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Every citizen has an important duty of cooperating in helping to build a strongly linked community. From this platform, it is significantly important to have compassion and sympathy for all community elements generally, and for the ones who need special care specifically. In this report, I will explain my experience in visiting a health care center for Down's syndrome children.

a)      First of all, I and my colleagues formed a team of four. After that, we decided to gather in order to share our opinions and choose an organization that we all agree to visit and eventually learn from our visit.

After consolations and voting, We chose a health care center in Muscat that is specialized in taking care of Down's syndrome children. We divided the work among us equally. Next, we called the center to arrange our visit and select a suitable time for all of us as well as suitable for the children in the center. After reaching an agreement with the director of the health care center, we did our visit to the center on the selected time.

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b)      My experience in this community project was amazing and interesting. The most interesting part for me was how all staff members treated these children normally so that will not feel any different from other normal children. Moreover, I got the chance to interact and talk to these children. I felt fantastic when these children interacted with us. Furthermore, I found out that many of these children are extremely talented, and love learning more than anything else.

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In addition, my visit was fun and educational as I saw how is Down's syndrome children are treated with extreme care because they are more sensitive than other kids. My favorite part of the visit was seeing all these children playing, learning and helping each other happily.

c)      Doing this community project, I gained lots of experience in so many aspects. Firstly, I got the chance to learn about Down's syndrome children closely. As a result, from observing the supervisors, I learned how to treat, communicate, understand, and play with these children. Moreover, I gained sufficient knowledge that will help me when I will encounter a child from this category during my life. Besides, this knowledge will allow me to interact better with all other children from different special needs categories. Besides, I earned some skills which will help me in different stages of my life such as communication, creative thinking, finding solutions, responsibility and taking care of others.

Conclusion / Closing statement:

In general, it was a very helpful and educational project for all students. This task taught us how to be more responsible and how to improve our communication skills. Also, it built up our feelings of sympathy towards community categories with special care needs. At the same time, it was a very enjoyable experience. I look forward to implementing what I have learned throughout my life.

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