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Essay on Civil Disobedience

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Rhetorical Analysis of Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience”

8. Point out some ways you see Thoreau tapping into the “cultural memory” of his readers. (Cultural memory in modern rhetoric refers to the writer-reader connection. It has to do with how much knowledge, information, and data a writer has about his audience and their culture. A simple way of talking about this is to ask: what does a writer know about is readers and their lives, and how does he...

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Martin Luther King About Equality

Martin Luther King Jr. handpicked these events in Biblical history to more clearly represent what he is writing about and why he is so avidly defending his cause. He argues against repression and urges the public to defend their rights and resist the rut of conformity. Just reading Letter from Birmingham Jail won't do it justice. Further researching the components of this letter have opened my eye...

Ethical Scrapbook

A person can take any 12 examples of different situations and circumstances and not everyone will agree and as a criminal justice major one will become willing to see things from another individual’s point of view. Not everyone will agree with everything throughout life and acquiring a difference of opinion gives person ideas, and by obtaining different ideas one may work together as a team. If ...

Civil Disobedience

Civil disobedience is still around today; due to Henry David Thoreau, Martin Luther King Jr., and Mahatma Gandhi being the first men to provoke boycotting, not paying taxes, and any other type of nonviolent resistance. These three men showed people that “taking a stand” and protesting the government could be done without violence. Many people were thrown in jail, but none of the people that fo...

Civil Disobedience and Antigone

A theme appears in both texts that one’s morals are more important than the law of the land. Antigone sacrificed her life to complete what she felt needed to be completed based on her religious beliefs. King dedicated his life to obtaining freedom for black people in America and was eventually killed for what he believed in, linking the two. If Sophocles and Martin Luther King Jr. were to have a...

Three Modes of Appeal

King is not only explaining how the life of a colored person is, but he is also explain with detail of how a colored person lives. He is giving the reader enough details to picture it, touching their hearts, and giving the reader an emotional response with these words on his letter. King wrote this letter expressing himself by using the three modes of appeal. He gave the readers a piece of his min...

The Just Versus Unjust

All three men, Thoreau, King, and Sophocles left their mark on the world when it came to resistance to unjust laws of society.  Over time they have inspired many to do the same.  Sometimes these ideas have been met with success, and other times they have been unsuccessful.  However, when a life is lost for a cause, the results are eternal and it is hard for the martyr to ...

Birmingham Campaign

•Riots •March on Washington •Civil Rights Act of 1964 •Governor Wallace sent State Troops to stop desegregation of schools and in response Present Kennedy sent Federal Troops. •Martin Luther King’s reputation (“I have a dream” speech). Nobel Peace prize 1964. •Positives: o“Jim Crow” laws taken down desegregating public facilities eg Lunch counters, drinking fountains etc oAll...

Civil Disobedience Prose

He ends his paper by saying “Let every man make known what kind of government would command his respect, and that will be one step toward obtaining it. (38-39) He wants to improve the government to an institution that will make everyone happy, and in most ways the only way for that to happen is by voicing your personal opinions about it. Civil Disobedience is a book about political reform and an...

A Civil Disobedience to Save Luna

Acts of civil disobedience are successful if the mission is a simple goal like saving Luna. If the mission is more complex like to foster strictly enforceable environmental protection laws; acts of civil disobedience can only create precedent example like Hill’s defiance actions could be analogous to be called the Rosa Parks of the environmental movement. Finally, if the actions of civil disobed...

Is civil disobedience undemocratic?

A Theory of Justice," Revised Edition, Harvard: Harvard University Press. - Spitz, David (1954) 'Democracy and the Problem of Civil Disobedience', The American Political Science Review, 48:2, pp. 386-403. - Thoreau, 1849 as cited in Bedau, Hugo Adam (1991) "Civil Disobedience in Focus," London: Routledge. - Wikipedia (no date),'Definition of Democracy', website, available at en. wikipedia. org/wik...

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