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Essay on Cell Phone

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Effects Of Cell Phones On Society

The first negative effect is the cost. The newest Smartphones are expensive and their lifetime is short. They are always coming up with new upgrade technology that make people feel they need to buy the newest model. Also, the cost of the service is expensive; users need to pay depending in how many minutes they need or the Internet velocity. In addition users will pay for extra programs, applicati...

Cell Phone and Anti-Social Behavior

It is arguable that person to person, face to face interaction is the most sincere and most intimate form of connection. For the majority of humankind, in-person transmission was one of the few options for humans to communicate. As the way of life has changed, so have the forms of communication, but the new form of disclosure has entirely stripped the affinity of human connection. People are impla...

Cell phones should not be allowed in schools

Research has proven that frequent use of a mobile phone can put the owner at risk of long term health damage. Mobile phones have radiation in them which they send out which can destroy or damage cells. Thus a student who uses a mobile phone regularly is at risk of health damage. With the increase in ownership of mobiles, there is increased usage and so the students are putting themselves at risk m...

Cell Phones are Dangerous

However, it could be argued that other electronic devices such as computers are more dangerous. This is true as 70% of adults and 30% of children and adolescents have reported musculoskeletal symptoms in different parts of the body in relation to the use of electronic devices (Science Daily, 2013). However, cell phones are the most frequently used among other devices and its use requires direct co...

Cell Phones are a Necessity of Life

With cell phones becoming a gadget with all the modern technology, its theft is growing across the world. In a survey in the UK, a cell phone is stolen every three minutes. In the United States, the statistics are very analogous. By keeping a note on the IMES identification that each phone has, you can trace a phone. This is quite the tedious process. The IMES code is individual to each cell phone...

Cell phones in the classroom

As a student cheating can be tempting. A cell phone makes that even worse. Cheating in the classroom is the worst thing you can do, and cell phones make that easier. Notes used to be passed to cheat but now cellphones are used. Students can take pictures of the test and answers and send them to many other students and before long the whole class could have it. Taking it even farther students can a...

Cell phones

In conclusion, considering all the reasons, I strongly stand with that mobile phones should be banned as it is a distraction to the students and their phones might be stolen. Should there be an emergency, the parents can call up the school and the school can immediately inform the student. Thus, mobile phones should be banned in schools. It would be quite distracting for those student's, and for t...

Cell Phone Speech

A cell phone comes in handy very well if ever there may be an emergency. The most helpful thing a cell phone can do is having the ability to call for help if there is a car accident or someone really needs help. Cell phones have made it a long way over the past few years and are most likely going to keep having new inventions discovered for a cell phone to be able to do. Cell phones have a lot of ...

Cell Phone Should Not Be Used in Classrooms

Cell phones in our current society are part of our everyday life, but cell phones should only be limited to leisure time and not during school. Cell phones should not be used in school because it is distracting, it is disrespectful to teachers, and can be a tool for students to cheat. Students should learn to become independent from their cell phones just like the days when cell phones were not in...

Should Cell Phones be allowed in School?

The school will also save money because they will not have to buy assignment books. It is realistic that there will always be bulling through text message, online, or face to face, although if someone is bulling another student through text message that student could save these messages as proof to show authority of what was really said. There will always be problems with cheating on tests, althou...

Should Cell Phones Be Banned From Schools?

Although cell phones are not always used for the right reasons, not everyone should be punished for the foolishness of others. Due to bomb threats and drug dealing done by other students cell phones are banned from schools, which can put the rest of the school in danger. Officials of schools should meet together and discuss this problem because many students, parents, and even faculty believe tha...

Cell Phones Essay

The fourth con is that there is proof that exposure to high end (ionizing) radiation of ultra-violet lights, X-rays, and Gamma rays are known to cause cancer. The last con for the cell phone is “The INTERPHONE study, a 13 country, 10 year, $25 million endeavor, found that there was no overall increase in the risk of the brain tumors glioma or meningioma among cell phone users, but also found ...

Using Cell phones while driving

It’s better to arrive late rather than not arriving to that emergency call. There is nothing more important than your precious life as compared to an emergency call. In conclusion, cell phones should be banned while driving including text messaging, talking on the phone and use of electronic gadgets for cell phones. The consequences include the dangerous effect on health, financial stresses and ...

Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In College Classrooms?

College classroom is a place where provide education for students, but cell phones don’t relate to education. If students need to make an emergency call home, there is a phone in the college’s office. In addition, they can turn on the cell phone out of the classroom after the class. If cell phones should be allowed in the college classrooms, students wouldn’t attend in studies, and it would ...

The Important of Having Cell Phone

It is also important to contact your classmate. For example when you want to make a study group appointment or to ask friend about lesson. In addition, you could also search the source of subject you study by internet facility provided by phone. Phone also brings benefit when you want to ask your peers to go out, to get fresh air and to exercise instead of staying at home. Cell phones make it easi...

The Positive and Negative Effects of Using Cell phones During Class Hours

When his colleagues express frustration over students' use of cell phones in class, Stovall said he reminds them that these are communication channels and they have nothing inherently good or bad about them. "Most students I know, or have observed, just kind of integrate (cell phones) into their lives," Stovall said. "They are communication channels and we use them. Some people get stressed over t...

Should Cell Phones Be Allowed in Schools?

To conclude, a good education can be received if there are no distractions like cell phone. Cell phones interfere with classes with their ringing and vibrating. They also cause cheating, which will not help students learn. Some students may state that cell phones are useful for emergencies, but schools have many ways to keep parents in contact with students. Therefore, cell phones should be banned...

Landlines vs Cell Phones

Unfortunately, landlines and cell phones have decreased face to face interaction, though increased communication. Both landlines and cell phones have played a positive and negative role in society. Landlines might be facing extinction, but for now seem to still have many benefits. Cell phones definitely are improved on a regular basis, but have a few set back, like how fragile they are. Phones hav...

Cell Phone Effects on the Human Brain

Cellular Telephony has, by all accounts, modified how we interact with others, but with consequences that follow. To this day, there are a growing number of unconfirmed reports of individuals whose health has been affected after frequent use of mobile phones, presumably from radiation effects on brain cells. The full result of long-term use on mobile phones has not yet been able to be tested, simp...

Cell Phone Radiation

People should be very concerned because using a phone has become a way of life that may lead to cancer. I know that once cancer is detected it's a painful process and the chances of surviving are small in many of the cases and treatment takes a lot out of the patient. I believe that we have to try to limit the usage of cell phones to decrease the chances of getting cancer. Close attention must be ...

The Advantage and Disadvantage of Using Cell phone for Kids

I think the parent should Monitor their children's use of all technological devices. Take precautions with the children's use of cell phones. Text messaging enables children and adolescents to be in touch with and to make plans with people without parental knowledge. Know your children's cell phone contact list. Be specific about cell phone use and set up specific rules about how and when the phon...

Cell Phone Addiction

Teens’ push to have their own landline phone underscored their drive to control contact with their peers. The rise of the cell phone has changed the dimensions of this discussion. The cell phone has provided teens with their own communication channel. This access can be used to plan and to organize daily life and it can be used to exchange jokes and endearments. It can also be used to plan misch...

Are Cell Phones Necessary in Teen's Lives?

Sites like Facebook and Twitter can be used very accessible anywhere you go. Another reason is most phones have an application world, which allows them to pick from thousands of different applications to customize their phone. Lastly, with Wifi you can use the internet to go on any site at any time. Therefore, that is another reason why I believe cell phones are necessary in teens lives. In conclu...

Healthy Cell Phone

So dependent that many of hem seem to be out of touch with reality. Due to the mental, social, and academic effects of cell phones, teenagers are being sent down the wrong path. These three aspects are very important to human development as a whole. They are more critical at the adolescent stage, where teenagers should be attempting to reach their full potential without the distraction of cell pho...

Disadvantages of Using Cell Phone in School

If students contact their parents, parents will all rush to the scene, which brings conflict or other responses. We are more concerned about the bigger consequences of having a handphone like social problems such as bully and harrashment via mobile phones. Student tends to misused the mobile phone, by recording video of students bullying other students. If there are risks involved and you have cal...

Cell Phones While Driving

If you are not able to answer, they will contact the police department, the hospital or the fire service. Therefore, nowadays cell phones are unnecessary devices because they are unreliable in emergency situations while you are in a car accident. In conclusion, I think drivers should be more conscious about using the cell phone while driving. As I said it earlier hand-free device is not safety at ...

Cell Phones

Because students had cell phones on them they were able to contact authorities and have them arrive much faster, saving many more lives (Henson, Steve). What if one of those students who used their cell to contact the authorities was overheard by the shooters. Would they too have lost their life? So does this nationally known incident make it right for students to bring cell phones into their clas...

Cell phones

Cell phones safety is a key concern, which the vast majority of users brood over. Cellular devices have been known to cause cancer; as well as, an increasing amount of medical problems. Some of these problems are arthritis and damaged sleep. Medical complications are not the only concern; a breach in security is another top concern for people. In essence, safety is top priority for humans, and cel...

Telecommunications and Globalization

Secondly, it significantly contributes to climate change. The utilization of airplanes, ships and trucks for transport across global fringes consumes non-renewable energy sources, expanding the measure of carbon dioxide discharging into the climate, imperilling our future. Thirdly, MNCs (e.g. Starbucks and Macdonald's) create a monoculture as they remove local competition and therefore force local...

Cellphones: Pros and Cons

Finally, even though cellphones can be a huge distraction in education, they can also be very useful in certain situations. For example, having a cellphone can be used for calling 911 incase of an incident, and it also allows parent to keep in touch with their children and always knowing where they are at by using the 'find my friends' app on an iPhone. Even though cellphones can sometimes be a hu...

Cell Phones in School

Plus, it would certainly be distracting for the teacher-trying to talk over students who are talking when they are. One of the best ways to get in trouble during class is to talk when the teacher is talking, for it distracts the teacher, the student, and their classmates; if cell phone were allowed in school, they would increase the amount of time students are talking when they don't need to, maki...

Effects Of Using Cell Phones

Customers day to day they increase our taste and choice of preference, and they create modifying the business world. Also, they drive easily switch over towards the other goods and brands easily if it is satisfying the desires then requirements of consumers. So it is a challenging factor for a certain firm to withstand in the marketplace. Consumer preference standard with their age, profits degree...

Do Cell Phones Contribute by Learning?

Most students irresponsibly use the Cell phones. During class time they use Cell phones to speak with their friends. Those potentially lead less concentration in the time of learning and teaching process. Opportunity to show them how to use the Cell phone properly. This is why Cell phones should not be banned from school, because students will have to be able to learn how to use the Cell phone saf...

FAQ about Cell Phone

Cell phones How have they changed us socially?

...This article is not to say that mobile phones should be banned due to their many negative aspects. It depends upon us whether we use this technology for our progress and prosperity or for our destruction. No doubt, mobile phone is the best innovation ...

Cell Phones: How Have They Changed Us Socially

...Addo, Augustine. The adoption of mobile phone: How has it changes us socially? Issues in Business Management and Ecomonics, 1(3). p. 47-60. 2013. Web. Buck, Stephanie. Cell-ebration! 40 years of cellphone history.http://mashable.com/2013/04/03/annive ...

Why Cell Phones Should Be Allowed in Schools

...It is extremely wrong that our school and district requests that we the students be mature adults, although they will not permit us to make the decision if we should be on our cell phones or not. I recognize that numerous students are not grown-up en ...

Why Cell Phone Ban Is a Bad Idea

...People do not want to be uncomfortable. People are being uncomfortable because of some violators. But this law cannot prevent violators from stealing ideas or taking picture of stranger. Although people are going to try follow the law. People will ca ...

How Do Cell Phones Affect Society?

...Political participation: More mobile phone subscriptions are correlated with more democratic participation, less gender inequality and longer time spent in education. In all three areas, the impact of mobiles on social development indicators is stron ...

How Cell Phones and Other Inventions Affected the American Family

...The cell phone has diminished the need to have filthy pay phones all over and email has crushed the need to send many things through the postal office, which isn’t as speedy and efficient as email. With all of these new ways of speeding up work, th ...

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