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Why Bill Gates Is a True Hero

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (449 words)
Categories: A Hero, Bill Gates Life, Hero
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When some people think of a hero, they might think of Hollywood actors or Bollywood actors, but think about these actors make a difference in society. A true hero is who thinks about other people, not only about himself or herself, so Bill Gates has the ability to take risks for bringing positive changes in the world; also, Bill Gates has proven himself as a person with his successful attributes of work ethics. Moreover, there are five main reasons why Bill Gates is a hero: clear aim, courage, donor, passionate, and confident.

Having a clear vision of goals in life is the first reason why Bill Gates is a hero. Gates only focus on one thing he knows best, which is Microsoft,

The second reason why Bill Gates is a hero is that he has a quality of taking risks and the courage to deal with problems. Being a successful person, a person with good attributes also faces opposition problems and allegations, so in that situation, a true hero does not lose his mind and become stronger to handle opposition problems.

Polster (2001) states that history taught us that heroic people have qualities of physical and mental courage, such as Marie Curie faced many problems of disrespect, but still, she was a great scientist at that time (para 80). Consequently, a true leader is that who never give up and face problems with bravery.

The third reason that contributes to the heroism quality of Bill Gates is caring about poor people. Furthermore, Bill Gates is the richest man in the world as well as he donated half of his income to charity; as a result, he is working on health projects or education, resulting in improving world problems, not only think about themself. Also, Yanus (2000) suggests that some people believed in only maximizing profit, while social entrepreneurs believed in a charity that helps poor people (para.40). Therefore, a true leader shows how generous and caring he is; consequently, Gates donated much of his money to charity in order to make the world a better place.

Having passionate about his work is the main reason why Bill Gates is a hero.

Instead of staying in a comfort zone, he believes in himself is the last reason why Bill Gates is a hero. Dropping out of college might not sound like a good decision for others, but Gates knows what a good education can provide; therefore, he believes in lifelong learning that helps in developing new ideas every day, so he built Microsoft which is a greater invention of Gates. According to Moore (2009), extreme people believe in themselves not focus on these kinds of words “you can’t’ do it.”

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