“I guess the reality is, everybody today has so many gadgets. ”(Barbara Brocolli) I have appreciated many gadgets but the closest to my heart is my one and only cellphone. It may not be one of the latest editions of phones nowadays, but I do love two of its several features – messaging and calendar. These two are the attributes that I usually utilize every day. Using its messaging feature, I can communicate with my parents, relatives, and friends through sending and receiving messages.

By means of its calendar feature, I can remind myself as on what I should do on a particular date and time. It also wakes me up in the morning by its alarm. When I got bored sometimes, I will just play Sudoku on my cellphone to relieve my tedious sensation. Or I’ll immediately take some pictures from its not-so-good camera. After taking some pictures, I’ll make sure that it will be edited first before saving it.

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I can also take note of my favorite quotations and other related texts whenever I see them.

Though it is hard for me to find signal, I also use its web feature wherein I can browse the Internet wherever I am. However, because of its age for about 4 years and a half, some of these features sometimes become faulty or rather inactive. I should be taking good care of my gadget so that it will last longer than everybody else may think. Truly, my cellphone is the worthiest gadget I have ever had.

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I will never ever exchange my phone with other newest gadgets because it is truly fantastic, fits my personality, and my one and only best buddy.

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