The Essential Skills and Knowledge I Have to Demonstrate Job Competency

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The job competency requires individual’s capabilities to integrate the skills, knowledge, and awareness while maintaining a positive relationship with the family and the staffs in any job (Lester, 2014). The question about competency in job enacts the importance of preparing workers for the diverse community hence the family plays a vital role. For the purpose of delivering a credible work, job seekers for instance in a school should be aware of the requirements that the employers are looking. Competency helps a person to be able to deliver quality services to customers and effectively respond to their needs.

The paper discusses that I got all the essential skill and knowledge to demonstrate competency while seeking for a particular job. one should be aware of the core competencies and the techniques that the employers use to determine their capabilities. In reference to that am looking for a job in a school which will make the bases for writing my essay. This core competency includes people management, ability to train and develop, team building, personal development, individual commitment, structured thinking and mind mapping, personal career progression, leadership skills, future planning, ability to persuade and influence staffs, communication skills, collaboration and infect relating to the customers.

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(Yurova, Yurov, & Lane (2017).

I have quoted examples and how I have to demonstrate competency in an educational setting. The purposes of the essay are to show the employers that I understand the personal characteristics, skills, knowledge for successful performance. Competencies factors differentiate excellent performance from average performance individuals under some specified circumstances.

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In a job description, the three main type of competency are the skills, behavior, and knowledge. In order to perform the task. (Farrell, 2015) points out that everyone who works in a learning institution has then the responsibility to show the capability to work in such organizations.

Skills, ability to perform duties, knowledge includes the expertise and specialty. The three are needed for the job to succeed. The general organizational includes that compliance to achieve a standard of excellence and to satisfy the main aims. According to Lester (2014), Organizational competency being an aspect of the institution have a great strategic value. For a career in children education, being a professional in this area offers an individual a chance to engage pupils in their learning and other staffs. The teacher is exposed to teamwork for long hours and many responsibilities to keep the system running. Individual qualifications give the job seeker a chance to be selected for the job that the employers in such institutions may be looking for. For instance, in this website, description-and-person-specification-ey-teacher-2018.pdf, the employer is looking for a teacher whose principle accountabilities they are looking must have knowledge and understanding in handling learners, directly contribute to the outcome and interest of each child hence focus on learners with their abilities and encouraging them.

The employer in the website demand that the applicants must possess they call the basics competency skills which include; experience in working with children and knowledge of child development and children’s needs. Ability to work with parents, ability to communicate well, ability to manage the learners, teamwork, and goal orientated person.

Establishing focus involves the capability to develop and able to communicate the goals to support the institutional mission. The applicant should show he or she is in no position to align personal goals with the institution strategic direction. Fostering teamwork. I have the ability and the desire to cooperate with other staffs hence able to demonstrate interest and the general will for the intuition to grow. I possess the knowledge that is in position to kindly listen to others, offer support, express disagreement constructively and provide assistance where needed.

Am in position to manage changes. Which is the ability to demonstrate personal support for organization and innovation for the purposes of improving the institutional effectiveness. Attention to communication. Ability to ensure information is passed among the learners and the staffs Provide an atmosphere where the management is given a chance to effectively works by keeping it informed and influencing others in a positive deviation. This takes my ability to take the opinion of others, comprehend and come up with alternating solutions with gained support. All this s helps the institution to achieve its desired goals. (Sanghi, 2016).

All this requires the managerial skills to manage the learners, time and other activities in the school for instance. Having gone through training I got the skills required to relate to the main players in the education setting. The skill allows the person to manage performance and the personal goals. I set clear and measurable performance and finding solutions to the challenges that affect the institution. Being able to coach and mentor the learners and other staffs. This requires influencing other staffs to enhance skills by sharing my expertise, listening and responding effectively. As competencies vary between different institutions they are sprinkled in the person’s specifications and the job description which calls for the ability to linkup educational success and readiness for family success, problem-solving with the family, community and the school.

In the website, care/working-with-children, the author argues that working with children in a school requires a right combination of skills, experiences, and qualifications. Possession of the qualifications and the significant amount of work experiences to succeed.

Farrell (2015) points out that Teaching being a graduate job requires a qualification either being a degree or masters level to enter the profession. The work experience with the children gives a person the advantage of applying for the job. I have undergone voluntary opportunity working with children in activities such as youth club, community play scheme, local sports. Having volunteered in schools and being a teacher and assistants to the staffs and children hence becoming a mentor to the learners. Due to the fact that a job to work with children demand a high level of personal responsibilities the skills adhere that are needed are care for the children, proper communication with the learners, good organization, and time management.

Training and furthering my studies. The fact remains that knowledge and continuing professional development becomes essential to work with children. This has helped to keep the skills and knowledge I possess to progress with a career. The training that I cover includes first aid, information, management, health and safety and special education needs


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