and a customer. Student can also record a service encounter on the phone or a digital recorder calling for a takeout meal or the mobile service company to file a complaint

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