Definition of Having Complete Family

 Definition of family

It’s put in our minds that family means having a father, mother, siblings, grandfather, grandmother, etc. It’s basically having a complete family. But what does family really means? In the movie Lilo and Stitch they describe family as someone who sticks together; “Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind”. Families are much more than just groups of individuals. Your family is the place where you learned to enhance and use your abilities, and to recognize and deal with the bigger world.

It is also where you learned the different values that should be instilled in your minds. In short your family is your building block as a human being. Family is important. We need support and love. No matter what happens we will still look for our family’s love and care. They can bring great joy in our lives. Family is also important because it teaches us about the importance of knowledge, hard work, education, and effort.

Our family is the first school you entered and your parents are your first teacher. It is the basic foundation for the people all over the world.

Definition of broken family

It teaches us about enjoying ourselves, having fun, keeping fit and healthy. We also need to share our thoughts and feelings to others. And who can understand better but our parents, siblings, relatives. They will understand us because the same blood running through your veins is the same type of blood passing through theirs. Even if you and your siblings often fight at the end of the day you would eventually make-up again and forget what had happened between the two of you.

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Our family can protect us in our life and make sure that we will have a fine life.

We should cherish our family especially our parents whom dedicated their life in taking care of us. They spent long restless nights putting us into bed and changing our diapers. It’s just right to return their hard works with gratitude. So, you see how important family is for all of us. Although there are a vast number single parents in our country that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a broken family. That doesn’t mean that they can’t be happy because sometimes it’s better being a broken but happy family rather than being a complete family who always argue.

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