The traditional skills seems to be forgotten and dying due to the betterment of technology. The enhancement of technology improves the quality of life in the aspect of education, medication, and communication. The advantages of the improvement of technology can be seen in the field of education. The advancement in technology helps the students in their learning. The use of technology like projector in class makes the learning fun and easy to be understood by the students. In some schools, they use e-learning as a medium for the students to easily accessed to their teachers and learning.

Now, a teacher does not need to use chalk and wasting their energy to write on the blackboard. Another contribution of the development of technology is in the aspect of medication. The body of a person can easily be analyzed by using the x-ray technology, microscope, scanners and many others. The revolutionized medicines and surgical tools make the treatment and surgery become less painful.

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The treatments become more efficient and many health problems can be cured easily. Lastly, communication is no longer limited because of the development of technology.

In the past, people wrote and sent information through letter and telegram, which requires a long time to be received by the receiver. But now, information can be sent and received just by a click. Whether it is emergency services, friends, family or work related issues; we now have cell phones, PDA’s, email, and other ways of electronically transferring information we need to communicate for whatever reason.

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To sum up, there is no need to retain the traditional methods as the advanced technologies have already made the life ultimately easier.

Updated: Aug 11, 2021
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