Behavior Essay Topics

Perceptions of Children who Present Challenging Behavior

Challenging Behavior among children stems out from various intricate and interrelated factors. Often times, the family and the educators are not able to properly address the needs of these children due to the lack of information, education and support. Strain and Joseph (2004) revealed that 73% of educators perceived that challenging behaviors among children has… View Article

The Causes of Challenging Behavior

Dealing with children with challenging behavior has been a source of major problems amongst educators. The depth of the problem and the difficulty of dealing with students with challenging behavior have caused some schools and other educators to not properly address the trouble, hence resulting for the child’s expulsion or transfer from one school to… View Article

Contexts of Behavior

Insights are generally aplenty. These are my assessments so far. Work-life initiatives are strategies implemented by firms to reduce turnover and increase productivity and overall firm performance. Studies were made to examine the influence and effects of work-life initiatives on employees and the organization in general. Workplace diversity which incorporates the concepts of work-life initiatives… View Article

Overview of Conflicts of Interest

Confidentiality is also something that some volunteers of the Remedios AIDS Foundation should also learn. Although many officers of this NGO advocate confidentiality, many of its volunteers could still breach this ethical code, thus further isolating prospective clients. It is a well-known fact that the life of the first Filipino AIDS victim was made into… View Article

Labeled behavior

After his release from Wiltwyck, Butch lived with his dad in a run-down tenement in the Bronx. Butch admired his father for his criminal exploits and his time imprison. Butch’s dad got drunk a lot and beat on Butch. Life degenerated into a nightmare and a series of tragedies for Butch. Rather than continue to… View Article

Behavior Changes

Behavioral changes and strategies can be taken in consideration in order to control obesity. Monitoring of food/calorie intake and changes in general eating habits may help control obesity (CDC, 2007). Change in physical activities like decreased television time and more time spent outside, engagement in sports activity to enhance and promote weight loss (Wolf et… View Article

Very womanly in behavior

Lina Wertmuller’s Swept Away original full title in Italy “Travolti da un Insolito Destino Nell’ Azzurro Mare d’agosto” which means “By an Unusual Destiny in the Blue Sea of August”. The main setting of the movie was basically the ocean and the island where the two lead characters where stranded. The setting in the movie… View Article

Student Behavior Management: Single-model Approach versus Eclectic Approach

There are different behavior models adopted by different schools; and these models were proven to be effective in teaching students proper behavior. However, as further studies were conducted regarding to the effective management of varying student behaviors, an eclectic approach came into process. In this paper, we will discuss single-model and eclectic approaches, including their… View Article

Participation of Juveniles in Deviant Behavior

From the very dawn of the formation of civil communities, some types of behavior had been classified as unlawful and had been discouraged. Even the earliest legislations had inflicted punishment for infringement of the extant laws, in wider interests of their society. This practice has continued to this day and it is common knowledge as… View Article

Theories Of Delinquency

Deviant behavior is behavior that is a recognized violation of social norms. Formal and informal social controls attempt to prevent and minimize deviance. One such control is through the medicalization of deviance. Acting upon certain discriminatory facts or problems. It is not the act itself, but the reactions to the act, that make something deviant…. View Article

Reaction to and Criticism of Behavior and Cognitive Therapies

Behavior therapy and cognitive therapy are both popular methods used by counselors and therapists to change a person’s perception about themselves and situations surrounding them. In this essay, the writer will attempt to critique each type of therapy, as well as give a short personal reaction to each. Behavior therapy was developed from several older… View Article

Impulsive Behavior

April 16, 2007, Seung-Hui Cho went on a shooting rampage killing thirty-two college students at Virginia Tech. University before killing himself. This horrifying massacre can be associated with a poor impulsive behavior. Many devastating incidents throughout the years can be associated with poor impulsive decisions. Throughout the years Impulsive behaviors have often been viewed differently…. View Article

Timbuk2 Case

Timbuk2 Would principles of scientific management be useful to Timbuk2? Explain how. Scientific management was introduced by Frederick Winslow Taylor in 1898. The basic concept in this field is that productivity can be increased by doing a job scientifically, i.e. precise procedures to carry out the job. In Timbuk2, the employees have started producing the… View Article

Relationship influence relationships

Physical attraction is based on people’s appearances. Often a caring, kind, and affectionate person will go unrecognized among others. Mostly such people find their partners due to physical proximity, “one’s actual physical nearness to others, in terms of housing, work, school, and so forth.” On the other hand, an attractive person usually would have far… View Article

Tolman’s Cognitive Behaviorism

Tolman’s cognitive behaviorism plays a crucial role in reaching the historical conclusion that the essence of behaviorism lies in its choice of behavior as a dependent variable. Tolman’s adoption of a cognitive approach, combined with the rejection of stimulus-response associationism, the law of effect, and the importance of conditioning, essentially placed him in direct opposition… View Article

When The Toddler Takes Over

When considering how to approach children with challenging behaviors, therapists should be prepared to use communication replacement behavior. Early intervention has proven to be useful in children who have developmental delays. It is not necessary for a child to have a specific diagnosis in order to be eligible for early intervention, but any family that… View Article

Training Program And HR Order

Introduction             We are in the epoch of organizational reform and innovation. Our time is marked with rapid changes in the demography of workforce, changing corporate culture, and changing institutions. In the light of the rapid shift in today’s organizations, the skills required of human resource managers, beginners in the profession and even aspiring students… View Article

Two Factors Theory

The organization in question has been completely evaluated based upon Herzberg’s motivational theory the results were astounding.  According to Herzberg’s theory much of the dissatisfaction in the environment can be eliminated with regular care and maintenance.  The company policies and procedures are weak; therefore, employees do not feel the practices implemented communicate the company’s vision… View Article

Child’s behavior

Action speaks louder than words, the adage goes. The same applies for child rearing, specifically in setting a child’s behavior. Verbal admonitions, advices, and instructions are important to make it obvious to the child what the parent expects him to follow and do. Words specifically define the desired behavior parents want from their children. However,… View Article

The Three major Categories of Motives

MOTIVES Motives can be define as a distressful feeling experienced by a person or animal that is ended by performing a behaviour that the organism believes will or might end the feeling.  According to encyclopaedia britannica it is defined as those forces acting either on or within a person to initiate behaviour. (Encyclopaedia Britannica) Motives… View Article

Types of Behaviors

Description: In this assignment, you will apply the principles of classical and operant conditioning, as well as the notions derived from cognitive explanations of learning. You will write a paper on one of two types of behaviors that can be readily explained from a learning perspective. Using a Microsoft Word document, write a 500- to… View Article

Organizational Behavior in Multinational/Global Aviation

Introduction Over the past few years the aviation industry has continued to face challenges on how well to manage the industry on both operational and management level in relation to interests of different stakeholders in the industry. Customers have increasingly demanded for better services while shareholders demand for more profits. With globalization of aviation industry,… View Article

An Examination of General and Specific Motivational Mechanisms

Luc G. Pelletier and Stéphanie C. Dion’s report entitled An Examination of General and Specific Motivational Mechanisms for the Relations Between Body Dissatisfaction and Eating Behaviors aims to examine the relationship of body dissatisfaction with eating behaviors through a study of the different models of regulation of eating behaviors used by women. The study mainly… View Article

Psychology Assignment: Perception

Introduction      Sensation and perception are mental processes that are sometimes mistaken for each other.  A fine distinction, however, can be drawn between them. Sensation is defined as, “the conscious experience that follows immediately upon the stimulation of a sense organ or a sensory nerve.” The first result of a stimulus situation is sensation and… View Article

Positive Behavior Support

In essence, Positive Behavior Support or PBS refers to the general approach for providing a resolution to problems involving behaviors which are shown or manifested by individuals with certain disabilities (“Fact Sheet: Positive Behavior Support”, 2005). These behaviors deemed problematic may include but is not limited to: self-inflicted injury, aggressive behavior, and other similar destructive… View Article

Values vs. Behavior

Values and behavior are important words. One should know and understand the full meaning and context of these words, for these are words hold several meanings for an individual, for the society, and for the world. Values are things that people believe in. They are also regarded by many as essential to a human’s life…. View Article

Society and Culture Can Influence Behaviour Linking to Conformity

Sometimes people conform even when they are aware that it is not the right thing to do. This essay will explore the reasons and factors that influence conformity. Research into conformity became very important at the end of the World War Two, as many people hypothesised that Germans were born evil. It has since been… View Article

Primary and Secondary Socialization

Introduction Socialization is the communication or interaction process in which the norms and values of a culture are learnt, whereby the individual gains knowledge to adapt his or her behavior to that of a social group (Groenman et al., p.202). It is significant to re-emphasize the idea of interaction in the above definition. Where there… View Article

Key Approaches: the Social Learning Theory Debate

“Outline and evaluate social learning theory. In your answer, make comparisons with at least one other approach in psychology.” – 12 marks Social learning theory states that behaviour is acquired through the observational learning from role models where a person identifies with that person and imitates their behaviour. This means that the behaviour of a… View Article

Drawing the Line: Normal and Abnormal Behavior

The term abnormal is defined as deviating from the norm (Spoor, 1999). The definition however is problematic in that it addresses other factors. For instance, one needs to consider what the norm is and who labeled it as such. Norms are also dynamic; a norm today may no longer be one in the future. The… View Article