Being Bilingual: Important Skill in a Globalized World Essay

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Being Bilingual: Important Skill in a Globalized World

Have you ever thought of learning a new language, and ever wondered what advantages this would give you? Maybe you have never asked these types of questions before, since you didn’t need to speak another language than your native. Today, being bilingual has become popular, but this is a necessity. In this globalizing world, speaking more than one language makes people more productive. Researchers say that there are advantages to being bilingual. These advantages can be reflected in your work, health, and social life.

One advantage of being bilingual is reflected at work. Now, the unemployment rate is really high, so it is a good idea to increase skills by learning a new language. It is known that being bilingual increase job opportunities. For example, more of the United States’ population speaks English and Spanish. This causes an important change in the way companies hire their employees; consequently, one of the requirements is being bilingual. This requirement is important to companies because communication with people that surround the market open the possibility of new customers which means profits rise. At the same time, salary also increases when the employee has the ability to communicate in different language other than English. This is a good reason to be bilingual.

Another advantage is seen in your health. Research has shown that being bilingual improves brain health. A person who speaks two languages makes the brain work harder than a person who only speaks one language. This ability raises cognitive skills not related to language and even resists Alzheimer’s disease. As an example, speaking two languages is like exercising the brain and making it strong. In other words, a bilingual person has a working and healthy brain. Finally, a bilingual person is benefited in his social life because he has the opportunity to communicate with people in a different way. Currently, we are able to travel around the world. For example, a tourist visits Mexico where people speak Spanish. If the tourist is bilingual, he will have an easy and pleasant trip and will enjoy and understand that culture. For this reason, it is important the communication even when is not in native language. Communication is the key to understand and enjoy the culture diversity which is necessary for a pleasant social life.

In conclusion, being bilingual is a skill that can be consider as necessary because this benefits you in your work, health, and your social life. The world is becoming more and more integrated, so having a second language is going to become more common. If you learn a new language, you will help your brain to be healthy, while you have better opportunities in your professional life.

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