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Cell phone essay samples

The mobile phone is a gadget that is fundamentally the same as the radio yet is utilizing a more intricate innovation than the radio. The phone is a compact handheld correspondence contraption that basically utilizes radio waves to pass on the message. In this contemporary society, the utilization of phone innovation has been amazingly high, making cabled methods for correspondence less critical. The phone, as we probably are aware, was first designed in 1876 by Alexander Graham. The mobile phone dates its cause back to 1880 when Nikolai Tesla created the radio and presented the principal methods for remote correspondence. These two innovations were joined to realize phone innovation. It is significant that versatile correspondences existed even before mobile phone innovation when individuals utilized radiotelephones.

Using Your Phone is Putting You at Risk
Words • 1947
Pages • 8
Should phone use while driving be prohibited? In the State of Utah right now, using a phone while operating a motor vehicle, is not illegal. There are so many stories of people running red lights, drifting off roads and getting into fatal car crashes. These are caused by the driver being distracted. “In February this year, someone was driving around town and got a phone call. This person was stopped at a red light and answered the call. While he…...
Cell PhonePhone
Today`s Expectation from Cell Phones
Words • 466
Pages • 2
Today I debriefed my classmates Madeline and Jocelyn on their likes and dislikes of their mobile phones. After hearing their opinions, I have come to the conclusion that both of them have similar qualities that they look for in their cell phones. The first thing that both girls told me was that they both mainly used their phones to keep in touch with family and friends over text, call, and social media. The pair also said they enjoy taking photos…...
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Cell Phone Distraction While Doing Homework
Words • 1157
Pages • 5
As a student, do you often start your assignment immediately? Do you think you have fully devoted your mind to your homework? Or are you distracted by your smart phone and forget the time is passing by? Are the people around you — your family, friends — distracted by theirs? 'Nomophobia' is the fear of being away from one’s cellphone and it is ubiquitous with everyday life. The diversion can be quite devastating to a student’s ongoing schoolwork and academic…...
Cell PhonePhone
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Negative Impact of Cell Phones on Life
Words • 536
Pages • 2
Negative Impact on society and social relationships There are also negative ones like the harmful and optimistic effect of the cellphones, using mobile phones for kidnapping and blackmailing, taking blue videos, pictures and taking porn images. With public invasion which means you violate the personal spaces of others by speaking loudly about it Your own personal spaces arise as unconsidered and/or rude and are linked to self-isolation, and this has a number of consequences. In responding to the ringing mobile…...
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Effect of Cell Phones on People
Words • 1247
Pages • 5
Cellphones have been evolving since the twentieth century, transforming from simply a convenient means of communication to a miniature computer loaded with information. This evolution has become a distraction that changes the way society behaves in a dangerous way. The public uses technology for everything, from communicating with others to ordering groceries to their homes. Technology has become a key piece in today’s world. While people once used cell phones for primarily talking and texting, now smart phones have paved…...
Cell PhoneResearch
Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer
Words • 1800
Pages • 7
Technology has made a huge impact on our society over the years. Numerous inventions have reformed how we work, live and interact with others but at what cost? Before cell phones came into existence many could testify that their social lives were more delightful. One might find it hysterical that a gadget which was supposed to foster communication between individuals from several part of the world only ended up putting more distance between people? Not only did it affect people’s…...
Cell PhoneCellular PhonesPhone
Analysis of the Impact of Cell Phones 
Words • 674
Pages • 3
The impact of cell phones on modern society is one that could be compared to the impact of the wheel or the printing press. Cell phones have made the world an infinitely more connected place, but that does not come without drawbacks. Offering access to (quite literally speaking) the world at one’s fingertips, cell phones may be the root of many issues society is currently facing. This paper will examine different issues that cell phones cause on a community, local,…...
Cell PhoneCellular PhonesPhone
Cell Phones: An Unlikely Danger
Words • 1879
Pages • 7
“ I fear the day that technology will surpass human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” (Albert Einstein) Cell phones are amazing pieces of technology that connect us to the rest of the world. We can search any question that pops into our brains, we can play games to keep us occupied, we can socialize with anyone we want, we can even go shopping. With all the amazing things these small devices can do, it is impossible…...
Cell PhoneCell Phones Are DangerousCellular Phones
Are Cell Phones Dangerous
Words • 2006
Pages • 8
First, what are cell phones? Cell phones, mobile phones, cellular phones or can be shortened to mobiles, or just phones, is a portable device which can send and receive calls and messages through a radio frequency link where the user is within a telephone service area. These simple devices have become a predominant part of people’s everyday lives. However, consumers are not aware of the possible dangers of a phone that could affect their body, so in this report I…...
Cell PhoneCell Phones Are DangerousCellular Phones
Cellular Phones That Support 5G Technology
Words • 722
Pages • 3
No matter how modern 4G technology would now look like, with its generous data transfer speed, the future is already at the door and bringing overwhelming performance. Once out of the testing phase, 5G technology will revolutionize not only the smartphone experience but every everyday process that involves the use of Internet-connected equipment. What is and what brings 5G technology in addition: The fifth generation of wireless cellular network technology is a new way of transmitting data to and between…...
Cell PhoneCellular PhonesTechnology
Why Phones Don’t Belong in School?
Words • 525
Pages • 2
Cell phones have been popular since they came out, but now with all of the applications on smart devices, they are a huge problem in schools. Around the world, cyberbullying is becoming an immense issue and allowing phones in classes is only fueling the flame. Not allowing phones in the classroom would help students maintain a healthy screen time limit. Classrooms are meant to be a place of learning, but cell phones are making it difficult for students to pay…...
AdolescenceCell PhoneCell Phones Are DangerousClassroomMobile Phones And ChildrenMobile Phones And Students
The Impact of Overusing Cellphones on Children
Words • 1488
Pages • 6
People of all ages are addicted to mobile phones, everyone loves to see the whole world in a single screen. Perhaps, it is like a drug that goes into the veins of all humans. In this recent period of technology, an abundance of the generation is overusing the cellphones which lead to mental as well as physical illness especially, on eyesight. Moreover, it creates distance between the relations by spending precious time in playing games and using social media. Mobile…...
AdolescenceCell PhoneCell Phone AddictionMobile PhoneMobile Phones And ChildrenSocial Media
Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In Classrooms?
Words • 1208
Pages • 5
A student with a cell phone is an uninterested student, one with a short attention span who cares more about socializing than education. When I was teaching, all too often I turned around from writing something on the blackboard to find students text-messaging or otherwise playing with their phones. Come to the end of the term, a handful of students would fail the class and far too many would drop out of school. The onus for failure should be placed…...
BlackboardCell PhoneClassroomMobile PhoneMobile Phones And ChildrenMobile Phones And Students
Should the Cell Phones Be Allowed in Schools
Words • 449
Pages • 2
If you were to go into any American high school in the 21 century, what would you see? Cell phones! Essentially all students have one, and it's typical to see them doing schoolwork or listening to music through their earbuds. The students use them not just in the hallways during the 10 minutes between classes, but also in the classroom, and at every opportunity the teacher gives them. Although cell phones help us and make our lives better, schools should…...
Cell PhoneCellular PhonesMobile PhoneMobile Phones And ChildrenMobile Phones And StudentsText Messaging
Words • 1818
Pages • 7
SHOULDER PEAK RESISTANT PIN ENTRY SCHEME USING CONCENTRATE HAPTIC FEEDBACK ABSTRACT Common PIN-entry schemes are vulnerable to observation attacks. To enhance the resistance to observation attacks, some observation attacks resistant PIN-entry schemes for mobile devices based on audios and/or haptics have been proposed. However, none of existing observation attacks resistant PIN-entry schemes can achieve both good security and high usability. Herein, we propose a new observation attacks resistant PIN-entry scheme, Loc-HapPIN, for touchscreen devices providing localized haptic feedback. By using…...
Cell PhoneComputer securityElectronicsMobile PhoneTechnology
Biometric Attendance System
Words • 1331
Pages • 5
Abstract : In the recent years,many companies and organizations are using traditional biometric attendance system for taking attendance of it's workers or employees.This will keep track of employee's attendance i.e he has logged into the office or not but it will not keep track of whether the employee is present at the workplace or not.In this modern era,it is seen that after giving atten dance many employees fly away from their workplace to escape from doing work. This paper focuses…...
Cell PhoneComputersMobile PhoneSoftwareTechnologyWorld Wide Web
Mobile Wallets
Words • 2760
Pages • 11
Introduction Mobile Wallets allow ussers to transfer money from the bank to the wallet application in their phones and then using that money instead of cash or in some combination. Currently, there is a complete disorder in an economy (especially after demonitisation), especially when it comes to the cashless economy, where m-wallets are playing a major role. However, the growth of mobile-wallets is quite evident; but still, there is a big room to fill and a major limitation to overcome.…...
Cell PhoneEconomicsEducationLiteracyMobile PhoneMoney
Huawei Nova 5 Pro Review
Words • 495
Pages • 2
Huawei Nova 5 pro be capable of said the descendant to the Nova 5. It has an outstanding processor that can deal with the high-end usage. Phone can be used for a whole day as its battery is sufficient enough to make phone run all day. The internal storage of the phone is amply vast that will meet the need of the customer. The phone is going to be in five different colors, so you can have more option in…...
Cell PhoneMobile PhoneOrphanagePhotographySmartphonesTechnology
Mobile Cases and Covers
Words • 1589
Pages • 6
Abstract This report contains the materialistic aspects of Mobile Cases and Covers. These aspects may include the types, advantages, disadvantages, properties, characterization required for end use application, Raw Materials and most commonly used materials for mobile covers. Mobile Covers & Cases Bumper case Flip cover Body glove Hostlers Bumper case Flip cover Body glove Hostlers What are Mobile covers? Mobile covers are designed to hold, support, attach or to design the mobile devices. The term "Cover" is often used to…...
Cell PhoneMobile PhonePlasticSay No To PlasticsTechnology
Office Equipment and System
Words • 894
Pages • 4
Office Equipment Computer Firstly, boot up the computer and wait for few seconds. You are requested to log in your personal user id. Warning and Cautions After used, need to logged out to prevent someone from misused. Do not reveal your user ID. Maintenance Need to update the system, update software and clean the hardware at an authorize computer shops and always change user ID every 6 months. Printer First, plug in power cable and make sure it is turned…...
Cell PhoneTechnologyTelephone
Portable Charger Watch
Words • 952
Pages • 4
Short description: The product that I have chosen is a portable charger watch that can be easily access when needed and will be convenient to bring around without the trouble of carrying an additional object. It will be designed as a chunky and bulky looking as it will contain two different batteries for the watch to operate. One of the battery will be for the watch to operate itself and the other one will be the main component for this…...
Cell PhoneDeviceElectricityMobile PhoneTechnology
Paper Publishing ICPAM1
Words • 1287
Pages • 5
A Study on the age group of people who are mostly affected by the Mobile Radiation using Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft MatrixDr.J.Jon Arockiaraj1, M.Sivapriya21Head of the Department, Department of Mathematics, St.Joseph's College of Arts and Science (Autonomous),Cuddalore.2PG Student, Department of Mathematics,St.Joseph's College of Arts and Science (Autonomous),Cuddalore.ABSTRACT: Mobile Radiation leads to Cardio vascular problem, Respiratory problems and Cancer. The most common symptoms include Headache, Visual disorder, Stress, Dizziness, Insomnia. In this paper, we have analyzed the effects of mobile Radiation to…...
Cell PhoneMobile PhoneScienceTechnology
Bang Wagon
Words • 1919
Pages • 7
INTRODUCTION Mission of the organisation We will be creating a mobile game called Bang Wagon. The goal of the game would be to shoot as much targets as possible on a moving wagon. Our game's target market would be people of all ages, as it does not have a s steep learning curve. The reason as to why we chose to make this game was that there were many opportunities in earning money in the mobile games market. Our company…...
Cell PhoneMobile PhoneTechnology
Bharti Enterprises
Words • 713
Pages • 3
Ensuring that the look and feel of the store is as per guidelines/standards Ensuring/ reporting Inventory and Stock availability as per the norms to prevent stock-outs Provide suggestions /feedback to improve store productivity People Development / Team Management: Acting as a mentor and trainer for store staff To ensure daily roistering & briefing to inbound & outbound store staff Customer Experience: Manage staff allocation based on demand at point in time Personally step in to handle demanding customers Provide suggestions…...
Cell PhoneMobile PhoneTechnology
Hypothetical reasoning
Words • 1959
Pages • 8
1) Situation number one: - someone you have been dating has a birthday coming up, so you call the florist and order flowers for the occasion, two days later the person is cold and distant. Hypothesis number one: - maybe the birthday never existed; the person was just joking to you. >these were the first days of dating this person, and therefore it is possible that the lied to you. This person discovered late that you had taken the lie…...
Cell PhoneTechnologyTelephoneThree Day Road
Ontela Picdeck Harvard Case
Words • 1050
Pages • 4
Ontela designed a revolutionary product which allows wireless subscribers to seamlessly transfer data from the consumer’s wireless phone and send it to an email inbox, PC, or website. This allows consumers to use their wireless device more frequently, which generates more revenue for the industry in mobile phone services. Joe Levy, Ontela’s director of carrier marketing, assisted with PicDeck’s segmentation in determining the appropriate target audience. Below you will find an analysis on PicDeck’s choices regarding customer segmentation and evaluation…...
Cell PhoneDigital CamerasMarket SegmentationMobile PhoneTechnology
The Advantage and Disadvantage of Using Cell phone for Kids
Words • 465
Pages • 2
Do you know where your kids are? For many parents the answer is a resounding yes; they always know where their kids are. Cell phones have changed family life in many ways. They provide parents with peace of mind, and they're great in emergencies. But cellphones also have some disadvantages,such as kids use cellphone to do lots things without parents’ knowledge and cellphone offers oppotunities for underisable behaviour. Childern who have a cellphone will make their parent feel safe with…...
Cell PhoneMobile PhonePhoneText Messaging
Mobile Game
Words • 277
Pages • 2
Mobile game is a video game played on a mobile phone, Smartphone, PDA, computer, portable or calculator. This does not include games played on dedicated handheld video game systems such as Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation Vita. These data are available in these companies: Digital Chocolate, Disney Mobile Studios, EA Mobile, Gameloft, Glu, Hands-On, HandyGames, I-Play, IG Fun and THQ Wireless. Mobile games are played using the technology present on the device itself. Mobile games are usually downloaded via the mobile…...
Cell PhoneGamesMobile PhoneTechnology
Should Cellphones Be Banned in Schools
Words • 899
Pages • 4
Whether we are in our own homes, driving on a highway, walking in a mall, or even in class, cell phones have become a part of our everyday lives. However, it has always been a controversy when it comes to the usage of cellphones in the. Many teachers and parents feel that this constant addiction to technology will be the ultimate bring down of their children intellectually! This is completely true and my overall reasoning for believing that cellphones should…...
Cell PhoneMobile PhonePhoneText Messaging
Mobile Phones are a Menace not a Blessing
Words • 628
Pages • 3
Some people think that mobile phones are a complete menace and some think they are a blessing. In this statement I will discuss both sides of this argument. Firstly I will discuss how mobile phones are bad for society and how they are a menace. After this I will discuss how they are a blessing and the good things that they hold. This is a constant issue of debate particularly between this generation and older generations. see more:mobile phones boon…...
Cell PhoneHockey MatchMobile PhonePhoneTelephone
Globe Telecom Paper
Words • 2052
Pages • 8
Business History Globe Telecom has strongly imbibed itself into the hearts and minds of more than twenty six million subscribers. It has been there in every way for its consumers, in structure relationships, at work, interacting and reaching out. Inasmuch as Filipinos enjoy to communicate, World has been a dependable partner, ready to supply the most practical and affordable service as possible. For 83 years, World has lived up to its reputation of innovation leader-- from the minute it presented…...
BusinessCell PhoneCompanyMobile PhoneTechnology
Favorite Gadget
Words • 281
Pages • 2
“I guess the reality is, everybody today has so many gadgets. ”(Barbara Brocolli) I have appreciated many gadgets but the closest to my heart is my one and only cellphone. It may not be one of the latest editions of phones nowadays, but I do love two of its several features – messaging and calendar. These two are the attributes that I usually utilize every day. Using its messaging feature, I can communicate with my parents, relatives, and friends through…...
Cell PhoneCommunicationGraffitiInternetMobile PhoneModern Gadgets
Should Phones Be Allowed in School
Words • 502
Pages • 2
A recently debated subject is the question whether mobile phones should be allowed in schools. Yet, the reality is that it is hard to enforce a phone ban. Pupils will bring their mobile phones with them, despite the fact that they are allowed or banned. Besides that, most of the parents support the mobile phones in school, so they can reach their kids in case of emergency. Today’s mobile phones offer so many new opportunities, that it is not necessary…...
Cell PhoneMobile PhonePhoneTeacher
The Case Against Tipping
Words • 256
Pages • 1
Tipping Experiences Tips are generally a small amount of money given to a person as gratitude for a service that has been provided. There are many times throughout our everyday lives in which we are put in a position to leave a gratuity. Whether it be dining at a restaurant, getting your hair cut at the salon, or having a few drinks with friends at a bar. In each case there was a service provided to you, now you have…...
Cell PhoneGratitudeMobile PhoneTechnology
Attention Getter
Words • 650
Pages • 3
Nowadays, many tragic accidents happen everywhere and this situation is alarming. Rate of accidents keep on increasing from day to day not just in the cities but also in rural areas. All of these accidents have made many people lost their families and loved ones. It is very pitiful when we get news about accidents which happen every day from newspapers. This shows that many people suffer when accidents happen to their family or relatives. Greetings: Good morning everyone. My…...
CarCell PhoneDrinking And DrivingMobile PhoneTechnology
Texting While Driving is Dangerous
Words • 2308
Pages • 9
A split second is all it takes to send a text. A split second is all it takes to end a life. Most of us don’t think of the dangers that can occur when sending a text while driving. Imagine a sixteen year old teenager, driving on the roads; all of a sudden the teen receives a text from a friend. A split second later, an accident occurs; the teen that couldn’t wait to send a text has just slammed…...
Cell PhoneMobile PhoneText MessagingTexting And Driving
Using Cell phones while driving
Words • 465
Pages • 2
As people become more independent on cell phones, nowadays most people using cell phones while driving. Talking or messaging on a phone while driving is a serious distraction. Using cell phones while driving can lead you to a fatal accident. There are a few reasons that cell phones should be banned while driving (except in emergency) such as, text messaging, talking on the phone and use of electronic gadgets for cell phones. There are many dangers associated with using a…...
Cell PhoneMobile PhonePhone
Weaknesses of DIGI
Words • 934
Pages • 4
The most recent details on new innovations which are hardly ever or late to reach completion users First weak points which had actually been found are the current info on new technologies which are seldom or late to reach completion users and sometimes it could be never ever reaching to. It likewise among the major weak points whereby the most recent information tardy to reach the end users will cause low customer awareness towards the DiGi items and services likes…...
BrandsCell PhoneScienceSmartphonesTechnologyWeakness
3 Best Consumer Products
Words • 465
Pages • 2
There, without a doubt, have been amny amazing inventions throughout the past century. As a frequent user of many of these, including the television, personal computer, and DVD player, it took me a while to narrow it down to the three best. With that, I have concluded what I believe to be the three best consumer products of the past one-hundred years. Being the music fanatic that I am, I believe the CD, or compact disk, to be my favorite…...
Cell PhoneMusicTechnology
Email vs “Snail Mail”
Words • 852
Pages • 4
Before telephones the only way to communicate with each other was to write letters. It took days before the letter got to the recipient and it took days for the writer to get the reply. Then telephones were invented and conversations became instant. Most people loved the telephone and its usefulness but some enjoyed and missed writing letters. Luckily E-mail was invented which allows people to write letters and send and receive them instantly. E-mail is a very effective way…...
Cell PhoneEffective CommunicationEmail WritingPsychologyTechnologyTelephone
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Radio Telephones vs Cell Phones

The openness of the system was the basic issue, since there was just a single reception apparatus link covering a wide land zone, for example, a city with moderately less channels. This implied an individual marginally a long way from the focal zone was not ready to get to the system. Mobile phone innovation had the capacity to take care of the issue of the system that was before experienced in fixing the radio telephones in autos. This was finished by dividing the city into moment cells. Such innovation prompted far reaching recurrence utilization over the territory implying that individuals could utilize mobile phones in the meantime. PDAs have a littler size, which makes them a really convenient gadget. Such leap forward was made conceivable by the way that they require a transmitter that is low-controlled (0.6 watts and 3 watts), in contrast to the radio, which requires 4 watts. This implies mobile phone expends astoundingly low power since it has a little battery. Furthermore, the use of low-control transmitters completely encourages the numerous employments of similar frequencies making the system accessible. The key contrast between the phone and different types of remote correspondence, for example, CB radio, is the unpredictability and scope of inclusion. In CB radios, a similar recurrence is utilized amid correspondence, which implies that if the correspondence includes two people, just a solitary one can talk at once. Interestingly, the mobile phone enables the two gatherings on the call to talk at the same time.

Mobile Phone Innovation

This implies if there should be an occurrence of a mobile phone, one recurrence is used for talking while the other is for tuning in. Mobile phone covers a wide scope of region contrasted with CB radio, which is focused on a littler area. Another distinction that can be raised is that of channels. Mobile phones have numerous channels contrasted with different remote types of correspondence. Cause of Mobile phone Innovation As expressed above, mobile phone innovation follows its cause path back to the 1880s when phone and remote methods for correspondence were at the underlying phase of execution. Around then, people could utilize introduced radios in their vehicles to impart, despite the fact that the beginning of its formal advancement and utilization follows back to the 1940s. Truth be told, this was because of creative innovation introduced in taxis, squad cars, and among other administration vehicles, which encouraged correspondence among cabbies and police amid their administration conveyance (Horst and Mill operator, 2006). The primary PDA innovation was presented in Sweden in 1946 when Swedish police began utilizing cell phones.

At that critical period, as opposed to radio innovation, the mobile phone was as yet associated with the phone arrange. The main reaction of its application right then and there was the scope of utilization and life span of utilization. For example, in those days it was down to earth to utilize the telephone for just six telephone calls before the battery depleted off. Current cell phone innovation began in 1947 when D.H Ring from Chime Labs made hexagonal cells for cell phones. His work later affected another specialist from a similar Ringer Labs who concocted the possibility of cell towers, which could get at the same time transmitting signals in triple ways rather than double. By 1967, individuals had the capacity to get to the cell phone innovation, in spite of the fact that the system association was constrained to a specific cell past which the system was not accessible. This called for further development from specialists, and such an advancement was quite made by Amos Edward Joel in 1970, a designer from a well-known Chime Labs. This innovation guaranteed that the system association was past a particular cell (Kling, 2010).

Impressive Improvement in Cell Innovation

There has been an impressive improvement in cell innovation since its origin when radio innovation was used. Indeed, even in the twenty-first century, advancements of created brands of mobile phones are recognized. For example, PDA innovation was at first dependent on simple innovation whereby the telephones were extraordinarily expansive in size contrasted with the cutting edge ones. Those were viewed as the original (1G) telephone frameworks which were eliminated by first advanced gadgets during the 1990s. Ensuing enhancements were made to second-age (2G) telephone frameworks and, at long last, to the advanced third era mobile phone (3G). The innovation has not stagnated at 3G, and there have been critical enhancements and developments, for example, gushing radio and television, just as Wi-Fi innovation, which has gone into the market (Goggin, 2006). Advantages and inconveniences of phone innovation Advantages Mobile phone innovation has turned out to be of tremendous significance in present day society. Most prominent is the way that mobile phone innovations have encouraged correspondence. The innovation has changed the world into a worldwide town where people can convey despite the spot one is on the planet (Kling, 2010).

This innovation has been a stage for immense information aggregation around the world. This is particularly valid as the cutting edge improvement of Wi-Fi and the Web, where individuals are utilizing their handsets, permits procuring the direct data. With current innovation, where telephones are furnished with route and GPRS framework, individuals can follow the spot they are at and the spot of their goal. This innovation has made it workable for individuals not to get lost. Another noteworthy commitment, which can be credited to mobile phone innovation, is that it cultivates one’s business by guaranteeing appropriate and steady correspondences with the representatives and anybody of importance to the business. This guarantees appropriate control regardless of whether the proprietor is far from the business condition. Phones have additionally been utilized by the security officers in following crooks. This was made conceivable by the way that most present-day mobile phones have an introduced GPRS framework that can be utilized to follow crooks (Horst and Mill operator, 2006). Phones have been utilized for amusement purposes. Most present-day PDAs resemble smaller than normal PCs with highlights like television, music, transfer of pictures, and numerous different components that have been utilized for amusement purposes.

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Why Phones Don’t Belong in School?
...In conclusion, cell phones in school have more disadvantages than advantages and should be banned. Phones in schools stimulate the increase of cyberbullying. Regulating phone during school hours would help students maintain a healthy screen time limi...

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