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Competency Statement III Complete
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To support social and emotional development and to provide positive guidance. SELF I will support each child’s social and emotional development and provide positive guidance to teach them to learn their own self-worth and self-value: By using positive reinforcement to build up each child’s self-esteem By giving pats on the back and hugs to comfort and help each child feel emotionally secure By making sure I am always pleasant and smiling at the children during times of play or teaching,…...
Competency StatementEducationPsychologySelf identity
Kari Charboneau Competency Statement
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To establish positive and productive relationships with families To establish positive and productive relationships with families I try to make sure I keep an open, honest relationship with them. I feel its important to have my parents feel that they can trust me. I also feel its important they know I have the best interest of their child in mind. Parents need to feel that they are being listened to and that we care enough to work with them in…...
Competency Statement
To Advance Physical and Intellectual Competence
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As a child care provider my goal to the children I serve is to advance their physical, cognitive, communication and creative development. I will achieve my goal by providing materials for gross motor skills such as hula hoops and cones for a game of ring the cones and providing ample outdoor time for running and exploring. I will also provide such things as crayons, pencils, and scissors along with other items like lacing cards to work on their fine motor…...
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The Cultural-Competence Model
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The cultural-competence model was described by Campinha-Bacote’s in the year 1998. This model becomes more and more applicable in a culturally diverse society. As more and more people are migrating, the need for becoming cultural competent is arising (Lopes, 2001). Campinha-Bacote defined cultural-competence as a course wherein the healthcare personnel makes a continuous attempt to function efficiently with reference to the cultural outlook of his/her customers, patients, community or family, which he/she serves. This model specifically applies to nurses, so…...
Competency StatementCultureSociety
Competency Statement
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Competency Statement A I did not design the lunch menu for my center; however, I serve it to my children on a daily basis. We use the CRMC food service, which has many benefits. One positive aspect is that there is no extra cost to the center, and enough food is delivered daily so that each child is served the appropriate proportions. My center works with the hospital to create a “short cycle menu,” a menu that is different everyday…...
Competency StatementEducationFood
Competency Statement 1
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Safe: One of my primary concerns in my preschool classroom is that the children are safe throughout the day. My goal is to have an environment where the children feel safe to try new things and to explore their environment in a rich and fulling manner. As a teacher it is my responsibility in providing constant supervision throughout the day. It is imperative that the child/teacher ratio is adhered to regardless of the situation. Even though there are two teachers…...
Competency StatementEducation
Reflective Statements of Competence: Competency
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To keep a commitment to professionalism. To preserve a dedication to professionalism in preschool classroom you need to set an objective for yourself. My goal in my classroom is to set a requirement of excellence with in the room and to devote myself to the development and advancement of each child in providing a favorable, kind, loving, and safe environment. I have respect, not just for myself however, for my class, each child, and their households. I keep all adult…...
Competency StatementEducationHealth
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