Competency Statement 1

Safe: One of my primary concerns in my preschool classroom is that the children are safe throughout the day. My goal is to have an environment where the children feel safe to try new things and to explore their environment in a rich and fulling manner.

As a teacher it is my responsibility in providing constant supervision throughout the day. It is imperative that the child/teacher ratio is adhered to regardless of the situation. Even though there are two teachers in our classroom I still feel that it is my responsibility to supervise all the children even though the classroom roster is split in two to make it a little easier to supervise.

Another major concern which I have is the head count anytime we transition to another area of the building or outside. I make it a point to do a head count every 45 minutes but it has to be where I physically make eye contact with the child as I conduct the head count.

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This ensures me that the child is indeed visible to me and is truly accountable vs. just checking off the roster sheet.

I have a daily routine when I come into my classroom in the morning. Since I not only open my room but the center as well I make it a point to check the rooms from a child’s eye. When checking my preschool room, I like to get down on my knees in various points of my classroom to see if anything is broken, not secured, outlet covers, and so on.

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I also make sure that the room is straighten up and everything is in it’s place. All chemicals must be out of reach or locked in cabinets with safety locks.

Healthy: Maintaining a healthy classroom is of extreme importance. During the day I encourage the children to wash their hands when they enter the center, prior to eating, coming in from outside or from another area of the center. Modeling proper techniques such as hand washing and coughing like a vampire gives children a better understanding how to prevent the passing of germs.

Encouraging children’s parents to keep unhealthy children at home to minimize infections is very important. Informing parents that their child is ill and the child must be picked up.

At nap time ensuring that there are several feet between children and that nothing can harm the child while they are sleeping. That each child has his/her own mat with their own bedding in a bag which is labeled. I like to make sure that each Friday all the children’s mats are disinfected and their bedding is sent home for washing.

As per my centers policies I make sure that all emergency contact and medical information is up to date but also easily accessible in the classroom as well as in the office.

Learning Environment: The learning environment is crucial in a child’s academic development. My goal is to have a room where children get excited about learning new things. I feel that at a preschool level children are little sponges which want to absorb as much information in a day as they possible can.

My classroom is set up with various centers such as; library, computer, art, dramatic play, building, large and small manipulatives, games and writing/math and of course science, etc.. While children arrive into my classroom I allow a free exploration at various centers, which allows the children to explore on their own vs. instruction.

I also feel that during the day the children have some small group instruction. While some children are at a my center learning math or language art another center is open to allow more detailed art exploration.

Large group activities are also beneficial because it allows children to cooperate and learn as a whole. I prefer to teach science and cooking this way mainly because the children have a tendency to discuss what they are participating in and ask questions.

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Competency Statement 1

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