Bill & Melinda Gates Case Study

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a foundation that supports other organizations who share its guiding belief that every life has equal value. Located in Seattle, Washington, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have an asset trust endowment of 36.2 billion dollars as of September 30, 2012. It supports grantees in all 50 states and 100 countries internationally in areas of global development, global health, United States program, and a smaller charitable support initiative sector. Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, and Warren Buffett give direction to CEO Jeff Raikes and co-chairmen William H.

Gates Sr. regarding grant allocation and investments. (Gates Foundation)

After reading the Gates Foundation website and the wealth information on those involved in the foundation, I have determined the Big Five Leadership traits that I see in Bill and Melinda Gates. Bill Gates has a strong dimension of surgency because of his dominance within the foundation, he approves grant making strategies and sets the direction of the foundation. As a strong advocate for the foundation Bill Gates demonstrates his extraversion and high energy excitement for the work they do.

Melinda Gates presents a strong dimension of openness to experience. Melinda believes in empowering women in impoverish countries and demonstrates flexibility when dealing the challenges she faces in countries where women do not often have a strong foothold in the community. Together Bill and Melinda Gates share a dimension of agreeableness because of their sensitivity to issues across the world and their desire to seek out and create relationships with grantees who share their beliefs.

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Bill and Melinda Gates have several traits of effective leadership. They have a high need for affiliation and socialized power. McClelland identified power as neither good or bad and his research supports the idea that they would seek out socialization with like-minded individuals and seek to lead them. Bill and Melinda Gates pioneer in supporting equality on a worldwide scale. The goal of their foundation is to influence other organizations into doing work that aligns with their mission statement and values. McClelland would say that the major need driving Bill and Melinda Gates to work so hard would be their search for power. Bill and Melinda Gates want to be recognized as pioneers doing good work in impoverished countries. Their good intentions give them a means of influencing similar organizations. Clearly with this information in mind Bill and Melinda Gates have a leader motive profile because their acts of philanthropy influence others to follow in their foot steps.

Bill and Melinda Gates both have positive attitudes about themselves. They see themselves as philanthropists trying to do the right thing for the world and assist under privileged countries and areas of the United States in creating equality for everyone. This confidence contributes greatly to their success as leaders because confidence is contagious. If they exude confidence then the people they affiliate themselves with will feel that same confidence in their work. In my opinion Bill Gates is ethical in his business at Microsoft. He runs a successful corporation that makes a good profit and uses some of that profit and contributes to charitable organizations. The Microsoft Corporation is socially responsible and a profitable fortune 500 company. Bill Gates hast a postconventional level of moral development in that he motivated by universal principles of right and wrong. He balances his concerns for himself and his company with the common good.

The success of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation rests on the managerial roles of Bill and Melinda Gates themselves. Both Bill and Melinda hold decisional roles as the resource allocators. Bill Gates has a strong innovative mind and demonstrates with an entrepreneur role coming up with new grant making strategies for the foundation. Bill and Melinda both hold the information role as the spokepersons for their foundation. Bill and Melinda have their names in the foundation and therefore are the faces of the foundation and its work. With that same thought in mind they also demonstrate the interpersonal role as the figureheads of the organization.

Overall the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a wonderful foundation focused on creating equality among all men and women across the world. Bill and Melinda are passionate philanthropists who want to inspire others to do good work in the areas of human equality. They use their foundation to share grant money among a great many of organizations who share their vision for a world where everyone is treated equally. Together Bill and Melinda bring different aspects of leadership qualities to the organization so that they can run a successful foundation. Their influence drives other organizations to do whatever it takes to earn the money to do great charitable works across the world and in the United States.

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